Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bonnie Springs

As a big fan of the wild wild west movies and video games, I searched for nearby ghost towns or abandoned villages where we could visit and take pictures. I came across Bonnie Springs ranch, an old western village turned "theme park" where kids and adults can enjoy and make believe living in the old town west.

We had a great time looking at old western structures, riding the mini train, petting the free animals and watching the funny skits from the hometown cowboys.

Bonnie Springs

Red Rock Canyon

Just 15 miles from the Las Vegas strip, one can enjoy the marvels of nature by visiting the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. The park, which is officially part of the great Mojave Desert, boasts the beautiful red and orange streaks of sandstone formations.

The park has a visitor center where you can strategically take photos of the panoramic view, and a 20-plus mile scenic drive which gives you different perspectives of the canyon.

This area reminds me of my favorite video game, Red Dead Redemption. Makes me want to play that game again... :)

Red Rock

Vegas Cityscape

It was good to see Las Vegas for the first time. It was unlike any other city we've been in here in the US. First of all, it's strategically situated in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Second, I don't know any other city that thrives in fun... and "sin..."

Vegas was so laid back and relaxed despite the busy sidewalks and the bad traffic. It seems like everyone knows that everyone's here to have fun.

Took this photo while we were strolling along the "Strip."

Busy Vegas