Friday, October 31, 2014

Double exposure

I just can't stop photographing foliage in and around Washington, DC. This is another one of many mundane days which were accentuated by a 15-30-minute photo session of lovely fiery trees of autumn. This time, I tried my camera's double exposure feature. It looked okay, and I thought of sharing this as my Day 50 POTD. 

Washington Monument in Autumn - Double Exposure
365-day challenge, Day 50
27 October 2014

Fam bam weekend

A few hours after Mom-mom's departure, my cousins arrived from New Jersey. The Reyes travel and tours is once again booked for the weekend. :) 

Being two of my closest cousins, it was great to relive and reminisce the good ol' times. Even now that we're all married, I felt that things never really changed. 

Thanks for the visit, dear cousins! Hope to visit you in NJ soon! 

Fam bam weekend
365-day challenge, Day 49
26 October 2014

See you soon Mom-Mom

It was Mom-mom's last day in DC. See you soon!!!

See you soon Mom-mom!
365-day challenge, Day 48
25 October 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ramen Fix

Sakuramen in Adam's Morgan in my opinion is the best ramen place in DC. It's a small lower-level restaurant along 18th Street of Adam's Morgan. Juancho loves this place too. It's the only noodle place where he actually gets to enjoy the noodles (he's able to finish half the bowl)!

I introduced Mom-mom to this ramen place last month. She loved it very much she asked to eat there again before she leaves for Manila. And so we went... Again... :)

Ramen Bites
365-day challenge, Day 47
24 October 2014

Presidential Convoy

Traffic congestion is one of the many attractions DC has to offer. According to many websites, traffic in DC is one of the top 5 worst in America. But it's not just the volume of cars moving into the District that makes the traffic slow. One of the many reasons is, well, the police-escorted convoys. 

Heads of State and other VIPs frequent the Nation's Capital for various reasons, from attending multi-lateral meetings, to being guest speaker in lobby firms, to a State Dinner with the US President. As a matter of protocol, these dignitaries and leaders require protection. And that protection entails blocking roads within hundreds of feet radius from the convoy path. 

What makes one convoy extra special? It's when the President of the United States himself is passing by. I chanced upon one of these instances on this day as I was taking my afternoon work from my office to my wife's. Convoy passed by Connecticut Avenue. People were huddled to the path, ready with their cameras and iphones. I myself obliged. 

Thus, POTD. 

Presidential Convoy
365-day challenge, Day 46
23 October, 2014

Adoring Autumn

Autumn for me is the most beautiful season (no offense to the other three). I so love the mix of colors, weather, even the people's mood are just so... beautiful. A good mix of fire trees and the thought of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all approaching probably contribute to it's beauty. That is why I spend time to stop and take lots of pictures of people, landscape, and other scenes related to autumn.

Here's one of the photos I took of DC Autumn this year.

Adoring Autumn
365-day challenge, Day 45
22 October 2014

PS: Shoutout to my Dad on his 60th birth anniversary. Love you dad!

Chicken a la King

Mom-mom is about a week away from going back to Manila. But before she leaves, she pampers us by cooking food good for the next two or three weeks. She asks us for our favorites among her dishes and she willingly cooks them all before she gets set to go back home. One dish she prepared is Chicken a la King, one of my wife's favorites.

Thanks for the great food for the next week Mom-mom!!!

Chicken a la King
Day 44, 365-day challenge
21 October 2014

Sunday, October 26, 2014


One of my (very few) prized possessions is my collection of signed books and other memorabilia. Having to live in a place of leaders and readers (I don't necessary belong in these categories. :)) I am luck to easily augment my collection thanks to many book-signing events. 

One of my latest addition is Leon Panetta's "Worthy Fights." Mr. Panetta visited our neighborhood Costco for a book signing and left a few signed copies for members to enjoy the privilege. 

365-day Challenge, Day 43
October 20, 2014

DC Basilica

Among other towering structures and beautiful architecture, the District of Columbia is also the home of The Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, by far the largest Roman Catholic basilica  in the United States, and of North America. It is also one of the ten largest churches in the world.

My family frequents this beautiful church to attend masses and pilgrimages, and we also insert this place to our list of destinations for our regular tour duties. :)

Photo of the day is brought to you by: The Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington DC.

DC Basilica
Day 42, 365-day challenge
19 October 2014

Froy and Noemi

This post is dedicated to our weekend visitors, Kuyang Froy and Ate Noemi. Thanks for coming! See you again soon!

Froy and Noemi
Day 41, 365-day challenge
18 October 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014

Pioneer's Farm

A must-see destination in DC (well, it's 10 miles south) is George Washington's estate in Mount Vernon, Virginia. I was fortunate to once again see the estate as I tour cousins Froy and Noemi.

Like I said to them, I have been here at least 5 times now, but the place still offers new things to do and see.

This visit, it was my first time to take the National Treasure tour. Often times sold out, we were lucky to have been early enough to snatch three slots to this movie-based tour, which gives the participants an opportunity to view the Mansion's basement, among others that were feature in the film "National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets."

Because we can't take pictures of the basement, I decided to post a photo of President Washington's retirement farm, located near the estate's wharf.

Pioneer's Farm
365-day challenge, Day 40
17 October 2014


That is how I could describe the Washington Monument that night. And every night for that matter. Everytime I take some friends and family for an afternoon or evening tour, the sight of the towering monument never fails to amaze me. Thanks to cousins Froy and Noemi, I was able to capture the tower again, with a renewed appreciation of the towering obelisk as it majestically rules the Washington, DC air.

During this night, Kuyang Froy said: "Do you have a photo of the monument from this point?" I quickly said yes. But then I did it again just to make sure I really do have a shot from this angle.

This was taken from the Franklin D. Roosevelt memorial grounds.

Welcome to DC, Kuyang Froy, Ate Noemi!

365-day challenge, Day 39
16 October 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Meet my new desk pal, Bart. 

Came across this little guy's pouch during one of my regular trips to Target. As I was browsing the toys section like I always do, I saw a small box of Simpsons Lego minifigure pouches on sale at $3.29. Inside these small plastic pouches are random Lego minifigures of my favorite cartoon, The Simpsons. 

I just pushed my luck and tried to see which figure I would get and voilah! To my surprise, fate has landed me little Bart here. :) I decided to take him to work to keep me company. 

It's my daily reminder that life gives you random moments of good luck and fortune. And yes, I'm pushing my luck to be profound here. 

Day 38, 365-day challenge

Autumn Rain

Just one of those autumn rainy days when the water from above helps ease the leaves' passing as trees prepare for the colder days...

Day 37, 365-day challenge
14 October 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014


But not in an apple farm. Just was daydreaming of a good weekend vacation like apple-picking. This is after we are back from a loooong weekend. :) We're back and were harvesting apples in a nearby Korean grocery store.

Day 36, 365-day challenge
13 October 2014


On the way home from a brief sleepover in Cambridge, OH, we decided to stop by at any restaurant near the MD-WV-PA area, just 90 miles to go from DC. We came across this quaint little town in west Maryland, for which we thought of stopping by at Hardee's (more remembered by Pinoys as Carl's Jr.). On the way to the burger chain, we came across a pretty interesting restaurant named Buddy Lou's Eats, Drinks and Antiques. Forget about Hardee's; we decided to go local and ate there instead.

And we were never wrong in our decision. Buddy Lou's served great Lobster Roll, Beef taquito, and Pork Belly sandwich (those were the ones we tried, but I'm sure the other sandwiches were great, too)! This is a must-visit stopover if you're driving along I-76 going west of MD. Thanks for the sandwich.

Photo of the Day is not the sandwich nor Buddy Lou's, but the house in front of it. Houses like this are a common sight in Hancock, giving the small town the good old-fashioned vibe.

Day 35, 365-day challenge
12 October 2014

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Day 34 -- Hamburger University

I didn't know that there really was the Mcdonald's Hamburger University until Aunt Norma told us that it was near their place. On the way home, we stopped by to see if Juancho is eligible to at least take a short course of "Hamburger Science." Unfortunately the office was closed (it was a Saturday) and we did not have a chance to inquire... So we took a few pictures of the campus instead.

Photo of Day 34 is the Hamburger U campus.

Hamburger University
10 October 2014

Day 33 -- All that Jazz

Visited the Theatre district today. I said to myself Chicago pictures will not be complete without the "legendary"/ "traditional" Chicago theatre photo. :)

All That Jazz
9 October 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 32 -- River Cruisin'

Day 2 of the Chicago tour: River cruise. That was a great 90-minute river and lake tour of the city, thanks to Aunt Norma and the Wendela River Cruises. :)

Chicago River
8 October 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 31 - My Kind of Town

That is the famous song by the legendary crooner Frank Sinatra. From the feel to the people to the food, I can also say that Chicago is indeed my kind of town.

Our Aunt Norma showed us around the City on our first day: United Center, Willis Tower, downtown, Cloud gate, Millenium Park. Of course we had to try the Deep Dish pizza. Thank you Gino's for the tasty spicy crusty deep dish (and thank you Levi and Aja for the tip). 

Photo of the day goes to the beautiful Chicago skyline, taken from the Adler Planetarium. 

My Kind of Town
7 October 2014

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 30 -- Pacers Bikeshare

While road trip officially started on October 5, I took my first shots the day after since all we did was drive the first day.

From New Jersey, we stopped over and spent the night in Columbus, OH. In morning the day after, We drove all the way to Chicago but stopped to have lunch in Indianapolis, IN. There I was able to take a few shots.

Indianapolis was a good quaint city which, from the flurry of bars, posters and merchandise shops, boasts its sports teams. From the Hoosiers, to the Colts, to the Pacers, you can really feel this city's love for its home teams.

Here's one example. Photo of the Day goes to Pacers Bikeshare.

Pacers Bikeshare
6 October 2014

Day 29 -- Balae

Day after Kuya's wedding: As we go on our next journey to the Windy City, we say buh-bye and see you soon to my cousins, aunt and uncle. We did a set or parting shots, one of which was "meant to show what my mom is missing."

Photo of the day is named "Balae," a Filipino term for how parents of married children call each other. Since my mom is back home, my Tita Vangie says she's the "Balae" proxy. :)

5 October 2014

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Day 28 -- Janet + Philip

It is done. My first wedding coverage. I hope I did well. :) I hope my first clients were satisfied. :)

It's an honor to be able to cover this wedding. Congratulations to my dear cousin Kuya Philip and Ate Janet. Here's to forever. :)

Janet + Philip
4 October 2014

Monday, October 06, 2014

Day 27 -- Rehearsals

That goes for me as well. Dear cousin Philip is getting married on October 4 and I was asked to be the "official" photographer... Oh what a task. I think on this day, I was more nervous than the groom.

I always wanted to perfect my secret life of being a photographer. However, I do not entertain the thought of doing a once-in-a-lifetime event like a wedding. I just hate the feeling of anxiety of ensuring that the moments will be cherished just how they like it to be remembered. What if my camera breaks? What if the memory card breaks? What if I lose batteries in the middle of the event? But then again I couldn't say no to Kuya Philip. He's not only a first cousin, but also a treasured childhood friend. When he said that he wanted me to cover the wedding, instantly (though a bit reluctant and doubting of my talents) I said yes.

So along with the entourage, I tried to practice my shots the day before the wedding. :)

3 October 2014

Day 26 -- Mayeen and Gelo

It's always good to see good friends from thousands of miles away. That's why when I know folks are in my side of town, I make sure I get to see them for at least lunch or dinner. If schedule permits, I get to take them to some places around town.

This day Gelo and Mayeen made DC one of their stopovers during their US tour. :) It was good to share hotdogs (my favorite Ben's Chili Bowl, fries, stories, and a few laughs together. Bonus was the 50-cent tour I gave them after the dinner. Not ot mention we had a good pictorial, too. :)

Thanks for the dinner slot folks! It was great catching up with you both! See you in Manila very soon!

Mayeen and Gelo
2 October 2014 

Friday, October 03, 2014

Day 25 -- Tablas

Welcomed the first day of October over a happy hour with tapas at Boqueria. Oooh those crunchy creamy croquetas...

That was to also celebrate my cousin's birthday in September. Happy Birthday Trish!

1 October 2014