Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Binondo's Ying Ying

Good food with the most influential people of my life? Priceless. :)

Wanton Noodles
Ham Suy Kok and Siopao
Ying Ying

After a tiring journey to Divisoria/Quiapo to look for a decent-looking but cheaply priced barong, we decided to eat at Binondo. Being Chinese food lovers, I told myself that my family should try eating Chinese at Chinatown. After much convincing, they finally relented and off we went to Ying Ying!

Ying Ying is located at Yuchengco St. (formerly Nueva St.), Binondo, Manila. I instantly fell in love with this restaurant after Ms. Isca, our big boss in Marketing, introduced this to me a few weeks ago.

I am a big fan of dimsum and I consider Ying Ying's roster as one of my favorites. I personally like the Hakao, Lo Ma Kai, Ham Suy Kok, Beancurd Roll, and of course, the Sharksfin and Pork Siomai! Not to mention the gargantuanly tasty Siopao! Yahoo!

I'm definitely coming back. You just wait, Ying Ying! I'll try your freash seafood next time! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Manny Pacquiao: 8-time World Champion (November 14, 2010)

Another fight, another championship. Manny Pacquiao has once again proven that despite his lack of training, he still stands as the best fighter in the Universe by beating a much bigger opponent, Antonio Margarito in what was seen to be the biggest indoor boxing crowd to date that gave Manny his 8th World Title.

People have doubted Manny's readiness for this fight because of lack of focus and lack of training. Still, he proved that he is the best there is, lasting the entire game, giving Margarito two big lumps and a terrible-looking cut, plus a fracture right cheek. Referee should have ended the fight way before round 12, but he and the doctor saw it otherwise and Margarito did not want to give up. The result was an overwhelming scoring disparity, giving Pacquiao the title and breaking his own record of 7 championships.

What was noticeable was Pacquiao's after-game look. He was all beaten up as well, with bruises in the face, a swollen pair of fists, and an aching rib cage. This showed that Margarito also put up a good fight, unlike what we saw of the previously-seen lame Joshua Clottey fight. With that, my utmost respect for Margarito.

What now for Manny Pacquiao? I'd say one more try for Mayweather. If he still chickens out, Manny doesn't need to prove anything anymore. What he needs to do is concentrate on other careers. Or better yet, he should create a stable, develop a breed of young talents, teach them how to reach what he has reached and retire an 8-time champion and count all the savings. If he does a De la Hoya in promotion, he'll make more money than what he's earning now.

Boxing is not forever. By now, at the age of 32, he should start thinking of an exit strategy from a highly successful but very physically draining career of professional boxing. He is this era's greatest fighter and there is not any more opponent who can beat him. Even Floyd Mayweather.

Next fight: I'd say give in to Floyd's whims of a drug test, beat up the guy, give him his first loss of his career, retire a champion, go into business, grow old, write memoirs. A good way to go about a vary illustrious career.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Hong Kong - 10-13 October 2010

At last! A stamp in my passport! My first-ever out-of-the-country trip was a "Great Success!"

Shalani's in Wowowillieng Willie?!?!?!

I don't know what's gotten into Shalani Soledad's mind that she suddenly entered the wonderful world of show business. Now, she's one of Willie's co-hosts in the early evening variety show Willieng Willie. I can't understand why, a few days after her mom shows up in the talk show Paparazzi crying her heart out, she suddenly shows up in Willie's new show. If a person commits a crime, the first thing that you ask is what is the motive? :) What could be the motive for Shalani's surprise entry into show business?

My apologies for telling this, but, Shalani needs tons of improvement. She's better off hosting a cooking show or a public service talk show like Damayan or Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko. I'm not saying that these shows suck with their hosts, but Shalani's demeanor and manner of hosting is very calm, very relaxing. A show like Willieng Willie requires much energy and enthusiasm. Right now, she's miles away from being comfortably excited and enthusiastic. Probably it's because of stage fright or something, but something just isn't right...

She should have just stuck into politics and public service. Or if she really wanted to enter into the world of hosting, she should have chosen to host a public service program like "Ako Mismo," alongside Christ Tiu.

Well, there's still time. While Willieng Willie is not yet a major hit, she could either brush up on her hosting or she could reconsider the simpler life of not being in the limelight.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Protocol (?!)

Looks like PNoy's men (women) are still not yet used to being in the limelight of politics/governance. Latest incident on Mai Mislang's miscues and utterly insensitive messages over social networking site Twitter gives the President another wake-up call on his constituents. How can a public figure, in this case, an Undersecretary, be posting unnecessary feedback on official trips and business? She violated various diplomatics and official protocols that even the simplest of career government officials know.

First and foremost, she should not have told even a single tinge of what transpired in the meeting, unless it was officially mentioned and she has the authority to do such. Second, she should NEVER, EVER give an unsolicited comment, especially about a country's culture or way of life. We should have learned from the insults that we got from Claire Danes, or even Chip Tsao in the past. Do not do unto others what you do not want done unto you. This time, we hit the first blow. It's as if our streets are much safer, or our wines much tastier.

Malacanang officials should learn more about diplomacy and public image or else the President's men will be the ones who will destroy the image of a President who projects leadership by example. If leaders like Mai thrive in MalacaƱang, looks like there will continuously be a disconnect between our dreams of change and reality. Such an irony for a Presidency's communications group conveying a totally misled and careless message to a venue that is closely monitored by rumor-mongers and pundits.

You can see PNoy's sense of forgiveness and it is seen that he believes in second chances. Well, we only have a pair of feet and a Presidency who keeps on shooting itself on the foot might slowly become paraplegic and useless.

My suggestion: If you can't handle the pressure of being a public figure, please do not stay under the President's wings.