Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beer Belly Buildup -- Day 24

Even the beer cans salute the entry of the country's most profitable sport.

Who's my favorite NFL team? I still have not decided. Albeit due to proximity, I probably would  still support the Redskins and the Ravens. But this time, I think I'd be happy to see the Seahawks, 49ers, the Broncos or the Eagles in the Superbowl.

Photo was taken at a local Giant store. Kudos to the genius who put this together.

Beer Belly Buildup
30 September 2014

Day 23 -- Layover

Our feathered friends are back in the streets and parks of Metro DC. They make this their rendezvous point before they all head down south to a more "Friendly" temperature. Flocks or Ravens, Canadian Geese, Mallards, and other birds in groups will be a regular fare in our DC commute until we welcome back Mr. Winter.

29 September 2014

Day 22 -- Solace

This day I was a little under the weather. Sore throat, severe headaches, weakness. I thought I will be down with the flu for quite some time.

Still I needed, wanted to go out to church to pray, especially to give thanks for another great year added to my two moms.

Happy birthday Mom-mom and Mommy! May you have many more birthdays and blessings to come!

28 September 2014

Day 21 -- The Gaucho

We gave Mom-mom the Brazilian treatment for her birthday. No, not that painful hair-loss regimen that until now I still cannot understand how ladies (and even gents) could put up with such torture in the name of vanity. Anyway, the Brazilian treatment I was referring to was the churrascaria style of serving meat in Fogo de Chao.

Happy Birthday, Mom-mom!

The Gaucho
27 September 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Day 20 -- Ramen Day

Lunch out at our favorite DC ramen place Sakuramen. This time, Mom-mom is with us to witness how the little boy adores that Japanese art dish. Indeed, Mom-mom was so amazed at how much Chashu (pork) and noodles he can consume. Then, I asked for a souvenir photo.

Ramen day
September 26, 2014

Day 19 -- Last batch of blooms

It's good to see flowers bloom for the last time before they prepare their stems and leaves for the coming cold.

Last Batch
September 25, 2014

Friday, September 26, 2014

Day 18 -- Bon Mi

Another one of the LuWOW (Lunch Walk Out Wednesdays) series. We decided to go to Bon Mi, a sandwich, rice and noodle place inspired by the Vietnamese sandwich Banh Mi. I tried the Rice and Quinoa bowl with Roast Pork and Coconut Curry dressing. All I can say is you can never go wrong with pork. :)

Bon Mi Bowl
September 24, 2014

Day 17 -- Swoosh

First day of Autumn... Even the skies are shifting its colors. :)

Photo of the Day shows the clouds lined up like lines to a race track or a swimming pool. Just one of those amazing displays of nature

September 23, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 16 -- Last day of the Green

September 22, 2014, Monday, was the last day of the summer. Soon, leaves will start to red, signaling autumn.

Coming from a country of only two seasons (rain and no rain), it takes time to accept the peculiarities and appreciate the unique beauty of having a four-season year. And fall, or autumn, has become my favorite season. Temperature is perfect, trees are extra colorful, and the foliage is utterly romantic.

I bid the leaves goodbye on this last-of-summer day, and I will see them again soon in the spring.

Last Day of the Green
22 September 2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Any Given Sunday (Day 15)

I am keeping up to this task! :)

We are Redskins fans by proximity. I got acquainted and fascinated by the sport upon moving to the District. 2 Superbowl halftimes after, I decided we should support the city we're in.

POTD nod goes to... the fan. :)

Any Given Sunday
21 September 2014

Day 14 -- VIP View

I took this POTD at a vantage point that only very few people are able to go. :)

VIP View
20 September 2014

Day 13 -- Shop till you drop

It takes more than a day to be able to explore this mall. It takes a lot of energy and more importantly, a strategy. That was how Mom-mom and I survived the day: We split up, get what we need, meet up at a "rendezvous point." We were indeed successful. :)

Thus, below is my POTD for Friday the 13th (day of the 365-day challenge).

Shop till you drop
19 September 2014

Friday, September 19, 2014

No Excuse (Day 12)

There really isn't any excuse to learn and explore the world through reading.

I was struck by how the man continues to read the books despite his seemingly "compromised" state. Thus, I choose this as my colorful POTD to a relatively monotonous Day 12. 

No Excuse
18 September 2014

Day 11 - Boxed Goodness

My officemates and I have decided to go on a weekly lunch outside of the building. As a self-proclaimed group secretariat (whose function is to remind and recommend the venue of the weekly lunch out), I aptly baptized it to be called the Lunch Walk-out Wednesdays (LuWOW). :) So far we have done it for four consecutive weeks now.

This week, we went to Newton's Noodles along 20th Stree, which offers a "cook-while-you-wait" noodles with your choice of ingredients. They call their noodles the "Fuzu." Along with the ingredients you also get to choose the sauce between soy and coconut curry. On this day I chose to not think too much and decided to take on one of their pre-chosen Fuzus, called the Coco-Curry.

The noodle place was cozy and clean, and the food was actually good, contrary to Yelp comments. I'd give it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. But due to the lack of choices for noodle places in the area, I might lower the bar and raise its score to 4.

Looking forward to the next LuWOW destinations in the coming Wednesdays.

This is my POTD for Day 11...

Boxed Goodness
September 17, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Day 10 -- Suit Weather

I always pass by the the Lafayette Center in 21st Street: with all its majestic brick structures with the intriguing monument in the middle.

On the way home this day, I passed by that building again and I saw how men comfortably walked with their suits on, signaling that temperature is now suit friendly. :)

I really have nothing much to say on this day except for the great feeling that my favorite season is drawing near. Welcome, autumn!

Suit Weather
16 September 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day 9 -- Mom-mom

I remember a couple of years back, I was talking to one of my good agent friends in Philam Life, and he mentioned that he was about to leave the Philippines to visit his grandchildren in the US. Then he told me, "You don't know how good it feels to see them, hug them, cuddle them, play with them. They are our precious ones. If our children are the investment, our grandchildren are the dividends."

From that conversation, I suddenly understood all the grandmother/grandfather stories, how grandparents can override house rules, how they can spoil the children and get away with it. Grandchildren are the dividends. They are to be treated with greatest care, and are expected to be spent with.

I sometimes feel bad everytime I think about how far we are from Juancho's grandparents. But then I also think that this is all temporary and pretty soon, Juancho will enjoy the perks of grandparenthood.

Thank God for the Mom-mom's annual visits to check on one of her dividends. Little boy gets to enjoy more chocolates than usual.

15 September 2014

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 8 -- Glorious Comeback

It's both happy and sad to admit that my musical playlist preference is 20 years old. Yes, I dig 90's music. No, I don't dig 90's music, I adore 90's music. From danish pop, to hip-hop, to alternative, to Zack de la Rocha's rap metal.

On the Pinoy Pop/Rock side, I will go the distance with whoever challenges me to a debate on which decade is the more glorious for Pinoy Rock. The 90s, I believe provided the best songs, the brightest talents and the greatest opportunities for Pinoy bands.

The 90s has created and endured many talents in and out. The biggest perhaps is this State U bred foursome formerly (and will always be) known as the Eraserheads (Tech support help: what is a shortcut to invert the letter E?). Just how big is this band? With no statistical support, I am proud to say that no Filipino, and I say this with full conviction, not a single Filipino has not appreciated nor known a single song from this 90's phenomenal Fab Four . The Eheads (short name) became one of the most famous Pinoy bands in the history of Pinoy Rock, and their peak was right smack in the middle of the 1990s. Unfortunately they decided to cut ties and stop recording in early 2000s. My childhood was shattered. Yes I was exaggerating on this aspect.

Just recently (around 5 years ago), they decided to see each other again not to rebuild, but to reminisce the good old times via a Reunion Concert. The first try was cut short due to the lead singer, Ely Buendia's medical issues. When Ely recovered, they did the act again and finished what they started from a couple (maybe more) months back and called it their "Final Set." I was lucky to have witnessed that helluva show in 2008. I thought that, indeed, that will be their last performance together. They officially "finished" it by burning their symbolic piano (the one they used in the album Sticker Happy) during the final set. 

But lo and behold! The "Final Set"wasn't that final after all. They decided to do a "Final" world tour, bringing the fab four to places with high Filipino following like Dubai, the UK and the United States! And I thought maybe, yes. That was the last world tour. 

But lo and behold (again -- I just love using that catchphrase)! Last week, Esquire Philippines released the "Eraserheads" issue that has a CD that contains two recently-composed songs! Fans were so excited, they instantly emptied the newstands and I see my friends struggling to find copies despite a relatively higher than usual price for the magazine. Filipinos really know where to put money to where it's worth. :) This is a certified collector's issue! 

As for me, despite being thousands of miles away from home, I was lucky to be able to "smuggle" a copy from a magazine insider. ;) So happy to have received it today, I decided to make this my Photo of the Day for my 365-day challenge. :)

Mabuhay, Eraserheads! Salamat sa dalawang bagong kanta! 

Thanks for the early Christmas gift, Nangni! 

Glorious Comeback
14 September 2014

I am also attaching the music video to one of their 2 new tracks: Sabado. I so can relate to this song, both in its nostalgic melody as well as its profoundly simple message. :) Enjoy! 

Day 7 -- Summer Backtrack

This was the "bump" among the beautiful days of the week. As the weather is seemingly preparing for the entry of Fall, rain and humidity suddenly decides to come back.

Summer Backtrack
13 September 2014

365-day Challenge: Day 6 -- Kostas at Work

The fine combination of a Friday and a series of good news convinced me to treat myself to the trusty Greek Deli. According to my Greek friend, the Greek Deli is the closest I'll ever be to Greece in the comforts of busy life of Washington, DC. I've been here many times before and this place never fails to amaze me with the quantity and quality of food. I have not been to Greece to judge whether this is the closest to real Greek food, but among the Greek restaurants I have tried in the District, this may be the best, if not one of the best I've had.

I did not take the risk of trying something new this day, so I went with my traditional fix: Lamb Souvlaki Gyro (Sandwich) and a Side of Spanakopita (Spinach Pie). I was extra fortunate to have my lunch prepare by not other than the proprietor himself, Kostas Fostieris. 

Mr. Fostieris, you might not be able to read this post but just for the record, I want to say your food is FANTASTIC. From the sandwiches to the platters and sides. If you live in the district, please do visit this place. They're open and close early (7am-4pm) so plan your trip! And oh, apologies for the candid "while you work" shot!

Greek Deli DC - http://www.greekdelidc.com

Kostas at Work
12 September 2014

365-day Challenge: Day 5 -- Ceramic Slippers

I always pass by this pair of glass slippers that comfortably lie (stand) on my colleague's desk. I just thought about shooting it macro (almost). The ceramic pair is around 2 inches long.

Ceramic Slippers
11 September 2014

Saturday, September 13, 2014

365-day Challenge: Day 4 -- One-six-zero-zero

No, that is not the White House's number plate. For some fortunate coincidence, The Philippine Embassy in Washington DC has the same number as the country's most powerful house. The former's in Pennsylvania Avenue, the latter's in Massachusetts.

10 September 2014

365-day challenge: Day 3 - Scaffoldings

Our office was surrounded by scaffolding due to a general cleanup of our windows, walls and roofs.

9 September 2014

365-day challenge - Day 2: Scooby Snacks

I chose this subject to remember how funny it was when Juancho saw his ol' pal stuffed toy Scooby Doo to be bagged and ready to be donated. He asked if he could play for it one last time (well he didn't say one last time, but he asked for Scooby to be let out of the bag)...

Buh-bye Scooby. It's been a good two years. Someone else will enjoy you now.

Scooby Snacks
September 8, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

365 day challenge: Day 1

I have committed to begin this 365-day photo challenge. I hope I could keep up to the commitment. 

The challenge: to take at least one photograph per day. :) 

I have started on a very random day of September 7, 2014, simply because when I looked out at our veranda, I witnessed the beautiful blend of reds, oranges, purples and blues in the sky as the sun was setting... Thus, this is my photo # 1. :) 

Fire in the Sky
7 September 2014