Sunday, March 29, 2015

Frigid Play

The cold's been relatively longer the past two winters. This year I felt the length of the winters especially when trying to fulfill my 365-day photography challenge. That is why I am officially announcing (to my very few followers other than my parents) that I will be able to fulfill the 365-day challenge but will no longer be able to to do daily...

I will continue to shoot as much to build the 365 days of shooting images. Oh well...

This time, I was playing with bokeh and depths of field and I thought of sharing this test shot. It's taken from our nearby playground during one of the snowstorms. I actually thought it was pretty cool to have capture the bolts that connect the ropes together and how the powdery snow clung to them like little kids do during summer.

Frigid Play
Washington DC

Monday, March 02, 2015

Lolo Edo

 He may not be the ideal grandfather. He is not the type who gives you random stories of how he became the man he is now. He is never boastful of his achievements, nor is he a sweet talker to his children and grandchildren. In fact he does talk crass even in front of children. I will always remember how he composes sentences that begin and end with a curse. But then that's sort of a common trait among his contemporaries.

We also did not share extraordinarily memorable stories like us going on a cruise together, or maybe riding the roller coaster. We shared the most mundane, ordinary of moments, but then the simplicity of these times sort of made it magical. 

That's my Lolo (grandfather) Alfredo. I look up to him with much admiration and respect because he taught me, in both direct and indirect ways, some valuable lessons in life that I will definitely share with my children and grandchildren.

Lolo Edo with sons, daughters and in-laws

This is one trait I love about Lolo. He loves and thrives in the simple life. No frills, no deals, just loving life around his family and friends (mostly in the barber shop or billiards hall). 

He is never a traveler. He only loved traveling to Baguio City, where he would reminisce taking his children to the Supreme Court office there for a weekend of cool breeze and quality time. I was lucky to have joined him during the last days of these trips, as he lost the privilege to use and "abuse" the premises when he retired from the service in the 80’s. During our random conversations, he would go back to these days when he and some officemates would sneak into the Chief Justice's office to get a stash of his favorite coffee Taster's Choice. It was the only coffee brand he knew and loved. I remember when I brought him to a modern coffee shop and ordered him a cappuccino as he requested, he lambasted the brand and said it didn't taste as good. He enjoyed the magic of simplicity. Nothing beats a cup of hot coffee, Tempo, Manila Bulletin, sometimes PDI (which he fondly calls peryodiko), and some news or boxing on TV. 
Lolo Edo with Grandsons and granddaughters

No stress or problem could ever bring Lolo Edu down. He has had his share of trials and times of sorrow, but these things just get shrugged off. He is the epitome of Adele Nazeem's epic theme, "Let it Go,” or the inspiration from Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off.” To him, haters gonna hate, hate hate, so he just gives his detractors and enemies the 5-curse sentence technique. ‘Yang batang yan naan o.’ Then it’s all good.

Devotion to family

He loved each and everyone of us, his children and grandchildren. He may not have been affectionate in words, but his actions speak a loud voice of love and devotion, most especially to his wife, my Lola Perping. He would always want to be around her. I remember a time when Lolo decided not to join us for an out of town trip because my Lola couldn't make it due to illness. He loved us and for that, we loved him back. 

To some he is Kaka, to others Freddie: that is how I will best remember dear Lolo Edo. He may have already left us, but his memory, in its simplest most beautiful form, will always be with us forever. I was lucky to have had Lolo Edu as my grandfather. 

We may have lost another dear one on Earth, but we have gained another angel in heaven. May you rest in peace, Lolo. Say hi to Tita Leny and Lola Perping for us. 

Lolo Edo: February 21, 1926 - February 25, 2015