Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas Greeting

A Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to All!!!

Let us leave all our worries of the past year behind because pretty sure, there are bigger and better worries this coming year... hahahaha...

I'm one year away from spending a quarter of my life... Darn...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ateneo- La Salle Goodwill (?!) Games, December 8, 2005

Joseph Yeo should shift career from Basketball to Boxing after PBA Commissioner Noli Eala reacted negatively regarding Yeo's PBA future. Commissioner Eala mentioned that after what happened, it would be more difficult for Yeo to enter into the Pros.

I don't know what's in Yeo's mind for doing such a cheap and ungentlemanly act. His action just added to La Salle's series of embarassment over the past few months since UAAP season. First, Manny Salgado's Cheapshot hit of FEU's Arwind Santos, then the Illegibility issue of Mark Benitez and Tim Gatchalian, now this...

Joseph Yeo should have been the first (if I'm not mistaken) Xavierian varsity player to enter the pros. Now, his chances went bleak because of this. His basketball career could end in shambles. And to think, he was only playing for a goodwill game. Playing in the pros could be worse...

Yeo should remember that in the hard court, especially when playing either in an amateur or professional game, you are not only carrying your surname, but more importantly, the team you are representing. What you show in the court reflects the image of the entire team. And for Yeo's case, it's the school's name that he carries. And he carries not just any other school, but one of the best universities in the country. And not to mention, he is from Xavier... His actions didn't only bring shame and embarassment to his name, but to his teammates, colleagues, professors, and the schools.

Competence and courage in the hard court should always be coupled with patience, humility, responsibility, and sportsmanship. Intensity is really a factor, but it should never ever get into your head. Attitudes like what Yeo has shown in the goodwill games last December 8 was unbecoming of not just a La Sallite, but of a professional basketball player.

I heard Rod Nazareno is currently looking for talents in his boxing stable. What I witnessed in the December 8 games is hope for our Boxing Team in the 2008 Olympic Games...

This is no hate entry... If I were to see an Atenean or a UP player act this way, I would also write about him... Basketball is a contact sport, indeed. But harsh game play and intense physical contact has no place in the hard court.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Red Team then, Red Team Now...

In our recently-concluded basketball tournament, we members of the Red Team (Sales, Marketing and Training Departments) have prevailed. After being the fourth of foour teams, we managed to come back in the semi-finals, defeating the team with the twice-to-beat advantage, and also beating the team rooting for a back-to-back championship! Kudos to the Red Team!

First in Nine Years (or was it eight?!)

Looking back in 2003 when I first entered PMS, our Red Team also made it to the championship and prevailed. Special thanks to the powerhouse cast composed of Pabs, Do, Ogie, Wally, Norms, Ches, Jake, and myself, the PMS Red Team Stallions. We named our team as such because in triumph and pain, we celebrate with our dear old friend, Red Horse Stallion... I miss our binge-drinking sessions... Kudos to the Stallions...
By the way, we were also the PMS champions in 2004, special thanks to our reinforcements, Walter and Restie...

The Stallions and Mares
Looking forward to next year's Tournament... BACK TO BACK, SMarT!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005


It is quite mysterious as to what could have caused the fire that razed in the Department of Budget and Management building just this morning. Firefighter figured that the conflagration started in the building's Server Office. For one, the Server office of the DBM is where all the electronic files are centralized. As far as I know, this serves as the central hard disk drive of all employees of DBM. In short, all electronic files stored in this server are gone. Lost... Could no longer be retrieved. hmmmm... I just smelled something fishier than my breakfast tuyo.

I am not judging this early as to what might have been the cause of the fire. It was reported though that Server office was empty when the fire broke out. What could have transpired in that room? Was it just a mere case of overheat or electrical failure? In my former office, I remember that we also store the main server in a certain floor of our building. In this floor, it is never empty because the servers require high maintenance and security. I just wonder what happened to the people on duty to guard or maintain the servers. Or is it really not a practice for the DBM to designate a person to at least guard the premises considering the servers require high maintenance? I would just give it a big sigh...

What's quite disturbing is that the fire broke out only several days after the "Fertilizer Scam" drew the media's attention. And only a few days after Former DBM Secretary Emilia Boncodin released her testimony regarding the fund transfers/ conversions of the administration to allegedly finance the highly scandalous 2004 elections. It just makes people think... Well, at least that is what the "thinking public" thinks. Remember that I speak of this objectively and on the basis of mere facts and opinion of other people.

I also remember that several years ago, a fire also broke out in the Bureau of Internal Revenue building, during the time of BIR Commissioner Liwayway Vinzons-Chato. At that time, the fire occurred in the records office of the BIR, destroying all valuable tax records of big-time tax evaders. It was also coincidental that this time was also the height of the tax evasion case against the tobacco magnate Lucio Tan. The fire destroyed evidences that Tan was evading billions of pesos of taxes. People said the unpaid taxes were so big, that if only Tan paid them, we could be out of the debt problem. Thanks to the fire, evidences that would pin him down turned to dust. Luckily, Chato kept some of the files, thus the case is stille being heard at a Marikina City Trial Court.

No one really knows if the fire was intentional or a mere accident. For now, we can only wait and see what comes up in the investigation. I only hope that I and some people I know are wrong in our gut feelings about this fire... hay... Bad news again and again... Kawawa naman si Juan de la Cruz.


As I am writing this, I have read from that the fire cause only minor damage to the system. DBM officials also said that not all data were lost since there were back-up files. Are there also back-up files for the files that SEc. Boncodin mentioned? I still smell the fish... Must be my breath due to the Tuyo breakfast... Tsk tsk tsk...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Diplomacy 101

May I acknowledge the latest contributor to the Presidency's rising unpopularity... Special thanks to the President's loyal (but improper) aide, Mr. Magdangal, who showed us the example of how it is to be undiplomatic. It is an irony for a person such as MR. Magdangal to be working in an office (the Office ofthe Press Secretary) that requires qualities such as ample amount of patience, and knows his diplomacy 101 subject well. If the Palace wants another people power to flourish, they just continue the things they have been doing. They are in the perfect trajectory to failure.

I strongly believe the Ramosian (FVR, that is) theory on protests and rallies. Just let them be. The more you pounce on them, the more they become violent. Personally, I am neither a supporter, nor a protester of the President. I am one of those people who believe that we are in a political stalemate and the only way out is to wait for all of the sitting trapos, bobos, and "insinceros" to die of natural death. Thus, I speak objectively. The current actions of the administration just makes them look more like they are guilty of something. But are they? If they think they are not, as what they have been repeatedly telling the public, they should act that way. Let these protesters be. After all, no matter what happens, protesters will always be protesters so we shouldn't meet them head on.

I really do not know what is wrong with the President's allies and "henchmen." They are one of the primary causes for the President's declining popularity. Before these men face the media, they should first review their people skills. What Mr. Magdangal could have done yesterday was to simply accept the letter with all respect to the sender, then bring it to the office of whoever Senior Deputy Executive Secretary. After all, important papers sometimes get "lost" in those offices. What more the less important ones?

Well, I think Magdangal just wanted to reenact Bonifacio's "Cedula tearing" scenario to signify his defiance to the "bondage" of opposition's People's Court.

To sum up Mr. Magdangal's action yesterday with one word, I'd say PALPAK... Enough said...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Biggest Blunder of the Decade...

It is sad to hear the news that the De La Salle University decided to return its championship and runner-up trophies for the past three years for having been fielded and "ineligible" player during those times. This was following the school's spot monitoring of the players' scholastic records. Too bad.

This highlighted two main points in the current UAAP system. First, it is rather startling and disturbing to know that a league so professional and so famous has been infiltrated with players not eligible to play. If La Salle was able to field in at least two ineligible players in their roster, other teams might probably have one or two as well. I remember just before the start of the UAAP season 68, some members of the UAAP complained about the eligibility of Bonbon Custodio, University of the East's rookie superstar. It was complained that Custodio was not a real student of UE, and was enrolled in another college. He was eventually cleared of the charges. Anyone else?

Second, what separates college ball from the professional league is the honor to bring glory and victory to the school. How can this glory and honor be brought to the school if we are fielding in players not even eligible to be college students?!

I remember back in my childhood (as if it was a long time ago), we falsified some documents to field in ineligible players in our inter-village basketball tournament. Our friend Jay has a bestfriend who, at 13, is an excellent shooter and dribbler. Varsity material. However, he does not live in our village, thus, he is not eligible to play in our team. What we did was we faked his address, giving the inter-village tournament committee an address where he did not live in. And successfully, he didn't just play in our team, he dominated the league. However, in the end, we didn't turn out to be happy because we just played HIS game, not ours. And we couldn't even celebrate for the win because deep in our hearts, we knew we won through the help of a non-Kimco village resident. Too bad.

This issue should be resolved soon. If possible, the UAAP board should monitor each and every player of respective teams so as to clean the tainted image of UAAP brought about by this incident. Controversies are not necessary in college basketball, especially in a league supported by the top schools of the land. Before we shout either Animo, Halikinu, or Fight, we should first see if the players we cheer for are worth cheering at...

Thursday, September 29, 2005

September has ended...

This is just one of these days when I feel like I can very much relate to a song... Today is my last day in my current work. I never realized I would feel this sad and lonely...

Wake Me Up When September Ends Lyrics
Green Day

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
wake me up when september ends

like my fathers come to pass
seven years has gone so fast
wake me up when september ends

here comes the rain again
falling from the stars
drenched in my pain again
becoming who we are
as my memory rests
but never forgets what I lost
wake me up when september ends

summer has come and passed
the innocent can never last
wake me up when september ends

ring out the bells again
like we did when spring began
wake me up when september ends

here comes the rain again
falling from the stars
drenched in my pain again
becoming who we are
as my memory rests
but never forgets what I lost
wake me up when september ends

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
wake me up when september ends

like my father's come to pass
twenty years has gone so fast
wake me up when september ends
wake me up when september ends
wake me up when september ends

Special thanks to my dear officemates who made my work experience a fun-filled one. You truly have a big space in my hypertensive-ridden heart. hehehe.

Monday will be a totally different ballgame. I hope everything will be fine...

Monday, September 26, 2005

Better Luck Next Time...

LA Tenorio's last game with the Blue Eagles was phenomenal. However, his efforts were still insufficient to defeat the De La Salle University's Fantastic play in their Final Four match Last Sunday. He was on a high up to the end of the First half and garnered an early 15 points to top all players as of halftime. Ateneo held their last lead by then. What happened in the next quarter, to me, is still unfathomable. Unexplainable. Not to mention, disheartening. Ateneo, turned the ball over more than 9 times, giving La Salle around 16 turnover points. This game them a double digit lead by the end of the Third Quarter. And the rest was history. Ateneo lost to De La Salle, 57-74, for the third time this season 68. Last year was also an Ateneo-La Salle final four year where Ateneo lost their chance for a finals berth.

LA Tenorio gave his all last Sunday. He is worthy of praise for giving the Ateneo high spirits that day. However, basketball is a team sport. Without the efforts of other team members, they wouldn't really muster the win they deserve. From the way I saw the game, he was all alone in there.

Photo by Ditoy Aguila of

I can't seem to fathom what the heck is wrong with the Ateneo players everytime they play LA Salle. I can't seem to explain why the Eagles were able to defeat the top team, the Far Eastern University Tamaraws who swept the Archers in the elimination round, but always fall short of expectation when playing with their long-time arch-rivals.

Blame it on pressure, I guess. It is really difficult to play in a crowd of 14,000, where mixed emotions unravel every minute. I think what the Ateneo Blue Eagles lack is the mental toughness to withstand these on-and-off-court pressure. It takes maturity, patience and temperance. And most of all, focus. I personally think that the Eagles are a team of highly-talented individuals. What they need is not a practice of agility, endurance and strength, but a practice of endurance of heart and spirit. In that game against La Salle, the Eagles did not win against La Salle. They lost against themselves.

Too bad LA Tenorio did not finish his UAAP career with a championship ring. But he's got a lot of talent and heart to make it to the bigger leagues. Probably by this time, a lot of PBA teams are already wooing him to join their clubs.

I would also like to give credit to the graduating Eagles this season for their respective contributions to season 68, for making the Blue Eagles one of the toughest teams this year. On the general perspective, the Ateneo Blue Eagles fell way above expectation. They were initially expected to be out of the final four after losing two games early in the first half of the elimination round. However, they managed to win seven-straight games as the league went on.

Coach Norman Black was terrific. Enough said.

Personally, I was frustrated and saddened by the Ateneo's eleimination from the final four. But I know that there will always be a next time... Until then, Halikinu!!!

Season 69, here we come!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Random thoughts of the day...

If there’s one thing Filipinos can be proud of, it’s Manny “The Pacman” Pacquiao. Just last week, Manny won over Mexican Hector Velasquez in six rounds of a title bout held in Staples Center, Los Angeles. Not only did Filipinos rejoice over this victory, but it also brought new hope for our Filipinos. The greater news is that all three Filipinos who fought that night won their respective matches. Brian Viloria won his championship in the first round over another Mexican, while Rey “Boom Boom” Bautista knocked his opponent down in the third round. On this Sunday morning, Filipinos were again filled with pride and jubilation.

This may be a week late already, but it was brought back to my senses because this morning, I witnessed a heated argument about Manny Pacquiao’s success on the way to office. During our trip, one shuttlemate started the conversation regarding Manny’s wife, whom they thought improved aesthetically since Manny became a superstar. Then, one mentioned how lucky Manny Pacquiao is now that he has fame and fortune. However, our driver reminded the group that every Filipino boxer in history went broke after retiring from boxing because of their lavish lifestyles and over-confident behaviors. Thus, he sees that considering his gambling habits, it only takes a matter of time before he suffers the same fate. Then, one shuttlemate (probably a Manny Pacquiao fan) lambasted the driver for his “crab mentality” over Manny’s success. She even added “Kaya tayo hindi umaasenso eh dahil sa mga kagaya niyo eh. Bakit hindi niyo na lang sabihing magaling yun tao.” After this, the shuttle bus went silent…

In this morning trip, I learned two things. First, our driver was right. If success gets into our heads, we’re dead meat. Just like the rest of the former Filipino champs. Manny Pacquiao, having had this gift, has so much more responsibility in his hands. He not only needs to take care of his finances so that his family would not suffer in the future, but he also needs to take care of his image to the public because right now, he is considered Filipino’s only spark of hope. To some, He is their source of strength because he is the living example that a Filipino could surpass poverty just as long as he strives for the best. Just like what the ring commentators said, he is the real rags-to-riches story. And to some, he is the modern-day hero who makes us proud of being Filipinos.

Second, the shuttlemate who criticized our driver was also, in a way, right. People nowadays are so skeptic of the successes of other people. Instead of being proud of their fellow countrymen, some people criticized them destructively, find faults, or sometimes even look for flaws instead of their successes. This might be one of the many reasons why our country is still in holocaust after all these years. It is sad to mention this fact, but it is so true. I just hope we just be happy that there are still people who succeed amidst crises in our country so that we be inspired and also strive to make it to the top.

Just some thoughts that I think are worth sharing.

Congrats to Manny Pacquiao…

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Battle for Third...

This will only take a few words...

La Salle won over Ue in the rematch last Sunday. Because of this, La Salle became twice to beat... Now UE and Ateneo will have a playoff on Thursday to determine who will be the third place. I don't really see the purpose of this playoff... The only value-added in this match is that the winner will not get to play against FEU. Some value-added indeed.

I wish the Blue Eagles the best of luck. If not for the upset against the UST Tigers, they could have been in the position where La Salles is right now.


By the way, UST won its fourth-straight UAAP-Nestle Non-Stop Cheerdance competition awars last Saturday. Well, based on my own judgment of the event, they really deserve that victory. UP, better luck next time... Again... At least we're consistent second...

Monday, September 12, 2005

Friday, September 02, 2005

UP's Moment of Truth

UP will battle the Defending Champions tomorrow, at 4pm. All you UP alumni and fans out there, cheer for our beloved school!

This is a make-or-break situation for the Fighting Maroons, now that they are on a 6-6 win-loss card, while the Green Archers are at 7-4 after an overtime win over the UE Red Warriors last Thursday. If the Maroons win this game, it will give them a better chance of grabbing the last spot of the Final Four. Their scorecard will improve to 7-6, and La Salle will be 7-5. La Salle will be one loss away from losing its final four bid. However, if the Archers win this game, it will automatically eliminate UP from the final four race.

UP hasn't been in the Final Four since 1997. They haven't had another taste fo the championship since the Ronnie Magsanoc-Benjie Paras days. With the firepower of Marvin Cruz and rookie Axel Doruelo, the domination of Nestor David and Abby Santos, there is a very big chance that UP could make it this year.

UP started out great this season 68. They went 3-0 until they succumbed a lost to UE (I couldn't really recall). However, due to major lapses in the offnse and defense, and the some injuries of their key players, UP went haywire in the early stages of the second round. Hopefully they will bounce back after their big win against the Adamson Falcons.

I hope they play great on Saturday... this is a do-or-die situation... They have no other options.

Push on, UP...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ding, Ang Bato!!!

For a guy, I don't see the rationality of avidly watching the primetime tele-fantasya "Darna." Maybe it's because of this disarming young lady whom I think brought Darna back to life. What's cool is that though she wears this skimpy metallic red bathing suit every primetime night, where children are watching, it still doesn't look obscene. This big break just made Angel Locsin the most sought-after Teen Star. And the sexiest woman-hero of the Philippines. Hehehehe...
Image hosted by

Though I find Angel Locsin ultra-charming and best fit for the Darna role today, I still am a Vilmanian by heart and thus believe that Mayor Vi still is the ultimate Darna...

Image hosted by

Trivia, trivia...

did you know: Sharon Cuneta also played Darna in the early 80's! She was cameo to the Herbert Bautista/ Edu Manzano hit "Captain Barbel." To all Sharonians out there, don't worry coz Ate Shawie is not left behind. I still don't know if Ate Guy would be Darna in the future... hehehe...

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Paul's Candon Treat

Finally, I had the photos of our Candon and Vigan getaway developed... After more than year!!! This was probably the most successful barkada gimik we've had since high school. Our trip to Candon City was around May 2004. Could'nt remember the exact date.

We departed Manila around 1:30am Saturday. We made a stopover at my Lady's home town in Agoo, La Union, where her Mom served the best-tasting coffee and the most delicious pan de sal with mantekilya (my friends couldn't agree more). We arrived Candon City at around 7:30, I think (couldn't really remember). Our rides were courtesy of Mike, Bhonny, and Master Paul. We went back to Manila at around 4:00 pm Sunday. Even though we had very limited hours, I can say that every minute of that vacation was worth it. Sulit na Sulit...

May I take this opportunity to thank a few people. To Master Paul, our host and manager for this event, a million thanks for making this happen. To his Uncle, the Vice Mayor of Candon City, thank you very much for the warm welcome and the great food... I just love the bagnit... And the hypertension thereafter... hehehe...

Boomie, Joy, Bubbles, Me
Predeparture, My Place...

Steph, Joy, Eli, Boomie and Kit
Upon arrival at the resort in Candon City

Eli, OC, Paul Kit, Karla
The Host's Home...

Eli, Paul, Boomie, Me, Bhonny, OC
The Full Monty

Mike, OC, Me, Kit, Paul, Eli, Titan, Boomie, Larry
The Hunks, Masculados, and Barakos Convention

Dude, Where's My Car?
Fooling Around in Vigan

Microscope, please?
You always need a shot at this place...

Shopping and Strolling
Vigan Vagrants

The Gang, still...
Hindi rin kami camera-shy...

The Gang with the Vice Mayor and Family
Not your usual class picture...

Need I say more?



Trivia: I will make this a trivia about our trip... Upon going home Sunday, we stopped over to have dinner at Hacienda Luisita. We decided to stop by Max's to have a fried chicken dinner. However, to our surprise, Max's ran out of Chicken! So much for a House that Fried Chicken Built! Then, Alanis' song "Ironic" just played in my head...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Rookies and Cream...

They were the Basketball Creams-of-the-Crop during their college days. Now, they face a tougher challenge of reviving the professional league, Philippine Basketball Association. Last Sunday, 18 rookies were drafted from the pool of PBA aspirants. After playing their monstrous games for play-for-school leagues, let's see how they fare in the play-for-pay atmosphere.

Below is the result of the 2005 PBA Draft:

First Round:

1 – Anthony Washington, Air 21

2 – Alex Cabagnot, Sta. Lucia Realtors

3 – Dennis Miranda, Coca-Cola Tigers

4 – Jondan Salvador, Purefoods TJ Hotdogs

5 – Mac-Mac Cardona, Air 21

6 – Niño Cañaleta, Air 21

7 – Mike Holper, Ginebra San Miguel

8 – Paolo Hubalde, San Miguel Beermen

9 – Leo Najorda, Red Bull Barakos

10 – Cesar Catli, Sta. Lucia Realtors

Second Round:

11 – Neil Raneses, Coca-Cola Tigers

12 – Al Magpayo, Coca-Cola Tigers

13 – BJ Manalo, Purefoods TJ Hotdogs

14 – Larry Fonacier, Red Bull Barakos

15 – Mark Joseph Kong, Alaska Aces

16 – Rey Mendoza, Sta. Lucia Realty

17 – Paolo Bugia, Red Bull Barakos

18 – Mark Macapagal, Talk N’ text Phone Pals

---Nothing Follows---

Now for a basketball fan like me, the next thing you have to watch out for is the contract signing... As of this time, I think only Alex Cabagnot and Anthony Washington have already had their contracts signed, both with 150,000-buck salary, the maximum salary for a PBA rookie.


Monday, August 15, 2005

Colossal Connection...

In their early years, this duo was obviously the best tandem the NBA has ever created. Their jelling was so perfect, they managed to provide the Chicago Bulls six NBA Championships. Of course they wouldn't have done it without the support of their equally-competitive teammates. But this two, they were the most phenomenal of them all. What I am referring to is no other than His Airness, Michael Jordan and his partner, Scottie Pippen.

They were the epitome of a basketbal dynamic duo. Admittedly, Michael Jordan was the best player in basketball history, but he couldn't have done it without the support of this silent assassin, Scottie Pippen. It was true when Scottie, in his retirement speech, mentioned that Michael Jordan couldn't have been the best player if not for the best "role player."

I just wanted to post this photo I got from Sports Illustrated showing these two fine players, however, going against each other in a game at Washington. Fans and basketball enthusiasts might get disoriented by this photo... Well, at least from this photo we are reminded that nothing in this world is permanent. hehehe...

Now that these fine ballers are retired, all we can do is look back on how these two changed the game of basketball from mere fundamentals to funfare and excitement. For me, not a single tandem succeeded these two. None yet, at least.

Special thanks to Sports Illustrated

For me, the best team ever assembled next to the Dream Team is the Chicago Bulls 1996-1998...


I would like to thank My Lady for sharing the most wonderful one and a half years of my existence. Here's to many more... Happy 18th...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I was tagged...

Thanks to Dow, I never had to think of a new blog topic... Okay, here goes.

1. What are the things you enjoy, even when no one around you wants to go out and play?

Actually, being an only child for 12 years, I have learned to love doing things on my own. But also, thanks to my brother Jazer, and my Lady, I also realized that it is more fun doing things with someone... But here are some things I love doing even when I am alone:

  • Shoot some hoops. I simply love the game of basketball. Even when there is no one else to play with, I just practice dribbling and shooting in our village court when there is leisure time.
  • Travel. I sometimes love exploring new places alone. I remember there was one time when I discovered a place where I can get the cheapest cd players in Quiapo just by walking in the place alone.
  • Watch a movie. When my lady is not available and my brother is too young to accompany me, I just watch the movie alone. It's only difficult when I'm watching a comedy. Laughing all by yourself kind of makes me look like someone who lost his nuts.
  • Play computer games. Until now, I still find enjoyment in playing games of my dear old Playstation.
  • Work out. I'm not much of a gym buff, though. But when I have free time, or while waiting for my lady in her Spanish class, I sweat it out in our little gym.
  • Eat. This explains my 200-pound weight... Darn.
  • See the sights. I remember the time when me and my officemates went to Baguio for a teambuilding. I got so bored I left my lazy and sleepy teammates behind and hitched with my aunt to enjoy the sights in Baguio.

2. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?(in no particular order)

  • Quality time with My Lady. I think this is the best stress reliever...
  • Watching a basketball game (esp. an Ateneo Blue Eagles or UP Maroons game)
  • Playing basketball
  • A nice, light movie
  • A Work-out
  • A bottle of cold beer
  • Chocolates
  • The beach. Enough said.
I need to pass on this gift. Ergo, I am tagging Mike, Ivy, and Dindin. Enjoy!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Season 68 at the half: Blue Eagles 5-2

Photo by Ditoy Aguila for

The blue Eagles finished the first round with a 5-2 win-loss record after starting off with two losses in the first three games. I think they’ve found their chemistry and rhythm, as seen in the most recent game against the Adamson soaring Falcons.

They started that game with a commanding 12-0 lead early in the first quarter, and finished off with a 91-75 victory. All players were used during that game, including the 6’7 lanky rookie Radeh Al-Hussaini. Everyone contributed to the team’s success that day.

On thing I think they should look into is their third and fourth option. In the Adamson-Ateneo game last Sunday, the blue Eagles were scoreless for about three minutes because their three best scorers, JC Intal, LA Tenorio, and Doug Kramer were all in the bench. I think they should look for a go-to-guy whom they can depend on in dire times. Magnum Membrere or Mack Escalona are good candidates for the position. Jai Reyes, though still a rookie, also has the potential. Whoever he is, I think Coach Norman should give him enough confidence and playing time.

I hope everything turns out well for the Blue Eagles in the second round. They still have to beat the Tamaraws and the Archers in their rematch in the second to stress their final four certainty.

Until then, Fabilioh!!!

Trivia, trivia

Did you know: Rookie Blue Eagle Radeh Al-Hussaini is a half-brother of former Green Archer and now Shell Turbo-Charger forward Carlo Sharma. Now that the Turbo Chargers are in Leave of Absence, I don't know what is Carlo's next career move.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ateneo Blue Eagles: 3-2

Photo by Ditoy Aguila for

I think a lot of improvement has been made for the Blue Eagles. For one, they have already found their rhythm in the game. They discovered their main men, JC Intal and LA Tenorio. Doug Kramer has improved his perimeter shooting. Macky Escalona has better control of the ball now. Japeth Aguilar, Zion Laterre and Jai Reyes have found their confidence. With these developments, I can say that Norman Black has already got it going.

And this was visible in the recent Ateneo-UP game last Saturday, 30 July 2005. Though I am also a Maroon (that is why I always say that a part of me lost in that game, too), I favored Ateneo’s excellent game that day. Everything went out perfect (except of course for minor “rookie” turnovers in the fourth quarter). Well, they were also a bit lucky that the Maroons weren’t able to shoot their free throws well and their rookie protégé Axel Doruelo is in a slump that day. Nonetheless, we have seen the slight maturity of the Ateneo team as the UAAP Season 68 reaches its mid-point.

Now let us see what happens in the next game versus the second best team thus far, the University of the East Red Warriors. Halikinu!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Shall we dance?

Once again, our legislators shall dance to the tune of the Cha-cha (Charter Change). After the President’s announcement in her fifth State of the Nation Address (SONA) in 25 July 2005, it is now “all systems go” for our legislators to revised/amend the Constitution through a Constituent Assembly (Con-Ass). This was cheered by most members of the administration, especially cha-cha stalwarts like Former President Fidel Ramos and Speaker Jose de Venecia. On the other hand, opposition figures, plus a majority of the Senate, jeered.

I heard and read a lot of interesting points and comments from distinguished scholars and academicians, politicians, and grandstanders for and against cha-cha.

One side says cha-cha is good because it will amend some “restricting” articles and sections of the 1987 constitution. Also, cha-cha that will lead to a change in the form of government into federal-parliamentary would boost economic growth in the countryside, at the same time, would solve hostilities in the south. According to them, it would also contribute in the decongestion of the metropolis, which is one of the President’s ten-point agenda.

On the other hand, others say that charter change may not be the solution to the lingering problems of the country. They say that it does not promise anything but a mere change in the form of government. And a change in the form of government does not guarantee solution to systemic problems like poverty and unemployment.

I was a former advocate of Charter Change, but not through Con-Ass, but through ConCon (Constitutional Convention), wherein the electorate would vote the members of a constitutional convention, a body that will review and amend our current constitution. I prefer this because a Con-Ass would only advance the interests of the Congressmen and a few of their constituents. Also, the current roster in the House of Representatives does not have the institutional capability to review the constitution. As far as I know, no congressman is an expert of constitutional law. If there is any, the intellectual debates will only be concentrated on these few individuals… And a few more hours shall be wasted on grandstanding and non-sense parliamentary inquiries. The election of a con-con would bring out the best and the brightest constitutional experts and advocates. Though I should say that it also doesn’t guarantee that a Con-con would bring out a perfect roster, but at least, it will lessen the grandstanding.

However, after hearing and reading from some academicians, I realized that constitutional change doesn’t guarantee improvement in our systems or economic growth. A known expert in Philippine politics said that in order to prepare our institutions to a parliamentary form of government, we should develop a certain level of maturity in our political party system. A parliamentary form of government is most effective under a political system with strong political parties.

Also, after what has been revealed in the past months, I realized that the assurance for a “quality” roster in the constitutional convention has dwindled. Following the admission of some of our political leaders that it is common practice to talk to COMELEC (Commission on Elections) officials during vote-counting, vote-rigging via coercion, persuasion, or bribery has become more of a reality than myth. Now, there are qualms as to whether the COMELEC can produce the real results to the people, should an election for constitutional convention takes place. This doubt over the COMELEC’s capability shall persist unless drastic change takes place.

These are primarily the reasons that convinced me to side with “status quo” in terms of charter change. Now is not the time to change the constitution. There are prerequisites to charter change, and according to some experts, these prerequisites are not yet accomplished.

The President may have her reasons for announcing cha-cha. Whatever it is, I hope it is for the benefit of our national interest and not only the interests of the “chosen few.” Let’s just hope that Congress can dance the cha-cha well.

These are just opinions of a short-sighted (and near-sighted) young man. Objections are welcome.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Strolling Down Memory Lane...

I got this from our electronic group site and I just felt like posting it here. See how thin I was in my high school senior year?

Image hosted by

Halikinu, classmates...

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Intellectual Discourse

I love hearing people's views on things that matter. That is why I opened this site for comments from anyone.

I would love to read viewpoints from readers. Write up. Not that violent please. hehehe...

Looking forward to an interesting intellectual discourse to all.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Lapses, Lapses, and more Lapses

It is funny that we see a lot of lapses in our society these days. Two weeks ago, we see one of the biggest TV spectacles of the decade: President GMA's apology for her "Lapse in Judgement." Then last Monday, Inquirer apologized for its "lapse in grammar" after printing the headline "FYR Factor Makes GMA Hangs Through."

I personally commend the two parties for their admission to their lapses: may it be minor or major (or some should say, ultra major!). However, in our current political situation, we see more than just two lapses... And they are not that minor. Let me enumerate some:

a. Lapse in Moral Ascendancy - This is the main reason why the opposition lacks support from the people, particularly the Church and the middle class. I think they should also undergo introspection and deep discernment, as what the Bishops advised the President. Better yet, admit these major lapse, get out of the streets, and start writing their memoirs before it's too late... hehehe

b. Lapse in Healthy Brain cells - This is also one reason why people express disgust and dismay over the current administration. Some people think that we got leeches and dogs hovering around the Presidency in the guise of Cabinet Members and GOCC and GFI Presidents and General Managers. I should state this in Tagalog... Those who think they are no longer helping the Presidency, "Magpakatotoo kayo." There is nothing wrong with admitting you can't do the job so you just do a graceful exit so that the already hurting Presidency would not suffer any longer. Admit this lapse and we shall all be merry. Plus, do write your memoirs, too...

c. Lapse in involvement - in short, people have grown apathetic after two failed EDSAs. They believe that after this ousting, life just goes on. They will just continue to eat the same lucky me in the morning, the same biscuits in the afternoon, and the same sardines in the evening. Only now, with VAT.

d. Lapse in weather - It's the rainy season! Would you expect people to brave the storm and accept to be drenched while chanting "Gloria Resign" on the streets of Ayala? I don't think so. As Sen. Flavier once said in a TV advertisement, "Sa panahon ngayon, bawal magkasakit." I suggest they offer eggs to the St. Claire sisters.

e. Lapse in political will - This is not to judge the current Presidency, but I think this major lapse needs to be admitted and addressed immediately.

f. Lapse in direction - Both sides think of what to do in the present. Admin boys and girls think about their survival, opposition people want a new President. The question is, where are we heading?

g. Lapse in concern for national interest - Was the voice of the ordinary Filipino heard in this circus? I think too much shouting in Congressional hearings deafened our beloved lawmakers. In the end, Juan de la Cruz is left with nothing but an emptier stomach.

h. Lapse in love for country - if we truly love this country, this series of political unrest would never have happened. Cheating would not have taken place, bickering would not have started. Once we realized that we are all Filipinos and brothers and sisters in one nation, there is no reason for us to implode like this.

There are many more lapses in our current situation. Again, I admire those people who sincerely admit and apologize for their lapses. I hope the others would do the same.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

For your white and blue...

Yesterday, the Ateneo Blue Eagles suffered a loss with a big-margin of deficit. What’s worse is that we lost to our beloved arch-rivals (beloved arch-rivals?!), the De La Salles Archers. All along I thought it was going to be a close battle considering that the Eagles have the height advantage.

However, I was wrong. The Eagles had a great start, with sophomore big man Japeth Aguilar (he’s 6’8 by the way) blocking shots at will. I think he made three straight blocks with just 3 minutes of game play. He’s a promising youngster, indeed. However, after player rotations made by Coach Norman Black in his Blue Eagles coaching debut, the team went bananas. Turnovers here and there, missed baskets, and worse, loss their defense.

They totally lost it after the first quarter. At the end of the second quarter, Ateneo was down by 30 points. Yes, thirty points… Luckily, the Eagles managed to cut the deficit to 18 points, and foiled the Archers’ attempt to pose a new record for highest lead over the Eagles. The biggest lead posted by La Salle over Ateneo was by 24 points, with final score 74-50. Wow, at least they somehow saved our faces from utter humiliation. Mike Enriquez can again brag this big win to Chino Trinidad over the morning radio show. We will be hearing the La Salle Anthem again over DZBB...

What I thought the players lacked yesterday was the leadership they once saw in Enrico Villanueva, Rich Alvarez, and Larry Fonacier. LA Tenorio, being one of the last remnants of the 2002 UAAP Championship Team, should step up and give their team the leadership they need. As what TJ Manotoc said, it’s about time that LA should dominate the court. There is no one left to lead but him.

Also, when I saw the players’ rotation, I thought maybe Coach Norman is still feeling the team. He used all of his players Yesterday, even rookies Laterre, Reyes, and Al-Usaini (did I speel this correctly?). I think he’s still in the process of looking for combinations and tandems to jell in the offense, and the right men to bring out tough defense. However, as what my colleague in the public sector and a co-fan of the Blue Eagles, you shouldn’t experiment in an Ateneo-La Salle spectacle.

Well, I hope the Eagles learned an important lesson yesterday. Until the next Ateneo-La Salle game… Fabilioh!!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005


I just love music. I love listening to the FM radio before going to sleep. I even, keep the radio on even till the wee hours of the night. I prefer listening to my CD collection instead of watching those melodramatic koreanovelas, chinovelas, spanovelas, or other ovelas we have in primetime TV. I never take my Discman out of my clutch bag. I simply love music.

However lately, I was into the congressional hearings to listen to the Congressmen argue on whether they will launch and play the best-selling album of all time: The wiretapped tapes allegedly between Comelec Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano and several influential people, including allegedly the President. The taped played for more than three hours last Tuesday.

I think the launching was successful. On my way home, I rode three jeeps and an FX, and all of them tuned in to the radio to listen to the Tapes. When I reached home, the tanods, tambays, and even my dad and mom listened as they reacted to every “controversial” conversation in the tape. I think on this day, Darna’s rating went on its all time low.

After an insane mix of love for music and politics, I have listed the current administration’s top ten tracks. This music list could be a good repertoire for the Next Angie-Joey-Bayani benefit concert… hehe… Here it is:

10. Can’t We Start Over Again? – Jose Mari Chan

9. Cool Change – Little River Band

8. Take Me Out of the Dark – Gary Valenciano

7. I Started a Joke – Bee Gees

6. What Can I Do? – The Corrs

5. You and Me Against the World – Helen Reddy

4. Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word – Elton John

3. Ipagpatawad Mo – VST and Co.

2. Love Me for What I Am – Carpenters

1. If We Hold on Together – Diana Ross

Let me remind readers that this is just an attempt to bring to a lighter side the demoralized, jaded, disillusioned, or disappointed feeling of our Filipino brothers and sisters. Don’t you worry guys. As what my friends have said, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And hopefully, after this crisis, moral recovery comes next.

I hope this is not just wishful thinking…

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Happy Thoughts...

I turn to her everytime I feel down and out. And after 16 months, there has been no better remedy for stress, discomfort, and sadness but her...

I just want to share this photograph taken when we, for once in our lives, tried to pretend to be socialites. I think we sucked at it. hehehehe...

To my lady: I could not ask for more...

Nope, not Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. Definitely not Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Just your usual mundane homies.

Big smiles...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Lapse in Judgement...

I was just soundtripping one day when I came across a song that I think best fits the President's current situation... Just one of my several random caricatures of the mind... Feel the lyrics... hehehehe...

Sorry seems to be the Hardest Word
Elton John

What have I got to do to make you love me
What have I got to do to make you care
What do I do when lightning strikes me
And I wake to find that you're not there

What do I do to make you want me
What have I got to do to be heard
What do I say when it's all over
And sorry seems to be the hardest word

It's sad, so sadIt's a sad, sad situation
And it's getting more and more absurd
It's sad, so sad
Why can't we talk it over
Oh it seems to me
That sorry seems to be the hardest word

What do I do to make you love me
What have I got to do to be heard
What do I do when lightning strikes me
What have I got to do
What have I got to do
When sorry seems to be the hardest word

I liked his version with Ray Charles...

I just hope this crisis ends immediately. This hurts not just the economy, but the institutions as well. It won't be long until apathy will eat out even the most sincere institutions of the country. I hope this will not happen...

June Bride

June is indeed the month of weddings. Ladies, at some point in time, dream of getting married, and preferably, in June. Every lady dreams of becoming a June bride. This June, our country is watching another spectacular wedding of the century: The President. This month, the favorite month of brides, the President has been, once again, married with a series of scandals: starting from the juetenggate hearings in the Senate which implicated her husband and son as jueteng lords, up to the highly explosive tape of an alleged conversation between herself and Comelec Commissioner Virgilio Garcilliano. This is indeed her most memorable month in her entire political existence.

I hope we get to survive this crisis. God bless the country...

Personally, I think we are in some sort of a political dead end. The people are now in a dilemma of sorts. A strong evidence has already been exposed regarding an alleged election fraud, however, no movement is being done because first, nobody knows how to act, whether legally, or politically, on the situation at hand. And second, people believe that there is no viable option if a political change pushes through, thus, they will support no one. Also, the opposition can not produce a good replacement. We are, in chess terms, in a stalemate. Poor little country.

Yesterday, the President finally spoke about the allegations. The ceremonial "I do's" have already taken place. I would just have to see what happens next. Until then, let us all watch how this wedding would end...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Let the Games Begin

The University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Season 68 is coming soon. We’ll see another round of intense basketball action from the best college basketball teams in town. As usual, I am supporting the Maroons and the Eagles.

Both teams almost made it big last year. UP, after a 6-game slump due to the absence of their head coach Lito Vergara, they bounced back with a 6-game winning streak, placing them near the final four. After their sixth straight win, they were tied with University of the East Red Warriors and the De La Salle Green Archers. They almost had a final four slate, until they suffered a defeat from the Archers, making their record 6-7. La Salle advanced to 7-6, and UE automatically advanced due to technicality. This year, Coach Lito promised a stronger and more intense UP Maroons. However, up to now, I still can’t figure out what our mascot is. If La Salle has an Archer and Ateneo has an Eagle, what do we have? A color? Oh well.

Ateneo failed to make it to the finals this year after 3 straight years of making it and a championship trophy on 2002. The FEU Tamaraws ousted their championship bid after a sorry loss in the final four. Good thing, La Salle ousted FEU. Revenge has been done. Wehehehe… Last year, Ateneo lost a great crunchtime player midway in the regular season. Team Captain and graduating Shooting Guard Larry Fonacier suffered an ACL/MCL injury and needed to undergo surgery that would place him in the injured list for the rest of his college basketball career. The Eagles still managed to win games after Fonacier’s injury, with wingmen Magnum Membrere and Bajjie del Rosario, point Guard LA Tenorio, and Big man Paolo Bugia stepping up on offense. They were able to make it to the final four, but, as I have mentioned earlier, lost to the Tamaraws. This year, under the auspices of Coach Norman Black, the Blue Eagles promise another final four slot, and if possible, the Championship. The team famous for their monicker “The Hail Mary Squad” needs a lot of praying to do because their star players Paolo Bugia and Larry Fonacier have already graduated from the league. I hope the 6’8 center Japeth Aguilar, Joseph Uichico and Ford Arao finally step up.

New faces, new moves, new plays… These will highlight this year’s season 68. This will be an exciting year for the UAAP. I just hope I can get tickets to an Ateneo-La Salle Game… Games start on July 10...

But before that, there is this Ateneo-La Salle Frienship games on July 2, Saturday...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

National Disappointment

It was sad to notice that I was not able to feel the Independence Day mood of the country. The supposedly momentous event when we celebrate our country’s freedom from the bondage of Spanish colonizers was just another holiday for us Filipinos. It was really sad.

This was probably because we are, once again, being tested for political sustainability after a series of scandals thrown to the Presidency. Because of this, our Independence day was not celebrated that well, but instead, it was considered the aftermath of the “opposition’s” national day of mourning held in 11 June 2005. Well, I also didn’t feel like mourning last Saturday because I was awestruck all day by the beautiful face of Angelin Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

In other countries, they would celebrate Independence day like it was Christmas. There is an evening feast, fireworks display, binge eating and lots of cheer. In the Philippines, Independence day is just one of those Presidential events covered by either Channel 4 or 13. Too bad, our Independence Day 2005 just came and went. This just reflects our people’s outlook towards patriotism and national identity. The bottom line is, we don’t have it. We don’t have what it takes to be a Filipino.

Personally, I believe Independence day should be celebrated like a feast day or a birthday. It is because this day is the day when our sovereignty was established. Without this day, we would still be slaves by Spanish friars or squires of Civil Guards. This day should be celebrated like a birthday because this is the birthday of our nation.

I was very much disappointed with the way this year’s Independence Day was celebrated. Only a few, if not nobody, paid tribute to the sacrifices of our heroes who fought with their lives just to build a nation: of how Lapu-Lapu, Dagohoy, Bonifacio, or Rizal fought out intellectual and physical wars just to free our beloved nation. It was really disappointing.

If you think the only crises that we’re having are economic and political crises, I personally think that we are also suffering from a socio-cultural crisis. We know we are Filipinos but we don’t seem to know who we really are. We don’t even celebrate the birth of our nation. Oh well…

So much for ranting about an ill-celebrated Independence Day…

Despite all these, I would still want to greet everyone:

Maligayang Araw ng Kasarinlan, mga Kaibigan...

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Use the Force...

Just got this test from Mike's blog. :p

Cool! I have the same saber as Mace Windu's...

Purple Saber
You have a Purple Lightsaber.

Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity,
independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.
Purple denotes high spirituality and religious
aspiration. Purple also represents Peacefulness
and Purification. It also has a sense of
intuitive understanding and a feeling of
intimacy with the world.

What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

That's Entertainment...

There are two issues I saw last weekend that really caught my attention. This is not because I was really affected by the news, but because of their surprising similarity in terms of effect on their audience, particularly me. These news were: a) Another rumors of coup attempt, and b) Kris’ marriage to Purefoods cager James Yap.

Last weekend (actually even up to today), news about a coup plot by middle-aged military soldiers are unraveling, following the recent jueteng scandals involving the first gentleman, the Presidential son, and the Presidential brother-in-law and official fall-guy, Iggy Arroyo. Now, another new issue has been revealed about a tape containing alleged conversations of the President and a COMELEC Commissioner, which makes the situations worse. These, according to military assets, are the reasons behind the coup plot.

On the other hand, Kris Aquino is, once again, planning to marry former UE Warriors and current Purefoods clutch man Jame Yap. They got together in May, and after a month of dating, they finally decided (?!) to tie the knot. So far, Kris has revealed the plan via her weekly talk show “The Buzz,” however, James Yap has not been available for comment since then. They plan to marry on February 2006.

Two issues with totally different genres. One is highly political, the other is highly… Showbiz. What caught my attention is their apparent similarities. Let me elaborate:

First, both issues lack credibility. After a series of corruption scandals from top military officials (read: Garcia, Ligot, Rabusa, et. al.); followed by sex scandals and shoplifting news of one top PMA graduate; plus the P19 million sidewalk beautification project of Camp Aguinaldo and the Boracay Resort project, the public lost confidence on the AFP. Thus, if ever we have a coup attempt in the offing, I don’t think it will elicit enough public support to overthrow the government. Not yet, that is. Coup plots have already been in the political arena since the public dethrone the military from power during the EDSA I revolution. And naturally, those who once had power want their power back. Nothing new in this scene.

The same goes for Kris Aquino. I think this lady is just born to love. She just loved everyone that has been linked to her. And I think she has loved everyone of them so much, she always planned of marrying them. From Eric Quizon, to Philip Salvador, to Robin Padilla, to Mark Lapid, to James Yap. As far as I know, they all planned to marry Kris. Or is it the other way around? Just last year, Kris jokingly said in “The Buzz,” saying “Baka next year (that means 2005), Mrs. Lapid na ako.” Now, at 2005, no Mrs. Lapids were transformed, only a future Mrs. Yap by next year… Again.

Second, both issues lack depth. The military is so compulsive on acting towards issues that affect the current Presidency, making their actions futile. Personally, I think their actions lack timing. You cannot attempt a coup when your credibility is at an all-time low. Unlike in other countries, public support is very much needed in order to succeed in any action in the Philippines.

Kris, on the other hand, has been an impulsive talker on screen. That is the reason why she has been in many controversies before. And now, she has said another one. She doesn’t seem to think before acting.

Third, both issues are sellout. I think I don’t need to elaborate on this matter.

Finally, I think both issues will not prosper or succeed. It will just come and hit the headlines, but they will eventually die down. Who believes that Kris would marry, anyway? Well, maybe I am just skeptic in these two issues.

There may be other reasons why I linked Kris with the Military uprising. The bottom line of my entry today is that news can always be a source of entertainment. You want political entertainment, turn on the front pages. You want pure entertainment, you switch to showbiz.

It is just sad to note that these are just few of the shallow headliners that often capture the front pages of newspapers today. If we look closer, there are no front page news on the development aspect, or new legislation, or anything that could uplift the morale of the Filipino people. We dwell so much on politicking, bickering, mudslinging, and war-mongering. People, especially those in power, seem to forget the real problems that beset the Philippine society. The problem, in fact, is them…

I have nothing against Kris Aquino or the military, I just made them an example to send my message across…

Ayan, nagpakarelevant na naman ako…


Trivia trivia

Did you know: Eddie Gil ran for Senator in 2001 before he ran for President in 2004. In both instances, he posted the lowest votes.

Monday, June 06, 2005

First Day Funk

Naaastigan lang ako sa kantang ito... It just gives students the right vibe towards school.

Malungkot lang kasi naging sell-out. Ginamit pa sa commercial ng isang pampabango ng kili-kili... Pero ayos na rin.

This is dedicated to all you freshies, newbies, and others who are raring to be funky in school.
This one goes out to my brother Jazer who, at grade six, is a newbie in his school, St. Anne de Beaupre. He just transferred...

First Day Funk

Let’s do the funk
Let’s do the first day funk

First day of school dapat cool na cool!
Mas cool pa sa tubig ng swimming pool!
Dapat talaga maganda na agad ang pasok
Pagpasok mo ng classroom, dapat umuusok!

Wag na wag kang mapapraning!
Sagot kita! diretso ang tingin!
Di dapat maatat na mapansin,
Kahit hot lahat, dapat “chill” pa rin!
Hinding hindi yumuyuko, kahit na nakaupo!
Di ko sinasabi na dapat maging mayabang.
Pero dapat di ka “mahiyain na halaman”
Confidence chong, lakas loob!
Wag na wag kang patataob
Kahit sa tapat ng maganda mong kakalase!
Mas lalo na sa prof mong mukhang

Let’s do the funk
Let’s do the first day funk


Itaas ang kamay, iwagayway
Salute the prof at sabay kaway…
Mag-classmate high-5 lang kayo
Now don’t be shy, kwela skwela ‘to
Just raise your hand kung may sagot
If you don’t know the answer, eh di lagot!
Just erase the board, at magsayaw
Lagyan ng funk ang pag-galaw – sayaw!

Let’s do the funk
Let’s do the first day funk

May dumating na isang babae!
Sobrang “hottie” na ka-klase,
Sya’y lumapit at nag “hi”
Ako nama’y napakaway…
“akala ko ako ang kanyang kinakawayan at hindi ko inakala na ang nasa likuran!”
Kahit na napahiya, hindi ako kinakabahan!
Wala na tong ibang mapupuntahan… sayaw

Let’s do the funk
Let’s do the first day funk

(repeat refrain)

Let’s do the funk
Let’s do the first day
There are many ways to do the funk. Enjoy school while it lasts...
I miss hanging out in hallways.
Trivia, trivia: Lim Eng Beng is the first La Sallian to retire his jersey from the Green Archers.
At present he coaches the Chang Kai Shek High School Basketball Team.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I thought I will never be affected of our parting. But in a way, I was…

Today, a good friend and kababata of mine just migrated to Toronto, Canada. His name’s Victor. To friends, he is VP. He was my childhood buddy: jolens, teks, g.i. joe, family computer, SEGA Megadrive, Super NES and Playstation playmate… I met him around 16 years ago. He was more than a next-door neighbor. He is an outstanding, extraordinary friend.

VP wasn’t the first person to leave our village. There was Bodjie and Derek, Luigi, our beloved basketball mentor and financier extraordinaire Kuya Tong, and many others. But what struck me the most with this one is that I lost one of my closest friends in the neighborhood.

Dude, ingat ka diyan. Huwag kang makakalimot. Well, hopefully, you get to visit this site to read this entry… hehehehe…

Well, as what our boss said when our dear officemate Tanya left the office to pursue greener pastures, life is really fleeting. And fast. One minute you’re here, the next day, you’re gone. Oh well. That is how life works…

Everyone seems to be leaving the country. On the average, one friend leaves the country every 3 months... This is not good.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

May the Force be with you...

I can’t seem to stop talking about Star Wars Episode III. I watched it at Gateway last Saturday with my fanatic friends who couldn’t seem to talk about something else but the Council, the Force, and of course, the Dark Side.

I am not really a big fan of Star Wars but this episode really struck me. Maybe because this is the only Star Wars episode I watched in big screen. And because it permeated my brain cells too deep, I listed ten realizations after watching episode three:

a. If you believe that doing bad will bring you good, think again, dummy. You might lose your friends, loved one, and limbs and burn in the end. But you’ll live.

Image hosted by

b. It is perfectly okay to be small, green and ugly as long as you’re good in sword fighting and speak inverted sentences. “Failed you, I have.”

c. The theory of transitivity doesn’t apply to light saber (should I say flashlight?) fighting.

d. If you’re a terrible fighter, just wait for the next episode and you’ll be better.

e. You may only choose one between the job and the chick.

Image hosted by

f. It is totally cool to be burned in flames. You get to wear that fashionable helmet.

Image hosted by

g. Never play with electricity. It will make you grow old faster than expected.

h. A hood is an excellent disguise.

i. Robots cough too.

j. If you can't make it to a meeting, send your hologram.

Seriously speaking, what I love about this movie is that it brought closure to the almost 30 years of wait. Not just simply closure like those other clincher movies that let us down (read: Matrix Revolutions), but it gave us a grandiose way of closure. It has successfully shown what viewers needed to see. It did not leave blank anything that needed to be answered. Bravo to George Lucas. Now I need to repeat episodes 4, 5 and 6. I’ve already forgotten those episodes.

Image hosted by

May the force be with us all.


Trivia, trivia: Val Sotto was supposed to be the fourth member of Tito, Vic and Joey. However, he decided to work in another field outside showbiz.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

May Entry

I find it difficult nowadays to write about anything. Maybe it is puwe indolence, but lately I can not find the urge to write. In short, medyo tinatamad ako.

Bakit nga ba nakakatamad nang sumulat sa blog? Bakal nag siguro walang topic ngayon na "worth writing."

When I attempt to make an entry, it always ends up on writing about how difficult these times are. Rising oil prices, energy prices, prices of basic commodities, toll fees, transport fares, even taxes. Kawawa ngayon si Juan de la Cruz. Ang piso, malapit nang mapalitan ng mukha from Rizal to Lapu-Lapu. Nagiging isang kusing na lang ang value ng pera.

Ayan, pessimistic na naman.

Pero sige, I'll blurt it all out (pero tempered pa rin baka mabasa ng kung sino, masira ang career path ko).

Tumataas lahat ng presyo at pamasahe, pero ang sahod ko, huindi tumataas. I am not here to ask for a higher salary or minimum wage or anything because I know it will not help. In the first place, and beneficiaries ng minimum wage increase ay masyadong maliit. In short, practically no one abides by the minimum wage law.

What is the solution to these problems? I really don't know.

But I am not trying to be a doomsayer here. In fact, I can see that there is still hope in our present state. Once our leaders discover the real problem, that is when the solving starts. When, that is a big question.

Pardon my rantings, medyo incoherent. Yan ang epekto ng pagkatamad sumulat. Gusto ko lang magkaroon ng May entry...


Wednesday, April 20, 2005


It was a worldwide relief that the Catholic Church has already found a new pope to take the helm of Vatican, and to lead 1.1 billion Catholics worldwide (myself included). After the second casting of votes of the 117-man conclave, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany, 78, was elected the new Holy Father. This was recorded as one of the shortest conclaves in the history of the Catholic Church.

He is Cardinal Ratzinger no more. Hail to thee, Pope Benedict XVI.

I will post Pope Benedict's XVI translated homily during the funeral mass of our beloved John Paul II. It is a very good read and reflection piece. Taken this from Cardinal Ratzinger's fansite (to my surprise, even Cardinals have fansites!). Here goes:

Cardinal Ratzinger's Homily at John Paul II's Funeral Mass

"He Roused Us From a Lethargic Faith"

VATICAN CITY, APRIL 8, 2005 ( Here is a translation of the homily Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger gave at John Paul II's funeral Mass today in St. Peter's Square.

* * *

"Follow me." The Risen Lord says these words to Peter. They are his last words to this disciple, chosen to shepherd his flock. "Follow me" -- this lapidary saying of Christ can be taken as the key to understanding the message which comes to us from the life of our late beloved Pope John Paul II. Today we bury his remains in the earth as a seed of immortality -- our hearts are full of sadness, yet at the same time of joyful hope and profound gratitude.

These are the sentiments that inspire us, brothers and sisters in Christ, present here in St. Peter's Square, in neighboring streets and in various other locations within the city of Rome, where an immense crowd, silently praying, has gathered over the last few days. I greet all of you from my heart. In the name of the College of Cardinals, I also wish to express my respects to heads of state, heads of government and the delegations from various countries.

I greet the authorities and official representatives of other Churches and Christian Communities, and likewise those of different religions. Next I greet the archbishops, bishops, priests, religious men and women and the faithful who have come here from every continent; especially the young, whom John Paul II liked to call the future and the hope of the Church. My greeting is extended, moreover, to all those throughout the world who are united with us through radio and television in this solemn celebration of our beloved Holy Father's funeral.

Follow me -- as a young student Karol Wojtyla was thrilled by literature, the theater and poetry. Working in a chemical plant, surrounded and threatened by the Nazi terror, he heard the voice of the Lord: Follow me! In this extraordinary setting he began to read books of philosophy and theology, and then entered the clandestine seminary established by Cardinal Sapieha. After the war he was able to complete his studies in the faculty of theology of the Jagiellonian University of Krakow.

How often, in his letters to priests and in his autobiographical books, has he spoken to us about his priesthood, to which he was ordained on November 1, 1946. In these texts he interprets his priesthood with particular reference to three sayings of the Lord.

First: "It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will remain" (John 15:16). The second saying is: "A good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep" (John 10:11). And then: "As the Father loves me, so I also love you. Remain in my love" (John 15:9). In these three sayings we see the heart and soul of our Holy Father. He really went everywhere, untiringly, in order to bear fruit, fruit that lasts.

"Rise, Let Us Be on Our Way!" is the title of his next-to-last book. "Rise, let us be on our way!" -- with these words he roused us from a lethargic faith, from the sleep of the disciples of both yesterday and today. "Rise, let us be on our way!" he continues to say to us even today. The Holy Father was a priest to the last, for he offered his life to God for his flock and for the entire human family, in a daily self-oblation for the service of the Church, especially amid the sufferings of his final months. And in this way he became one with Christ, the Good Shepherd who loves his sheep.

Finally, "abide in my love": The Pope who tried to meet everyone, who had an ability to forgive and to open his heart to all, tells us once again today, with these words of the Lord, that by abiding in the love of Christ we learn, at the school of Christ, the art of true love.

Follow me! In July 1958, the young priest Karol Wojtyla began a new stage in his journey with the Lord and in the footsteps of the Lord. Karol had gone to the Masuri lakes for his usual vacation, along with a group of young people who loved canoeing. But he brought with him a letter inviting him to call on the primate of Poland, Cardinal Wyszynski. He could guess the purpose of the meeting: He was to be appointed as the auxiliary bishop of Krakow.

Leaving the academic world, leaving this challenging engagement with young people, leaving the great intellectual endeavor of striving to understand and interpret the mystery of that creature which is man and of communicating to today's world the Christian interpretation of our being -- all this must have seemed to him like losing his very self, losing what had become the very human identity of this young priest. Follow me -- Karol Wojtyla accepted the appointment, for he heard in the Church's call the voice of Christ. And then he realized how true are the Lord's words: "Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses it will save it" (Luke 17:33).

Our Pope -- and we all know this -- never wanted to make his own life secure, to keep it for himself; he wanted to give of himself unreservedly, to the very last moment, for Christ and thus also for us. And thus he came to experience how everything which he had given over into the Lord's hands, came back to him in a new way. His love of words, of poetry, of literature, became an essential part of his pastoral mission and gave new vitality, new urgency, new attractiveness to the preaching of the Gospel, even when it is a sign of contradiction.

Follow me! In October 1978, Cardinal Wojtyla once again heard the voice of the Lord. Once more there took place that dialogue with Peter reported in the Gospel of this Mass: "Simon, son of John, do you love me? Feed my sheep!" To the Lord's question, "Karol, do you love me?" the archbishop of Krakow answered from the depths of his heart: "Lord you know everything; you know that I love you." The love of Christ was the dominant force in the life of our beloved Holy Father. Anyone who ever saw him pray, who ever heard him preach, knows that. Thanks to his being profoundly rooted in Christ, he was able to bear a burden which transcends merely human abilities: that of being the shepherd of Christ's flock, his universal Church.

This is not the time to speak of the specific content of this rich pontificate. I would like only to read two passages of today's liturgy which reflect central elements of his message. In the first reading, St. Peter says -- and with St. Peter, the Pope himself -- "In truth, I see that God shows no partiality. Rather, in every nation whoever fears him and acts uprightly is acceptable to him. You know the word (that) he sent to the Israelites as he proclaimed peace through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all" (Acts 10:34-36). And in the second reading, St. Paul -- and with St. Paul, our late Pope -- exhorts us, crying out: "Therefore, my brothers, whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, in this way stand firm in the Lord, beloved" (Philippians 4:1).

Follow me! Together with the command to feed his flock, Christ proclaimed to Peter that he would die a martyr's death. With those words, which conclude and sum up the dialogue on love and on the mandate of the universal shepherd, the Lord recalls another dialogue, which took place during the Last Supper. There Jesus had said: "Where I am going, you cannot come." Peter said to him, "Lord, where are you going?" Jesus replied: "Where I am going, you cannot follow me now; but you will follow me afterward" (John 13:33,36). Jesus from the Supper went toward the Cross, went toward his resurrection -- he entered into the paschal mystery; and Peter could not yet follow him. Now -- after the resurrection -- comes the time, comes this "afterward."

By shepherding the flock of Christ, Peter enters into the paschal mystery, he goes toward the cross and the resurrection. The Lord says this in these words: "when you were younger, you used to dress yourself and go where you wanted; but when you grow old, you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go" (John 21:18).

In the first years of his pontificate, still young and full of energy, the Holy Father went to the very ends of the earth, guided by Christ. But afterward, he increasingly entered into the communion of Christ's sufferings; increasingly he understood the truth of the words: "someone else will dress you." And in this very communion with the suffering Lord, tirelessly and with renewed intensity, he proclaimed the Gospel, the mystery of that love which goes to the end (cf. John 13:1).

He interpreted for us the paschal mystery as a mystery of divine mercy. In his last book, he wrote: The limit imposed upon evil "is ultimately Divine Mercy" ("Memory and Identity," pp. 60- 61). And reflecting on the assassination attempt, he said: "In sacrificing himself for us all, Christ gave a new meaning to suffering, opening up a new dimension, a new order: the order of love. ... It is this suffering which burns and consumes evil with the flame of love and draws forth even from sin a great flowering of good" (pp. 189-190). Impelled by this vision, the Pope suffered and loved in communion with Christ, and that is why the message of his suffering and his silence proved so eloquent and so fruitful.

Divine Mercy: the Holy Father found the purest reflection of God's mercy in the Mother of God. He, who at an early age had lost his own mother, loved his divine mother all the more. He heard the words of the crucified Lord as addressed personally to him: "Behold your Mother." And so he did as the beloved disciple did: "he took her into his own home" (John 19:27) -- "Totus tuus." And from the mother he learned to conform himself to Christ.

None of us can ever forget how in that last Easter Sunday of his life, the Holy Father, marked by suffering, came once more to the window of the Apostolic Palace and one last time gave his blessing "urbi et orbi." We can be sure that our beloved Pope is standing today at the window of the Father’s house, that he sees us and blesses us. Yes, bless us, Holy Father. We entrust your dear soul to the Mother of God, your Mother, who guided you each day and who will guide you now to the eternal glory of her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

[Original text in Italian; translation issued by Holy See]


Trivia trivia: Based on my research, it is really not compulsory for a new pope to change his given name. Name changing of popes were more like a tradition (not sacred, though) than a rule. The new pope may always opt to retain his given name. The first pope to change his name was John II (533 A.D.). He changed his name because his given name, Mercury, was taken from a Roman god. He chose John II to honor former Pope John I, whom he admired the most.

Monday, April 18, 2005

A tribute to heroes...

This is a brief entry that simply aims to honor our brethren in the streets who never cease to lend a helping hand in times of trouble.

I was driving home from my lady’s house when my car fell in a deep pothole on Pedro Gil Avenue. Pedro Gil is really famous for its potholes because engineering people there just don’t stop digging. They must be looking for the Yamashita Treasure or something. Anyway, I got stuck in that pothole for a few minutes. I tried to get out but my tires just screeched and I never succeeded.

Luckily, a driver of an FX taxi stuck in traffic I created approached my car and tried to help. He jokingly uttered, “Swak kayo sa butas Sir ah. Marami talagang nabibiktima diyan eh.” Surprisingly, he stepped out of his FX taxi and tried to help me out by pushing my car backwards. I also tried to accelerate backwards while he pushes the car, but it won’t budge because the hole was deeper than we thought. Then suddenly, more men, around 6 or 7, helped out in the pushing. Thanks to them, I managed to get the car out the pothole. It was totally unexpected, and I really appreciate their help.

Bayanihan is far from dead. This culture stays in the Filipino psyche wherever and whenever they may be. Even the most dreadful catastrophe or the most advanced technology could not take this positive trait out of the Filipinos. The incident that occurred to me last Friday just made me realize that it feels good to be in your native country. Because of guys like them, I never give up hoping for a bright future for the Philippines. It is in guys like them that I am proud of being a Filipino. Mabuhay kayo!

Trivia trivia: The movie “Constantine” was based on the comic book “Hellblazer.” The producers decided to change the tile to Constantine so as not to mix it up with the movie “Hellraiser.”

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Eyesore on Philippine TV

As I was watching my favorite Sunday noon time program SOP (trivia: SOP means Sobrang Okey Pare. But now, the network uses it as an acronym for seasonal tag lines such as “Summer’s Only Party,” etc.), I was surprised to see performer KEITH MARTIN onstage with Ogie Alcasid and Kyla. I thought he already left the country for good after staying off the limelight for quite some time.

But no. Keith Martin never left the country since performing on a major concert at the Araneta Coliseum (I think) about a year or two ago (or is it three?). I thought after months of vacation and partying in the posh streets of Manila, he got tired of the slow and third world life in the Philippines and decided to leave for his homeland… But nah. He lingered. He stayed. I heard he even purchased a condominium unit in a luxurious residence site in Makati.

I also hear that he still performs weekly in some five-star hotels and casinos in Manila and other Metropolitan cities. And he has this VJ girlfriend. In fact, I saw this couple around December last year at Greenbelt 3. My lady and I took the shabby taxi cab they rode on the way. Even the taxi driver was surprised to have Mr. “Because of You” as his passenger that evening.

Does he have the necessary papers? I recall that sometime last year, a reporter from ABS-CBN attempted an ambush interview with our “overstaying” foreign performer. All she received were skirts and kilts, and she never really got the answers she needed. And as an icing on the cake, Martin even made derogatory remarks about the reporter’s line of questioning. He even called the entire interview “stupid,” if I recall correctly. What a way to pay back the people that resurrected his career.

I was appalled to see him around in shows and other programs in local TV. I have to admit that his song “Because of You” became the national anthem of Filipino lovers because we are natural suckers to melodrama and romance. However, after a few months of making to the top of the Filipino music charts, economically speaking, there was a diminishing marginal utility for the song once it is aired and heard over and over again. The enthusiasm for the song slowly waned, and eventually diminished. And after multiple revivals from the country’s best singers (e.g. Jed Maddela, Kyla), I think his version has already been forgotten.

His attempts for a follow up were rather futile. He made a follow up album, but I don’t think it even reached platinum in record sales. His second single did not touch the hearts of Filipino romanticizers the same way Because of You did. Even in the Philippines, he is a familiar “one-hit-wonder.”

I really don’t know what his plans are in the country, but I do believe that he does not deserve as much attention as the other premier native vocalizers. In fairness, Keith Martin has a wonderful voice, but that is not a reason for him to stay in the country longer than expected. Are the immigration officials into this?

This just reflects our negative culture of colonial mentality in the arts. Even though his music was hit several years ago, Keith Martin’s presence was embraced by Filipinos by the mere fact that he is foreign. He was not the first one to do it on Philippine soil. Remember David Pomeranz? And the latest: the Cascades?! They capitalize on nostalgia and Western appeal just to revive their already forgotten careers. What hurts more is that we Filipinos get to pay them their value centuries ago even if their value in their native homeland is nil at present time.

Well, the bottom line is I don’t know why he is still here…

Monday, April 04, 2005

Farewell to thee...

Image hosted by, Image hosted by

Let me offer this entry to our beloved Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla), who passed away at around 3:47 a.m. Sunday, 3 April 2005 (Philippine Time).

A certified record holder for being the most traveled, not to mention the most approachable, loved and omnipresent Pope, truly he has touched the lives of billions of people, even Non-Christians.

Truly he will remain in the hearts and minds of Christians wherever they may be.

John Paul II, thanks for the wisdom, strength and love you've shown us in your 26 years of Papacy.

Now, you are with God...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Though I tried several times, I can’t seem to convince myself to write a decent article. I should have written one on how our Filipino Boxing Hero Manny Pacquiao managed to survive the most gruesome 12 rounds of his fighting career. Or my stand on VAT. But no…

Probably it’s the holiday season. Since yesterday, Monday, I can’t think of anything else but how to maximize my 5-day vacation, considering that I am more than 80 kilometers away from my lady (because she’s going to Agoo, La Union for her usual family vacation) and our Baguio family trip was cancelled due to financial constraints.

First, I thought of watching all the movies I missed last year via VCD or DVD. Second, I plan to make Visita Iglesia in the Tagaytay-Batangas area with my friends… Third, maybe an island getaway will do. But I think the third is somewhat impossible at this point because probably all resorts now are fully booked from north to south.

Well I hope I get to enjoy my Holy Week stay. Thank God we will not report to office tomorrow, Holy Wednesday, but per our administration office, we should be in “on-call” status. Hopefully, we don’t get to receive calls tomorrow.

Happy Easter to all of us…

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Assault on Precinct 13th... with a Pinoy Flavor

The Abu Sayyaf has done it again. I guess Commanders Kosovo, Robot and Global had prepared for their last hurrah. And they were, once again, successful in putting up a great show. Once again, the country was shaken by horrific events initiated by these natural-born killers.

Yesterday, 14 March 2005, around 6 in the morning, just when most of us are getting ready to go to work or come to class, and just hours before the new PNP Chief is installed, Abu Sayyaf inmates headed by Kumander Kosovo placed their detention cell, Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig, under siege. Their initial plan was to escape, however, jail guards managed to contain them inside the prison, and were able to call for back up before they could run scot-free. The early morning skirmish resulted in the death of two jail guards and two Abu Sayyaf men.

After massive exchange of gunfire, Abu members declared ceasefire and offered talks. They initially wanted Robin Padilla to be the lead negotiator. Talk about terrific casting. Unfortunately, Robin is taking a vacation in Australia with his wife and children. Governor Parouk Hussin of ARMM and Party List Representative Rajiv Hataman offered their services to be lead negotiators. Perhaps Abu men had no second opinion for the Bad Boy of Philippine Cinema, thus anyone else will do.

Surprisingly, government gave three deadlines yesterday: first was at two o’clock in the afternoon. However, the negotiators demanded more time so they were given an additional hour, extending the deadline to 3:00 pm. Again, negotiators demanded more time and government once again relented. They gave a 10:00 pm deadline. However, it was once again extended up to the next day. The Abu men even demanded for food before participating in the talks. By their demands, they epitomize the Filipino term “balahura.”

Alas, government men saw the light 24-hours after the first gunfire was shot. The crisis management team gave two final deadlines: one was at 5:30 am, and the final ultimatum, at 8:50 am. After this, they decided that they have already “exhausted” all efforts to negotiate. I don’t know if it’s just vigor, but I think it took too long for them to be exhausted. The head of the Crisis Management Team, Sec. Angelo Reyes, finally decided to take on them by force. At around 9:00 am, the PNP Special Action Force slowly but systematically infiltrated the cells, threw tear gas where even the policemen themselves got teary-eyed, opened fire and by the grace of God, defeated the Abu men.

As of 11:00 am today, the PNP has declared the end of jail stand-off, with 22 reported fatalities on the side of the detainees. These included Abu Sayyaf leaders Commander Kosovo, Commander Robot, and Commander Global. Just like how many action movies end up, the bad guys die in the end.

Special thanks to Abu Sayyaf’s penchant for media exposure, we have, once again, witnessed real-life action. Not just that. It also made us view a glimpse of our weaknesses, security-wise. In these fateful two days, two flaws were evident: a) the incapability of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology to guard prison cells; and b) the seemingly weak and slow decisions of our crisis managers.

Incidents of jail break and escape attempts happened several times before. However, no one really knows why this security breach problem still persists.

As far as I recall, Abu Sayyaf and their terrorist partners Al Qaeda are known escape artists. Abu Sabaya, Khadafy Janjalani and Fathur Al-Ghozi are just some of the successful terrorist escapees. And these men are not just some Abu Sayyaf apprentices. They were leaders. Big Fishes. Real-time bandits. Terrorists. However, the seemingly lax security of their detention cells set them free again. And these were in different occasions. The only saving grace for these instances was that Abu Sabaya and Fathur Al-Ghozi were already killed by the military and the police after months of search.

I think we have had enough instances of jail break for us to demand changes in the way we handle our detention cells. Much reform is needed to be done in this area.

Another issue that I have noticed in this “show” was the apparently weak ability of our crisis managers to make a choice on who or when to talk with hostage takers. In this incident, I couldn’t believe that we would waste time and effort to talk with people who killed at least hundreds of men, women and children, and ravaged, kidnapped and decapitated locals and foreigners. I think that by mere common sense, we can easily surmise that these people do not need reprieve. They should not be given the privilege to negotiate.

But of course, we must consider the rule of law and the right of every individual for due process. But I think it should not have taken much time. These Abu men deserved only one ultimatum, not five. They deserved just one day of stardom, not two. If they do not want to negotiate by the given time frame, that just means they do not want to negotiate at all. Decision-makers should show their firm stand to avoid a sequel to this “movie.”

I was on my way to the office when I saw the Abante headline: “PNP, pinaglalaruan ng Abu Sayyaf.” I think with this headline, the crisis managers were not perceived to be merciful, though they were perceived to be toys being played by the terrorists. I think the extended deadlines made our men look more like weaklings.

Even if the Abu Sayyaf men were defeated in the end, they were somehow triumphant in making us realize a very painful reality that we are facing not just a fiscal crisis, but also a security crisis. The Abu Sayyaf assaulted not just on our prison cells, but more importantly on our security egos. After this, I think our crisis managers should consider a firm policy on these kinds of situations. I just hope a “sequel” won’t take place.
Carlo J. Caparas might be interested in making this into a movie...
Trivia trivia
Did you know: Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig houses at least 400 inmates, and 129 of them are Abu Sayyaf members. It would be a real crisis if all of them participated in the recent jail break.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Why women should be equally happy...

I just got this from an e-mail from a lady officemate:

Why Men Are Happier

-Your last name stays put.
-The garage is all yours.
-Wedding plans take care of themselves.
-Chocolate is just another snack.
-You can be president.
-You can never be pregnant.
-You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park.
-You can wear NO T-shirt to a water park.
-Car mechanics tell you the truth.
-The world is your urinal.
-You never have to drive to another gas station
rest room because this one is just too icky.
-You don't have to stop and think of which way to
turn a nut on a bolt.
-Same work, more pay.
-Wrinkles add character.
-Wedding dress $5000. Tux rental -- $100.
-People never stare at your chest when you're
talking to them.
-The occasional well-rendered belch is practically
-New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet.
-One mood -- all the time.
-Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat.
-You know stuff about tanks.
-A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase.
-You can open all your own jars.
-You get extra credit for the slightest act of
-If someone forgets to invite you, he or she can
still be your friend.
-Your underwear is $8.95 for a three-pack.
-Three pairs of shoes are more than enough.
-You almost never have strap problems in public.
-You are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes.
-Everything on your face stays its original colour.
-The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe
-You have to shave only your face and neck.
-You can play with toys all your life.
-Your belly usually hides your big hips.
-One wallet and one pair of shoes one colour for
all seasons.
-You can wear shorts no matter how your legs
-You can "do" your nails with a pocket-knife.
-You have freedom of choice concerning growing
a moustache.
-You can do Christmas shopping for 25 relatives
on December 24 in 45 minutes.

True, true. However, I strongly believe that with the current trends of society, women have aready matched up with men in terms of contentment and happiness. It is interesting to note that some of the points that were mentioned in the forwarded email are no longer applicable:

-our country has already produced two women presidents
-"Vanity" has already become an issue on men and the birth of "metrosexuals" have introduced men into shaving more than the face, plucking, and "doing" nails more fashionably.
-Recent studies have shown that male pregnancy is possible...

In addition, I made my own list of "why women should be equally happy, if not happier."

-you can legally cry on sad movies

-vanity is not misconstrued as homosexuality

-though you may be the real culprit to a crime, the likelihood of you committing the crime is still lesser.

-it is not humiliating to be a nurse

-you just nag and cry to get what you want

-you have the authority to nag your guy at least once a month and justify it with “it’s a girl thing, honey.”

-you can come in pairs in comfort rooms.

-some people will be afraid of you if you develop your biceps.

-you have the privilege of being courted and pleased

-you are exempted from the ROTC

-your chest can get you off the hook.

-your shoes are less expensive and have more variety

-you have all the reasons to be late

-you are entitled to mood swings

-it is normal to receive flowers and carry them in public places

-you can sweet talk your way out of a traffic violation

-ED doesn't bother you at all

-you can be "happy" more than "ONCE" a night

Women rock!!! Hehehe…



Trivia, trivia

Did you know: Nida Blanca used her real surname (Jones) as her maiden name in the hit 70's sitcom John en Marsha. Thus, Dely Atay-atayan's complete name is Doña Delilah Jones.