Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Irony 101: Rome parking chief gets sacked for illegal parking

Rome parking chief gets sacked for illegal parking
Sun Nov 25, 2007 9:32pm IST

ROME (Reuters) - Rome's mayor sacked the city's traffic and parking chief on Sunday after a newspaper reported he parked his car in a no parking zone and displayed a handicapped permit that belonged to an 86-year old woman.
Giovanni Catanzaro parked his red Alfa Romeo Brera in a tow away zone near the Spanish Steps in central Rome before heading off to a restaurant on Friday night, Roman daily Il Messaggero reported on Sunday, complete with pictures from the scene.
His car displayed a permit for disabled drivers that was no longer valid and initially issued to a senior citizen, the paper said, noting that officials almost never tow away a disabled person's vehicle no matter where it is parked.
A spokesman for Rome Mayor Walter Veltroni said Catanzaro had been removed from his post as head of the city's municipal police force that oversees traffic and parking violations after the newspaper report.
Rome has a series of restrictions on driving and parking along many of its narrow, cobblestoned streets, though parking illegally -- often on sidewalks and crosswalks -- is a common sight across the city.

--Hindi gumana sa kanya ang pagflash ng government ID. Hehehe.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Just tried this in one German restaurant along Mabini St., Ermita (yes, Ermita indeed.), Manila. For those who love trying out holes in walls, maybe you would want to try this restaurant. They sell great German food (for Filipino food lovers, they also sell Pinoy food), with ice cold German Wheat Beer. My officemates checked it out one lunch break (since it's just a few blocks away from UN Ave.), and my lady and I tried it out last Saturday. We tried the sausage platter. Ayos...

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Sarap ng Beer... Php110 lang, 500ml.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Suicides and Explosions

What's with the alignment of the stars lately, that what we hear in the radio and TV are news that report one of two things: a suicide and an explosion?!

Just last week, we read and heard about the explosion in a subdivision in Bacoor, Cavite, just a few weeks after the dreaded Glorietta accident. Just last Tuesday, a suspected bomb exploded just in the foot of one of the most prominent seats of power, the Batasang Pambansa, killing Rep. Wahab Akbar and 3 others, and injuring 8 people including Reps. Luzviminda Ilagan and Henry Pryde Teves.

Meanwhile, after the Marianeth Amper suicide, two other students were reported to have suicide due to despair and poverty. Also, among others, a farmer in Butuan City, took his own life due to extreme poverty, while a Japanese businessman was found dead. Another man allegedly jumped in the 4th floor of Trinoma mall, killing himself and injuring the person he fell on.

As for the bombings, I really hope these are not intertwined and their cases are all isolated. As for the series of suicides, hopefully the "Tipping Point" concept of suicide has not yet arrived in the country...

I hope we'll never forget that we are Filipinos, fun-loving, hospitable, caring. We are never a brutal race by nature. Let us not let colonial mentality overrule this trait...

Happy thoughts naman diyan!!! Manood na lang tayo lahat ng Marimar para masaya lahat.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Marianette Amper, 12

Taken from http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/:

12-year-old girl commits suicide in Davao

Poverty apparently drove a 12-year-old girl to commit suicide in Davao City, ABS-CBN Regional Network Group reported.

Marianette Amper, hanged herself with the use of a nylon cord around 3 p.m. on November 2 inside their residence at Barangay Ma-a.

Amper’s younger brother Reynald was the first to witness the incident.

"Nakita ko pa siya na nanginginig. May hinahawakan siyang relo. Puputulin ko sana ang lubid pero di ko kaya..tumakbo na lang ako palabas ng bahay para humingi ng tulong.."

Amper died while being rushed to the Davao Medical Center, reports said.

A diary retrieved from the victim’s room indicated that the girl was deeply affected with their extreme poverty and her parents’ arguments.

In an entry on October 6, the girl wrote on her diary that she had been absent in school for almost a month for lack of transportation fare.

She also told one of her classmates that her mother scolded her when she insisted on working for a noodle factory to help sustain the family.

Amper’s parents have no permanent work and are reportedly earning P200 a week or P40 a day.

Meanwhile, Davao City Councilor Leo Avila said Amper’s suicide was a symbol of extreme poverty and appealed to the government to address the problem.


My heart bleeds for the loss of a poor sould whose only wish was to be able to get to school everyday so that she could study and finish her education. How many more Marianette Ampers out there should commit suicide for the government to realize that poverty has risen to an alerting level?

Marianette just made a perfect timing to bring about the real general picture of the current socio-political and economic situation, and also illustrating the widening gap between the rich and the poor. While Governonrs, Congressmen and other stakeholders relish the luxuries and gains of an overpriced project, or squander the cash gifts that were delivered in paper bags, people like Marianette Amper suffer in extreme poverty and despair.

In Marianette's incident, not only did we see a direct hit on the current administration's neglect for the poor and the grassroots, but it also made and indirect hit on the people's apathy for the poor. The bishops were correct when they said that all of us were to blame on Marianette's death. The incident also shows that society nowadays is more alienating than before, leading to a series of suicides, most recently of Marianette's. I learned from my Psychology class that suicide is a product not of poverty, anger, or despair, but largely a product of loneliness and alienation. Should she have had someone to lean on during her most dire times, suicide could have been prevented. This time, she found no one else to turn to, thus leading to the events that transpired on that fateful All Soul's Day afternoon. She almost found hope in writing to GMA's Wish ko Lang, but probably she thought that if she had no money to go to school, how then could she afford mail delivery?

If this really were a wake-up call, I hope somebody significant wakes up...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Executive Clemency

The past month has exploded not just some diesel and methane gas (or so they say) in Glorietta, but a series of issues that overlapped each other. The most recent of which is the unprecedented (but very much expected) executive clemency (a.k.a. presidential pardon) of former President Joseph Estrada. Thanks to this, the public was once again veered away from the controversies that the administration has been avoiding to answer, in one reason or another.

With the most recent pardon of former President Estrada, we'll see a lot of changes and development in the coming months, namely:

1. Silence of Erap from issues regarding the current Presidency ("never bite the hand that feeds you")
2. Political accomodations from the Erap camp (read: COMELEC).
3. Former Mayor Atienza and incumbent Mayor Lim shall now join forces (?!)
4. Clarifications about ZTE and cash gift shall no longwer be necessary
5. We'll forever be made to believe that the Glorietta incident was merely an accident, and never a bombing

These and a lot more are in store for us in the coming months. We'll see an even more exciting political situation. In the end of all these "hullabaloo thing" (per Gov. Vilma Santos), the victims are the people who originally believed in what they were fighting for. Now, the recent developments made them more confused; definitely not united, as what the administration tells us of the purpose for the pardon.

Let's just hope the administration knows what it's doing. Time is running out.

"Siyempre papasalamatan ko po iyung ating Pangulong Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo sa kanyang pagbibigay sa akin ng executive clemency. Kung hindi niya ako binigyan ng executive clemency ay hindi niyo ako kaharap ngayong gabi. Kaya pasalamatan po nating siya, palakpakan po natin." -- Former President Joseph Estrada, in his address to the people of San Juan.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Glorietta, October 19, 2007

It's been more than two years since the dreaded Valentine's Day bombing in the Metro. Now, here we go again. The country was once again rocked by a "bombing" (or should I say accident?!?!) incident in one of the busiest malls in the country. The Glorietta incident brought another round of fears and questions for the Filipino people.

It's understandable how policemen handled the situation. As much as possible, they try their best to mitigate the possible post-incident disasters by sugar-coating what had happened. Of course, they would try their best to make it look like it was not a bomb, because if it was, a lot more things have to be cleared.

It would be much easier to conclude the incident with a simple "accident" so that authorities would just give sanctions to the Ayala Land officials and the case will be closed. They just have to advise that diesel and methane should not be mixed (that explains why there are very limited comfort rooms in a gasolline station). But if, indeed it is a bomb, authorities would have to answer the following questions:
a. What chemicals were used? C4? RBX? The chemical composition of the bomb would narrow down our choices on the persons/ groups responsible.

b. Who is behind the incident? Terrorist groups? Military adventurists? The government itself? The public is more than confused on who should be blamed for the incident. To the people, even the President is a suspect, saying that GMA is once again doing a Marcos, masterminding a massive explosion in a central business district to veer away media attention from the major controversies she's in, latest of which was the "gift-giving" of P500K in the Palace. If not the government, who else? Militant groups like MILF and NPA are famous for staging a bombing, then will admit the incident eventually.

b. What is the motive? Political adventurism? genocide? Simply having fun? Economic sabotage? Throwing away attention from current political controversies? World peace? aww come on, there must be a reason behind it.

c. What's next? If something like this happened in one of the busiest malls in the country, then this incident could happen to any other place. We must be well-prepared as early as now. Our mindset should once again be on the alert side.

But of course, the economic and political repercussion of concluding the incident into a bombing could be gargantuan. Investors will once again be jittery of the economic client since we all know that a stable economy is a function of good security situation. Bad image will once again result to travel advisories. Less tourists mean less income. And the rest need not be further expounded.

The Philippine National Police should finalize their report soon or else more and more speculations will arise.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Revisiting Wanbol University

Maraming salamat kay Jay Taruc para sa napakasayang palatuntunang I-Witness noong Lunes, Oktubre 8, 2007. Itinampok niya ang sitcom na talaga nga namang malaki ang naiambag sa kosepto ng katatawanan sa industriya ng telebisyon: Ang Iskul Bukol!!!

Panalo talaga sina Tito at Joey Escalera, at si Victorio Ungasis, na ginampanan ng wala nang iba kundi sina Tito, Vic at Joey. Kasama ang ilang mga cast na sina Tonette Macho, Bibeth Orteza, Mely Tagasa, Direk Bert de Leon, Producer Boy Gatuz at ilan pang mga hiningan ng panayam, mulilng binuhay ni Jay Taruc ang makulay na palatuntunan na uminog sa paaralang Wanbol University. Malamang naman ay walang lalaban sa akin kung sinabi kong sila ang isa sa mga nag-"revolutionize" ng situational comedy sa Pilipinas, kaalinsabay ng John en Marsha.

Isa pa, malaki ang naging epekto ng palabas na ito sa tunay na buhay ng mga paaralan sa Pilipinas. Sa aking sariling karanasan, nagkaroon ng panahon na ang pang-asar naming mga bata sa maitim na mama sa mga kanto ay "Mang Temi." Maging ang mga katagang "putok" at "topak" na madalas nating gamitin ay impluwensya pala ng palabas na ito. Astig. :)

Para lang hindi ko makalimutan, isusulat ko dito ang mga binigay na trivia ni Jay Taruc sa I-Witness (harinawa'y maalala ko lahat):

1. Ang Lapis sa logo ng Iskul Bukol ay may numero 13 sa halip na 1, o 2 sa kadahilanang sa Channel 13 nila ipinapalabas ang programa.

2. Ang unang pangalan ni Ms. Tapia ay Liwayway.

3. Ang mga salitang "putok" at "topak" ay unang nabigkas sa sitcom na ito.

4. Ang Escalera na ginamit na apelyido nina Tito at Joey ay hango sa paborito nilang pampalipas oras sa tuwing taping: Mahjong.

5. Debut sitcom ni Vic Sotto ang Iskul Bukol. Siya ay 22 taong gulang, habang si Tito ay 29, at si Joey ay 31.

6. Nakuha nina Tito at Joey Escalera ang konsepto ng pagsuot ng letrang T at J na initials ng pangalan nila sa komiks na Archie. Madalas din nila itong suot dahil tamad din silang maglaba.

Siguro trivia din ang mga ito pero hindi binanggit bilang trivia sa episode ng I-witness:

1. Si Dely Atay-Atayan ang gumanap na nanay ni Vic Ungasis.

2. Lumabas rin sa sitcom na ito ang mga batikang mang-aawit at artistang sina Joey Albert, Helen Gamboa, at Sharon Cuneta.

Maasabi ko talagang isa akong masugid na tagahanga ng TVJ. :)

"Eskuwela kuwela to, dito'y enjoyable. Konting aral lang, konting bulakbol. Dito nang lahat madaldal at bulol, dito na nga. Iskul Bukol."

Monday, October 08, 2007

Cheers, UAAP Season 70!

UE made history yesterday after losing to La Salle Green Archers in the UAAP Men's basketball championships at the Araneta Coliseum. After achieving a rare 14-0 sweep of the eliminations, they succumbed to the upbeat Archers, who struggled early in the league to get the Finals. Well at least, UE made history as the first team to sweep the eliminations and didn't win the championship.

Also, La Salle made the record of winning the championship after a one-year suspension. Last year, La Salle was suspended for "accidentally" fielding in ineligible players in the league. As a result, they were stripped off their 2005 championship, suspended for a year, and a dented image. But this time, they seemed to have put all the bad things behind and came back with a big, deafening roar, to beat the Warriors, 2-0 in their best of three championship series. Congrats, La Salle!

Until Season 71... Hopefully UP gets a win in our centennial year.

Season 70 Senior Men's Basketball Highlights:

Most Valuable Player - Jervy Cruz, UST
PSBank Maaasahan Player of the Year - Jervy Cruz, UST

Mythical Five:
Chris Tiu - ADMU
JVee Casio - DLSU

Rico Maerhoffer - DLSU
Mark Borboran - UE

Jervy Cruz - UST

Rookie of the Year:
JR Cawaling - FEU

KFC Assist Delivery Player of the Year: Japs Cuan - UST

SMART Defensive Player of the Year: Edwin Asoro - NU

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Racial Slur

Shame on the writers of the ABC show "Desperate Housewives" on their latest insult on Filipino medical practitioners. This just shows that these writers know nothing about world affairs and current trends so they just needed to blurt out racial slurs like what has been said by Teri Hatcher in the series' season-opener.

Let me just state some facts about the medical industry in the country:

a. It was reported that US will demand more or less 600,000 Filipino medial practitioners in the next 13 years.

b. The Department of Tourism is busy with commercializing Medical Tourism since foreigners come here for surgery, treatment and other medical reasons.

c. Medical schools like UP, UST and UERM have a growing number of "exchange" and foreign students from other countries because they believe that Philippine medical education is cheaper, more reliable and more trusted.

These and a lot more support the fact the Filipino medical practitioners are one of the most competitive in the world, and they do not deserve the slur given by Hatcher and the ABC writers.

Americans should be more responsible with the way they say, do, or write about. They have the top schools in the world, the best companies, the best leaders. With much power and knowledge, much is expected. They blew up this time.

I bleed for the Filipino medical practitioners around the world who suffer the comfort of being with their families, being in their hometown, just to work hard and serve foreigners to the best of their abilities.

We deserve much more respect.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Issues, issues

Just recently, our country has faced the two biggest controversies and issues that the current administration has faced, namely: a) President Estrada's conviction of Plunder over the Sandiganbayan; and b) the National Broadband Network (NBN) - ZTE Corporation scandal. Both issues have a common theme: graft and corruption. The former, a recently-concluded issue which has proven beyond reasonable doubt that indeed, President Estrada committed plunderous acts, biggest of which are the Jose Velarde accounts and the GSIS and SSS kickbacks. The latter is a plunder case in the making. The only question is who to charge.

However, despite these remarkable developments in our country's political climate, our markets have remained resilient and economy is still on the go. Peso is recovering, the stocks are recovering, investors, still coming in.

This somehow reflects the fact that the Philippine populace has been numb and jaded with the current system and is no longer interested in political bickering, mudslinging, debating, and blame-throwing. The Philippine people just want a better way of life, steadfast developments, and poverty alleviation and these issues no longer serve these wants and needs. Thus, less social impact.

Whatever the opposition is brewing next with regard to the ZTE scandal could just be another futile attempt to overthrow the administration they abhor since FPJ's loss to the 2004 elections. To the common people, politicians now look the same. Thanks so much to the fence-sitters and double-crossers.

Hopefully the crooks behind the scandal will be punished soon, just like how the Estrada Plunder case has been vindicated. Alongside this, I hope the populace would be more aware, alert, but resilient to political developments mostly dictated by power hungry politicians and opportunists.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Lights Out

This place used to be one of the liveliest places in the Metro. People come here not just enjoy the Manila Bay breeze, but also to dine, unwind, booze out, cuddle, jog, and to sum it all up, enjoy. Now, all that's left are the overpriced colorful lampposts and the lovers who could not afford a more "private" place.

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Hello Pappy (?!) scandal

I may really be a Joey de Leon fan, but in this feud between the warring networks regarding the alleged Wilyonaryo scandal over ABS-CBN's Wowowee that rocked the noon-time show scene over the past week, I would have to side with him. Clearly, what Willie Revillame has done (all that crying, rebutting and putting shame on Joey de Leon) was a ploy to "unkill" the show.

As Filipinos we may already know that the only way to soften a heart of the public is to appeal to his/her emotions. Filipinos very much love the "api" (underdog) and would take the side of the person/ group in distress. That explains why the likes of Judy Ann Santos, Nora Aunor, or Julie Vega rose to stardom. Or why them telenovelas with "kawawa" lead stars skyrocket the Mega Manila TV ratings. Willie Revillame obviously was advised by ABS-CBN to appear in the show, cry, apologize, act as if he was the one persecuted, and hit on the other network. now, here's another person in distress in a "reality" variety show. Starring: Willie Revillame as himself. This formula has long been a very good controversy-killer. A very good skirter of issues. A very good persuasion technique. This time, Willie's acting skills made the tables turn. Now, he is the one in distress. Now, the issues have been covered up. The masses now have someone to support. The kaawa-awa at inaaping si Willie Revillame. Wowowee's ratings were saved. Bravo.

Another trick in the book that was released by ABS-CBN to save their own asses is to blow up the issue by giving Willie enough air time. And if they said that ABS-CBN did not plan the whole scenario, why were the cameras panning on the people crying in the audience? It just is confusing as it is...

Joey could just be simply focusing on issues pressed against Willie. He was not just hitting the guy personally. Well, if he wants to be really personal, he could have hit other aspects on Willie's life that are much more personal (e.g. domestic violence charges, etc.) than this one. As what other rivals would do, he could just be capitalizing on the fact that the show was caught cheating (allegedly). Perfect opportunity to boost credibility of Eat bulaga since they have no track record of "Cheating." That's just the way it is.

If there's one positive thing that arose from this scandal, it's that some people have been jaded by the incident. They will now think that game and variety shows are rigged anyway, so why waste time and money to wait in a studio and take a chance. Hopefully Filipinos would think it this way and not just look for other game show avenues to take their chances on. Sigh...

"Explain before you complain." These were the words uttered by Joey de Leon in response to Willie's words on him. I couldn't agree more.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wet Spell

So much for the dry spell of July. The water has returned. Back are the days of wet socks, España River, suspended classes, opportunist taxi drivers and catchy nicknames in alphabetical order. The heaven's truly favor Filipinos. They did not let Juan de la Cruz's untilled lands to dry up.

Now, the dams have been refilled, the farmslands have been showered, the umbrellas given companies in Christmas have been used... Thanks for the rainy days. Hopefully not too much though.

I just don't understand the fact that after an extended summer vacation, authorities have not even bothered to look at the drainage systems and see if they are cleaned up and free from garbage. Well, we can't blame them... It's election time.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Surfing La Union

Truly exhilirating...

It felt so good to be standing on my board the first time.

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But not on this attempt...

Surf's Up brah!!!

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The Surfsters with the Real Surfer Dudes...

Mabuhay ang Los Gimikeros. :)

Monday, July 23, 2007


Ayos, C. Passing grade. Kailangan pang pag-ibayuhin ang paglalakbay.

My Lakbayan grade is C!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out atLakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Salamat kay panyero Mikko sa link.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

White Rabbit

I was saddened and awfully frightened by the fact that our favorite White Rabbit Creamy Candy has a formaldehyde component, a famous chemical to restore cadavers. I just bought the candies last month to replenish the candy supply in our jar... Whew. Good thing I did not buy it again.

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I remember White Rabbit Creamy Candy since time immemorial. When I was a child, my friends always get amazed by the candy's edible wrapper. A wrapper that is oftenly described as "having the ingredients of the host bread for masses." Well, looks like the manufacturers really needed to make wonders so that they could create a brilliant idea like an edible wrapper. Too bad the formaldehyde ingredient is a part of that wonder.

Some facts about formaldehyde:

What Is It?
Formaldehyde is a colorless, strong-smelling gas. It is widely used to manufacture building materials and numerous household products. Its most significant use in homes is as an adhesive resin in pressed wood products. There are two types of formaldehyde resins: urea formaldehyde (UF) and phenol formaldehyde (PF). Products made of urea formaldehyde can release formaldehyde gas; products made of phenol formaldehyde generally emit lower levels of the gas.

Where Is It Found?
Formaldehyde is an important industrial chemical used to make other chemicals, building materials, and household products. It is used in glues, wood products, preservatives, permanent press fabrics, paper product coatings, and certain insulation materials. Building products made with formaldehyde resins can “off-gas” (emit) formaldehyde gas. These products include particle board used as sub-flooring or shelving, fiberboard in cabinets and furniture, plywood wall panels, and foamed-in-place urea-formaldehyde insulation. Some sources that previously contained formaldehyde are either no longer used or have been reformulated to contain less formaldehyde. Incomplete combustion, cigarette smoking, and burning wood, kerosene, and natural gas also release formaldehyde.

What Are the Health Effects?
Formaldehyde is normally present at low levels, usually less than 0.06 ppm (parts per million), in both outdoor and indoor air. When present in the air at levels at or above 0.1 ppm, acute health effects can occur including watery eyes; burning sensations in the eyes, nose and throat; nausea; coughing; chest tightness; wheezing; skin rashes; and other irritating effects. Formaldehyde affects people in various ways. Some people are very sensitive to formaldehyde while others may have no noticeable reaction at the same level of exposure. Sensitive people can experience symptoms at levels below 0.1 ppm. The World Health Organization recommends that exposure should not exceed 0.05 ppm. Colds, flu, and allergies can cause symptoms similar to some of those produced by exposure to formaldehyde. Formaldehyde has caused cancer in laboratory animals and may cause cancer in humans; there is no known threshold level below which there is no threat of cancer. The risk depends upon amount and duration of exposure.

Taken from US National Safety Council (www.nsc.org).

I don't understand how imported food like this infiltrate the market without approval from the Bureau of Food and Drugs. From what I knew, in order to obtain license to distribute and sell food products, the Bureau should do a routine check on the food's "eatability" and quality. So does this mean that there are more foods like these selling in the market?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Usapang pulitika lang...

From Garci to Lintang Bedol... When will the cheating stop?!

Congratulations to the new batch of Star Circle, este, Senators on its Centennial opening on June 30:

1. Loren Legarda-Leviste (Welcome back! Whatnow with the PET?)
2. Francis Escudero (No smoking in Senate halls, please. :))
3. Panfilo Lacson (More Jose Pidal scandals?)
4. Noynoy Aquino (Lagot ka sa Nanay mo...)
5. Manny Villar (Sipag, tiyaga at Boy Abunda)
6. Francis Pangilinan (Lucky You...)
7. Edgardo Angara (Angara talaga ng Buhay...)
8. Joker Arroyo (Still the coolest at 80)
9. Alan Cayetano (Pepito could have been the better one...)
10. Gregorio Honasan (Rebel... recant... rebel... recant... ano ba talaga, Kuya?)
11. Antonio Trillanes IV (I, II, and II must be really proud. All you have to do is find a way to get out of the cells)

It's still a tough contest between Koko Pimentel and Migz Zubiri. And probably Bedol could be the key...

God bless the Philippines...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Finally, a decent Car stereo!!!

After months of listening to the "almost-static" sound of my busted car stereo, thank God for the far much cheaper remedy of having it repaired to our nearest audio repair shop. The shop's located near Frisco. Whew!

My journey to a decent car sound system was never an easy task. For the longest time, we thought the problem of my car's radio is the speaker system. Being the original speaker since we bought the car in 1991, my stereo's 25-watt stock car speakers are very much overdue for retirement. My dad and I finally decided to replace the speakers one Sunday morning. We initially traversed the suburbs of Banawe just to find a decent-priced speaker system. We were not contented with the price and the quality of the cheap speakers we found so we decided to look for it in the sounds capital of the Philippines, Raon. :)

We finally found a decent and cheap speaker system. We found a Konzert 150-watt speaker system for P550! Our elation was suddenly halted upon turning on the radio after we put the speakers ourselves. We heard the same quality of sound as if we were using the old speakers. So it turned out that the problem was not just the busted speakers, but also the stereo. Dismayed and tired, we headed back home that day...

The following week, a Saturday, we decided to have the radio fixed. So my Dad and I decided to drive around to look for a decent repair shop to get the stereo fixed. We saw a repair shop near Muñoz and stopped by to ask for a quotation. They said that it will cost around P600 to repair the radio. However, they will not guarantee that the problem will be fixed. For the utter lack of trust to the repairman, whose eyes were so yellow you'd think he's using mustard as eye drops, we looked for another repair shop. I was about to lose my patience and was beginning to think of buying a new car stereo. Until suddenly, my dad remember a shop near Frisco. We decided to take the stereo there to have it checked. And finally, that was our final pit stop. The owner quoted P550 as the price for labor and spare parts to be replaced. So we decided to take the risk.

Voilah! After 3 days of wait, we got the radio. We tested it and then... The same problem exists!!! We left it there again and again waited for another 3 days to get it fixed. My Father then retrieved the radio and found that it was already working properly. Half of it, that is! After several tests, he found out that the radio's right speaker was not working properly! Damn, another problem! We were thinking it was the wiring to the speakers this time...

He decided to take the radio to Banawe (right where we started) to have the wirings checked. The repairmen found out that it was still the radio's problem. It had a balance problem. So my dad brought the radio back to the repair shop in Frisco...

After a few more days, we got a call from the repair shop, telling us that the radio was already working properly. Dad texted me the good news, so I hurriedly retrieve the radio, straight from work.

Hallelujah! The angels must have possessed the radio!!! It was working perfectly! Whew! After all the hard work, my driving life is back to normal. Now I can once again listen to "Tambalang Balasubas at Balahura" to rev up my early morning driving! NOT!

Then I decided to purchase the MP3 FM modulator I was longing for in CD-R King. After that, driving in the metro has never been this beautiful. Thank God for my newly-operated radio...

Whew... That was a long one...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Election Blessings

We have seen news of vote-buying, school burning, murders, shaving and padding, and all other election-related controversies over the past week after the recently-concluded May 14, 2007 elections. Indeed, a lot of people were hurt, a lot of people committed various crimes. However, looking at the bright side of the elections, we also saw that there have been positive outcomes of the elections, amidst all the controversies.

Here are a few things we can be thankful for in the recent elections:

1. Manny Pacquiao took a beating from Darlene Antonino-Custodio in the Congressional race in South Cotabato. It was a win-win scenario for these two politicians and the public. For one, the Philippines did not lose a hero in Manny Pacquiao. Now he can concentrate on his boxing career and continue to inspire young boxers, help his kababayans financially and morally, and become the world champion. At the same time, the public will still be awed by the charms of the youthful-looking Congresswoman Darlene Custodio. It's good to see a few fresh faces in Congress.

2. Garci bids "goodbye" in his Congressional dreams. Thank God the people of Bukidnon did not vote for this guy. If he did win, our politics will again become the laughing stock of the entire world.

3. Our Actor senatoriables are miles away from the "Magic 12." I have absolutely nothing against actors running for public office. It's just that actors have an important place in this country already and they no longer need to enter into public office in order to prove anything. Just like Manny Pacquiao, they can already help make the country a better place not by running for Senators, but by engaging in socially relevant activities. Be a Tony Meloto. Enough said.

4. Pampanga chose one of the Lord's flock to be their next Governor. Thank God Fr. Ed Panlilio emerged as a competitive candidate in the Pampanga gubernatorial race or else, Cabalens are left with either an allegedly corrupt incumbent, or an alleged gambling lord's wife. Also, thank God for the people who volunteered to guard Fr. Ed's votes, and the lawyers who helped him for free. There are still good samaritans out there, and Fr. Ed's candidacy just exposed a lot of them. Let's just hope he could carry his newly-found cross until the end.

I hope the end results of the National Elections will turn out relatively positive...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tag-araw na naman...

Sarap ng summer... Kung puwede lang bumiyahe linggu-linggo, di ako mapipirmi sa bahay...

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Puerto Galera, April 2007

Pang-ilang beses ko nang nagpupunta dito pero sulit na sulit pa rin ako...

Biyahe na!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

KAPATIRAN Party Senatoriables

Our voters should put into serious consideration the candidacy of three members of the newly-formed KAPATIRAN Party. It wouldn't hurt if we consider voting for a new alternative. We all may be tired of politicking from the traditional politicians, and much more, we've already witnessed the disasters wrought by actors-turned premature politicians (I have nothing against artists turning to politics, but as mature citizens they should very much know their places.). Thus, we should try to look into these new breed of senatoriables (data taken from www.inquirer.net):

Dr. Martin (Dr. B) Bautista
Personal information:
Date of Birth: Sept. 22, 1962
Place of Birth: Quezon City
Civil Status: Married
Spouse: Sylvia Tan Bautista
No. of children: 4
Age: 44

Tertiary: State University of New York (SUNY), Brooklyn Internship; SUNY, Residency in Internal Medicine; SUNY, Fellowship in General Internal Medicine; SUNY, Fellowship in Gastroenterology; University of the Philippines College of Medicine; UP, BS Zoology
Secondary: Ateneo de Manila
Primary: Ateneo de Manila


Work experience
Staff Physician, Regional HealthCare Centers, Guymon, Oklahoma
Established the Specialty Clinics of St. Anne in Guymon, Oklahoma

Atty. Zosimo Jesus (Jess) Paredes II
Personal information:
Date of Birth: May 27, 1948
Place of Birth: Manila
Civil Status: Married
Spouse: Maria Olivia Errea Dela Merced Paredes
No. of children: 7
Age: 58

Tertiary: Philippine Military Academy, 1971; Baguio Colleges Foundation College of Law, 1981

Lawyer/government official

Work experience
Executive Director, Presidential Commission on the Visiting Forces Agreement, March 2004-January 2007
Legal Officer, Department of Foreign Affairs, 2003
Consultant, Department of National Defense & Department of Interior and Local Government
Assemblyman, Ifugao, Batasang Pambansa, 1984-1986
Undersecretary of the Office of Muslim Affairs and Cultural Communities, 1984-1986
Philippine Constabulary, 1971-1984

Atty. Adrian Sison
Personal information:
Date of Birth: March 2, 1956
Place of Birth: Manila
Civil Status: Married
Spouse: Margarita Dueñas Sison
No. of children: 2
Age: 51

Tertiary: University of the Philippines College of Law, 1983; Ateneo de Manila University, Interdisciplinary Studies, 1977;
Secondary: Ateneo de Manila
Primary: Ateneo de Manila

Lawyer, broadcaster

Work experience
Adrian Consulting Law Office, 2001 to present
Senior Associate, Misa Law Office, 1995-2001
Assistant vice president, ICC Telecommunications (now Bayantel), 1993-1995
Legal department manager, Associated Broadcasting Company, 1991-1993
Associate, Mario Ongkiko Law Office, 1990-1992
Legal Assistant, McManus Law Office (Australia), 1989
Chief of staff, Representative Tessie Aquino-Oreta, 1987-1988

We badly need new blood in the Senate. On the basis of educational and work background, I think these people are highly competitive and they deserve a slot at the Senate. We do not have much choice in this year's elections, anyway, so let us give these people a chance. Instead of a "Kamag-anak, Inc." Senate or a senate that looks more like a local channel sitcom, it is better to give your vote to people that would make the Senate look better to the rest of the world.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Kaya hindi nirerespeto ang batas trapiko...

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Hindi ko masisisi ang jeepney driver na ito kung hindi niya sinunod yung nakapaskil na karatulang nagsasabing bawal kumaliwa... O bawal nga ba?!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Elections 2007

It's election time once again...

Vote Wisely, people... Well, at the very least, VOTE, for the love of your country!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Patalastas Muna

Sa wakas, nadiskubre na rin ng aking kumpanya na puwede pala akong maging endorser ng produkto... Kaya sa inyong mga wala pang insurance ngunit walang pambili dahil sa tingin niyo ay mahal ito, Narito na ang solusyon sa inyong mga pangangailangan.

Narito na ang Aksitext.

Sa halagang sampung piso lang, insured ka na ng P10,000.

Mabibili sa inyong suking tindahan.

Interesado sa 'kin bilang endorser ng produkto niyo? Wag mag-atubiling magkomento dito...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Isang Paggunita... Bam Bam Bigelow, 45

Nabalitaan ko lang ito sa aking kaopisinang panatiko sa WWE. At nakuha ko itong artikulo sa website ng WWE:

Bam Bam Bigelow passes away
Written: January 20, 2007

WWE.com has learned that former WWE Superstar Scott "Bam Bam" Bigelow has passed away in Florida.

Kevin Doll, the Public Information Director for the Pasco County Sheriff's Office confirmed that Bigelow was found dead early Friday morning in his home in Hudson, Fla.

"We can confirm that Scott Bigelow was found in his home this morning. At this time the cause of death is unknown," Doll told WWE.com.

Doll also confirmed that the Pasco-Pinellas Counties medical examiner has taken the body and an autopsy will be performed.

Bigelow, 45, worked for WWE, ECW and WCW extensively throughout his 20-year sports-entertainment career. A former ECW Champion, ECW Television Champion and WCW Tag Team Champion, he is perhaps best known for his rivalry with Lawrence Taylor that culminated in the main event of WrestleMania XI in 1995.

Idolo ko dati tong si Bam Bam dahil bilib na bilib ako sa tattoo sa kanyang bunbunan. Sabi ko, parang napakasakit ng hiringgilyang sumusundot sa iyong balat, pano pa kaya kung sa ulo mo ito ipagagawa?! Astig talaga...

Nakasisindak... Samantalang sina Ric Flair at Hulk Hogan na mahigit 60 anyos na, nakikipagbalibagan pa rin sa mga bataang wrestler na sina Lashley, John Cena at Batista.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The 26th of January

I was browsing through the paper this morning and saw that today is a very special day for Australians because they are celebrating their national day. It made me more interested to browse through the events that occured today over the past centuries. Thanks to Wikipedia, I was provided a list of all the events that took place today:

Historical Events

1340 - King Edward III of England is declared King of France.
1500 - Vicente Yáñez Pinzón becomes the first European to discover Brazil.
1531 - Lisbon, Portugal hit by an earthquake--thousands die.
1564 - The Council of Trent issued its conclusions in the Tridentinum, establishing a distinction between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism.
1565 - Battle of Talikota, fought between the Vijayanagara Empire and the Islamic sultanates of the Deccan, leads to the subjugation, and eventual destruction of the last Hindu kingdom in India, and the consolidation of Islamic rule over much of the Indian subcontinent.
1589 - Job is elected as Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.
1699 - Treaty of Carlowitz signed.
1700 - The magnitude 9 Cascadia Earthquake took place off the west coast of the North America, as evidenced by Japanese records.
1736 - Stanislaus I of Poland abdicates his throne.
1785 - Benjamin Franklin writes a letter to his daughter expressing disappointment over the selection of the eagle as the symbol of the United States; he wanted the turkey.
1788 - The British First Fleet, led by Arthur Phillip, sails into Sydney Harbour to establish Sydney, the first permanent European settlement on the continent. Celebrated as Australia Day. 1802 - The U.S. Congress passes an act calling for a library to be established within the U.S. Capitol; eventually this becomes the Library of Congress.
1808 - Rum Rebellion, the only successful (albeit short-lived) armed takeover of the government in Australia.
1837 - Michigan is admitted as the 26th U.S. state.
1838 - Tennessee enacts the first prohibition law in the United States
1841 - The United Kingdom formally occupies Hong Kong, which China had ceded.
1861 - American Civil War: The state of Louisiana secedes from the Union.
1863 - American Civil War: General Ambrose Burnside is relieved of command of the Army of the Potomac after the disastrous Fredericksburg campaign. He is replaced by Joseph Hooker.
1863 - American Civil War: Massachusetts Governor receives permission from Secretary of War to raise a militia organization for men of African descent.
1870 - American Civil War: Virginia rejoins the Union.
1885 - Troops loyal to the Mahdi conquer Khartoum.
1887 - Battle of Dogali: Abyssinian troops defeat Italians.
1905 - The Cullinan Diamond is found near Pretoria, South Africa at the Premier Mine.
1907 - The Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Mk III is officially introduced into British Military Service, and remains the oldest military rifle still in official use.
1911 - Glenn H. Curtiss flies the first successful seaplane.
1911 - Richard Strauss' opera Der Rosenkavalier receives its debut performance at the Dresden State Opera.
1920 - Former Ford Motor Co. executive Henry Leland launches The Lincoln Motor Co., which he'd later sell to his former employer.
1930 - The Indian National Congress declares 26 January as Independence Day or as the day for Poorna Swaraj (Complete Independence)
1934 - The Apollo Theater opens in Harlem, New York City.
1939 - Spanish Civil War: Troops loyal to fascist General Francisco Franco and aided by Italy take Barcelona.
1942 - World War II: The first American forces arrive in Europe landing in Northern Ireland.
1946 - Félix Gouin becomes Prime Minister of France.
1950 - India promulgates its constitution forming a republic and Rajendra Prasad is sworn in as its first president.
1961 - John F. Kennedy appoints Janet G. Travell to be his physician. This is the first time a woman holds this appointment.
1962 - Ranger program: Ranger 3 is launched to study the moon. The space probe later missed the moon by 22,000 miles (35,400 km).
1965 - Hindi becomes the official language of India.
1966 - The Beaumont Children go missing from Glenelg Beach near Adelaide, South Australia.
1980 - Israel and Egypt establish diplomatic relations.
1983 - Lotus 1-2-3 is released.
1986 - The Chicago Bears win Super Bowl XX.
1986 - Halley's Comet is visible in the night sky as it passes in its 76-year orbit around the sun.
1988 - The musical The Phantom of the Opera opens for the first time on broadway.
1991 - Mohamed Siad Barre is removed in Somalia, ending centralized government
1992 - Boris Yeltsin announces that Russia is going to stop targeting United States cities with nuclear weapons.
1992 - The Washington Redskins defeat the Buffalo Bills 37-24 in Super Bowl XXVI.
1993 - Václav Havel elected President of the Czech Republic.
1997 - The Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XXXI
1998 - Lewinsky scandal: On American television, U.S. President Bill Clinton denies having had "sexual relations" with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.
2001 - A 50-year-old Douglas DC-3 crashes near Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela killing 24.
2001 - An earthquake hits Gujarat, India, causing more than 20,000 deaths.
2004 - President Hamid Karzai signed the new constitution of Afghanistan.
2005 - Glendale train crash: Two trains derail killing 11 and injuring 200 in Glendale, California, near Los Angeles.
2005 - Having been confirmed earlier in the day by a vote of 85-13 in the United States Senate, Condoleezza Rice is sworn in as U.S. Secretary of State, becoming the first African American woman to hold the post.
2005 - A helicopter crash in eastern Iraq kills 31 United States soldiers.
2006 - A large fire breaks out on Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.
2006 - Western Union discontinues use of its telegram service.

1497 - Emperor Go-Nara of Japan (d. 1557)
1541 - Florent Chrestien, French writer (d. 1596)
1714 - Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, French sculptor (d. 1785)
1716 - George Germain, 1st Viscount Sackville, British soldier and politician (d. 1785)
1722 - Alexander Carlyle, Scottish church leader (d. 1805)
1763 - Charles XIV John of Sweden, Napoleonic general (d. 1844)
1781 - Achim von Arnim, German poet (d. 1831)
1813 - Juan Pablo Duarte, Dominican founding father (d. 1876)
1826 - Julia Dent Grant, First Lady of the United States (d. 1902)
1842 - François Coppée, French poet and novelist (d. 1908)
1852 - Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza (Pietro Paolo Savorgnan di Brazzà), explorer (d. 1905)
1857 - the 12th Dalai Lama (d. 1875)
1868 - Juventino Rosas, Mexican composer (d. 1894)
1880 - Douglas MacArthur, American general and Medal of Honor recipient (d. 1964)
1887 - François Faber, Luxembourgish cyclist (d. 1915)
1891 - Frank Costello, Italian-born gangster (d. 1973)
1891 - Wilder Penfield, American-born Canadian neurosurgeon (d. 1976)
1892 - Zara Cully, American actress (d. 1978)
1900 - Karl Ristenpart, German conductor (d. 1967)
1901 - Stuart Symington, American politician (d. 1988)
1902 - Menno ter Braak, Dutch author and polemicist (d. 1940)
1904 - Ancel Keys, American scientist (d. 2004)
1904 - Seán MacBride, Irish statesman, Nobel Prize Laureate (d. 1988)
1905 - Charles Lane, American actor
1905 - Maria von Trapp, Austrian-born singer (d. 1987)
1908 - Stéphane Grappelli, French jazz violinist (d. 1997)
1908 - Jill Esmond, English actess (d. 1990)
1911 - Polykarp Kusch, German-born physicist, Nobel Prize Laureate (d. 1993)
1913 - James Van Heusen, American songwriter (d. 1990)
1914 - Princess Hadice Hayriye Ayshe Dürrühsehvar (d. 2006)
1915 - William Hopper, American actor (d. 1970)
1918 - Nicolae Ceauşescu, Romanian dictator (d. 1989)
1918 - Philip José Farmer, American writer
1921 - Akio Morita, Japanese businessman (d. 1999)
1921 - Eddie Barclay, French producer (Barclay Records) (d. 2005)
1922 - Michael Bentine, British comedian (d. 1996)
1923 - Anne Jeffreys, American actress
1924 - Rauf Denktash, Cypriot politician
1924 - Annette Strauss, philanthropist and Mayor of Dallas, Texas (d. 1998)
1924 - Alice Babs, Swedish singer
1925 - Joan Leslie, American actress
1925 - Paul Newman, American actor
1925 - Claude Ryan, Quebec newspaper director (Le Devoir) and politician, leader of the Parti libéral du Québec (d. 2004)
1926 - Farman Fatehpuri, Pakistani scholar, writer and linguist
1927 - José Azcona del Hoyo, President of Honduras (d. 2005)
1927 - Bob Nieman, baseball player (d. 1985)
1928 - Roger Vadim, French film director and actor (d. 2000)
1928 - George H. Ross, American attorney and TV reality show star (The Apprentice)
1929 - Jules Feiffer, American cartoonist and writer
1929 - Gordon Solie, American wrestling commentator
1931 - Mary Murphy, American film actress
1932 - Clement Seymour "Sir Coxsone" Dodd, Jamaican record producer
1933 - Ercole Baldini, Italian cyclist
1934 - Roger Landry, Quebec businessman and newspaper publisher (La Presse)
1935 - Bob Uecker, baseball player, broadcaster, and actor
1937 - Joseph Saidu Momoh, Sierra Leone political leader (d. 2003)
1941 - Scott Glenn, American actor
1941 - Henry Jaglom, English director
1943 - César Gutiérrez, Venezuelan Major League Baseball player (d. 2005)
1943 - Jean Knight, American singer
1944 - Angela Davis, American feminist and activist
1945 - Jacqueline du Pré, English cellist (d. 1987)
1946 - Gene Siskel, American film critic (d. 1999)
1947 - Michel Sardou, French singer
1947 - Patrick Dewaere, French actor (d. 1982)
1949 - Jonathan Carroll, American author
1949 - David Strathairn, American actor
1950 - Janet Lupo, American model
1953 - Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Prime Minister of Denmark
1953 - Lucinda Williams, American singer
1955 - Eddie Van Halen, Dutch-born musician
1958 - Anita Baker, American singer
1958 - Ellen DeGeneres, American actress, comedian, and talk show host
1958 - Salvador Sánchez, Mexican boxer
1961 - Wayne Gretzky, Canadian hockey player, coach, and team owner
1962 - Oscar Ruggeri, Argentine footballer
1963 - José Mourinho, Portuguese football manager
1963 - Andrew Ridgeley, English musician
1964 - Paul Johansson, American actor
1965 - Natalia Yurchenko, Soviet gymnast
1968 - Ravi Teja, Tollywood film actor
1970 - Kirk Franklin, American singer
1971 - Dorian Gregory, American actor
1971 - Bryan Callen, American actor
1976 - Frankie Rayder, American model
1976 - Maggie Lawson, Australian musician
1977 - Vince Carter, American basketball player
1977 - Justin Gimelstob, American tennis player
1978 - Corina Morariu, American tennis player
1978 - Kelly Stables, American actress
1979 - Sara Rue, American actress
1986 - Matt Heafy, Japenese-born musician (Trivium)
1986 - Shantelle Taylor, Canadian professional wrestler
1989 - Emily Hughes, American figure skater
1989 - Jin Yu Zhou, Chinese flutist
1989 - Kaitlan W., American student
1993 - Cameron Bright, Canadian actor
1995 - Kyle Chavarria, American actress

Holidays and observances
Australia - Australia Day.
Roman Empire - third day of the Sementivae in honor of Ceres and Terra.
Feast day of the following saints in the Roman Catholic Church:
Timothy and Titus
Saint Paula
Saint Alberic
Saint Margaret of Hungary
India - Republic Day - One of only three state holidays in India, celebrated with pomp and a military parade in New Delhi.
Uganda - Liberation Day.
International Customs Day.
January 26 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

For me the most important event that transpired during this day was none of these highlighted events in Wiki. Not many people may remember it, but this may be one of the very few occasions I will always rememberP: The birth of the person who made the greatest impact in my life; the one person who shares my joys, pains, successes and hardships; my bestfriend, my motivator, my guide, my inspiration, my source of strength, my joy. My Lady. I thank God for bringing her to this world 25 years ago today.

Wikipedia or the whole world may not take note of this, but for me this is the most noteworthy January 26 event.

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Happy Happy Birthday, Babe! Welcome to Quarter Life... :)

Loving you is just the best feeling in the world...

Monday, January 22, 2007

The true Philippine Idol

The search is on!

'Tis the season once again for the much-awaited talent show in the Philippines! The National Elections Idol! Incidentally, it has been seen airing alongside the original talent reality show in America, American Idol! The only diference is that our very own National Elections Idol is hitting the late night news and taking the country by storm. This time, the Philippines is looking for the "best" and the "brightest" people that will take the juiciest national and local positions of the land. Who will make it to the final 12? Who will be the ultimate local elections survivor?

Gonnabes, or wannabes?!
This is the latest teaser of the American Idol's new season. Likewise, the National Elections Idol has its own shares of wannabes and gonnabes. As the Commission on Elections opened up the registration period for senatoriables, several John Does have come out in the offing to prove their worth. It kicked off with the submission of our very own "suki," the person who has been running for Senator since Imelda bought her first pair of shoes, no other than Atty. Oliver Lozano! After that, a bunch of other dudes, from self-proclaimed ex-rockstars to attorneys, doctors, cobradores, jai-alai players, jockeys, whatever!!! It pays to be a free nation, you know.

And of course, just like the American Idol, there are the bigtimers. The gonnabes. The people who COULD be the next national elections idol! These come from the ranks of the Legal, sometimes medical, up to as far as the entertainment and sports industries. As for these people, a lot of gossips and rumors have been circulating on who would try it out this season. And from the news of potential rosters, it does not sound very encouraging.

Go out and vote your next Idol!
Just like the American Idol, we're again approaching the season for popularity contests. At least, in the American Idol, the person voted at the top is the person most fit for the title... I just hope (yes, I feel there is still hope left) that the next national elections idol will not be as controversial and DISMAL as last season's results.

Vote wisely, people of the Philippines. For the love of God and country...

P.S. - For starters, PLEASE VOTE!!! Non-voters have no right to criticize... You ask yourselves why...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First Weddings

I have already witnessed two weddings from my Development Studies block. The first of which was last November 11, 2006 , when our dear college barkada Cyrile tied the knot with Stefan Hamilton. This year, JJ was married to Val Hemedes on January 12. Both weddings were set in lovely Tagaytay City. It's just amazing how swift life is. At one moment you were squiggling at the back row waiting for the end of a boring 1 1/2-hour class. The next thing you know, you're hosting a friend's wedding! Or attending a reception at Antonio's! Sigh...

It's a bittersweet feeling to see them take the big plunge into the abyss called Marriage. At one point, I am also sad to know the fact that after the ceremonies, I will seldom see them again because they will definitey be busy building families of their own. And this is also a sign that we are getting older...

But of course, I am extremely happy that they both have found their fairy tale prince charming, their knight in shining armor, their King. I just pray that they will both last forever, fulfilling their promises before God during their ceremonies.

And I am truly grateful and honored to have been invited to witness both truly memorable milestones in both Cyrile and JJ's lives. Thanks, Cy and Stefan, and JJ and Val!

Congratulations to all of you and good luck!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy 35!

We're just a month away from celebrating our third year together! And it just keeps getting better.

I may sound a bit mushy here, but let me say that the past 35 months have been the most exciting, fun-filled, fulfilling, productive, inspiring and joyful...

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Happy 35 months, my Lady.


Thursday, January 11, 2007


My congratulations to the Lady for passing the Foreign Service Exams which she took last year. As of this writing, she is on her 5th day as a Foreign Service Officer. She took her oath of office on January 5, 2007.

For more information, read article here.

Congratulations, Bubbles! I'm so proud of you...

Monday, January 08, 2007

For Tiyo Maeng

Let me dedicate this entry to a dear Uncle (but doesn't look like it), old pal, and sparring partner everytime I go to my Lola's place in Navotas, Kuya Mike (now, I call him Tiyo Maeng).

Around 24 years ago, when I could barely walk, Tiyo Maeng used to be a meantime baby-sitter. And look how times have changed...

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Mighty Mike and his Kid Nephew

Kudos to his innate creativity, and artistic brilliance. Never stop dreaming!!


Friday, January 05, 2007

Arabian Christmas

It was a fun Christmas party despite not having won a single centavo during the raffle... Special thanks to Ms. Regine Tolentino for bringing more life to the party through her dancing and hosting expertise.

Theme of the party was "Arabian Nights." Thanks to Dabi (a friendly Maranao seller) and her merchandise, namely, the Sahal (The red checkered sheet) and Makuta (the black rings on the head), I was able to aptly gear up for the Philam Arabian Ball.

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Not the Prince of Saudi...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The Princes of Persia with Darth Sidius

Wasn't able to upload the gypsies and the belly dancers... Maybe next time. :)

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Again, thanks to my newly-found friend, my Kodak C310 (Thanks again, Babe!), I was able to take a shot at the sighting of one of the most important persons in my basketball career, Kuya Tong (Real name: Carlito Fiel. I just needed to write this down. hehehe). Sometime around 3 years ago, he migrated to Middle Earth, New Zealand. And last year, that is 2006, he went back to his hometown to celebrate, as he has mentioned over and over, the unique Filipino way of welcoming the New Year. He must have missed the Five Star, Trompillo, Fountain and Judas' Belt, only to find out that in his short New Zealand stay, the firecracker industry has evolved and produced new products such as Piccolo, Dragon Fireworks, and the famous (of infamous?!) BOGA... Nonetheless, we (our neighbors and I) had a great New Year's Eve time reminiscing the good ol' days when we practice the Sainatsi (So 'yo na tsinelas ko!) during basketball games at nearby courts from as early as 4pm till lights out (that is, 10pm).

Kuya Tong, welcome back. :) And bon voyage again for he shall be leaving on January 16th.

Basketball coach and mentor


Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Special thanks to my lady's gift, I was able to fully document the holidays. And I couldnt stop clicking! :)

Just for startes, let me post our very first "digital" family pictures, taken during the Christmas holidays.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Christmas Eve 2006

To my lady, thanks for the wonderful gift. You are God's greatest Christmas gift to me...

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

In a few days from now, I'll be 25... Darn...