Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 2011

I am celebrating Christmas for the first time in a far away land... Away from the usual smell of puto bungbong in the air, away from the sound of little boys and girls singing to the usual Pinoy melody, away from the Titos, Titas, Kuyas and Ates that I usually share the days with. But everything's okay because this is also the first Christmas that I will spend with my one and only.

We usually spend Christmases away from each other. While I rumble with my aunts, uncles and cousins over the microphone of the Videoke playing all night, she is with her own aunts and uncles, sharing a lot of laughs, stories, gossips, and even play games with nieces and cousins. This is the first time that we were together. And this time, it's just the two of us. :) Oh, I forgot. We are three. One is comfortably nestling in Bubbles' womb.

Even when we are miles away from home, we are happy... We are happy with each other's company, anticipating the next few weeks where we will be three. Our first and last Christmas alone. Next year, there will be three... :)

Happy Holidays!!!