About this blog

On the most ordinary day of 2004, a massive convolution of creative juices, ideas and willingness to share my thoughts and experiences prompted me to begin combining a few words, pictures and videos to make a personal page.

Some blogs specialize on travel, some of food, most on photography. Well for me, I couldn't think of a specific specialty so I decided to simply hit on every event, issue, place, food, photo, that I could see. I decided to simply write some random hits of mundane life.

The slingshot is a powerful long distance weapon which serves a flurry of purposes: defense, offense, prank, or for anything that needs hitting. Like the slingshot, I hope that the words, photos and videos I use to shoot random critical and mundane issues will provide valuable, useful, maybe funny hit.

There may be time that I will use personal observations, comments, and opinions. These personal opinions borne solely by me and are not based on any connection I have with any office, organization or interest group.

In case I don't get to update the site, just read on to other topics you may not have read before. I'll try to update as often as possible.