Thursday, August 25, 2005

Paul's Candon Treat

Finally, I had the photos of our Candon and Vigan getaway developed... After more than year!!! This was probably the most successful barkada gimik we've had since high school. Our trip to Candon City was around May 2004. Could'nt remember the exact date.

We departed Manila around 1:30am Saturday. We made a stopover at my Lady's home town in Agoo, La Union, where her Mom served the best-tasting coffee and the most delicious pan de sal with mantekilya (my friends couldn't agree more). We arrived Candon City at around 7:30, I think (couldn't really remember). Our rides were courtesy of Mike, Bhonny, and Master Paul. We went back to Manila at around 4:00 pm Sunday. Even though we had very limited hours, I can say that every minute of that vacation was worth it. Sulit na Sulit...

May I take this opportunity to thank a few people. To Master Paul, our host and manager for this event, a million thanks for making this happen. To his Uncle, the Vice Mayor of Candon City, thank you very much for the warm welcome and the great food... I just love the bagnit... And the hypertension thereafter... hehehe...

Boomie, Joy, Bubbles, Me
Predeparture, My Place...

Steph, Joy, Eli, Boomie and Kit
Upon arrival at the resort in Candon City

Eli, OC, Paul Kit, Karla
The Host's Home...

Eli, Paul, Boomie, Me, Bhonny, OC
The Full Monty

Mike, OC, Me, Kit, Paul, Eli, Titan, Boomie, Larry
The Hunks, Masculados, and Barakos Convention

Dude, Where's My Car?
Fooling Around in Vigan

Microscope, please?
You always need a shot at this place...

Shopping and Strolling
Vigan Vagrants

The Gang, still...
Hindi rin kami camera-shy...

The Gang with the Vice Mayor and Family
Not your usual class picture...

Need I say more?



Trivia: I will make this a trivia about our trip... Upon going home Sunday, we stopped over to have dinner at Hacienda Luisita. We decided to stop by Max's to have a fried chicken dinner. However, to our surprise, Max's ran out of Chicken! So much for a House that Fried Chicken Built! Then, Alanis' song "Ironic" just played in my head...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Rookies and Cream...

They were the Basketball Creams-of-the-Crop during their college days. Now, they face a tougher challenge of reviving the professional league, Philippine Basketball Association. Last Sunday, 18 rookies were drafted from the pool of PBA aspirants. After playing their monstrous games for play-for-school leagues, let's see how they fare in the play-for-pay atmosphere.

Below is the result of the 2005 PBA Draft:

First Round:

1 – Anthony Washington, Air 21

2 – Alex Cabagnot, Sta. Lucia Realtors

3 – Dennis Miranda, Coca-Cola Tigers

4 – Jondan Salvador, Purefoods TJ Hotdogs

5 – Mac-Mac Cardona, Air 21

6 – Niño Cañaleta, Air 21

7 – Mike Holper, Ginebra San Miguel

8 – Paolo Hubalde, San Miguel Beermen

9 – Leo Najorda, Red Bull Barakos

10 – Cesar Catli, Sta. Lucia Realtors

Second Round:

11 – Neil Raneses, Coca-Cola Tigers

12 – Al Magpayo, Coca-Cola Tigers

13 – BJ Manalo, Purefoods TJ Hotdogs

14 – Larry Fonacier, Red Bull Barakos

15 – Mark Joseph Kong, Alaska Aces

16 – Rey Mendoza, Sta. Lucia Realty

17 – Paolo Bugia, Red Bull Barakos

18 – Mark Macapagal, Talk N’ text Phone Pals

---Nothing Follows---

Now for a basketball fan like me, the next thing you have to watch out for is the contract signing... As of this time, I think only Alex Cabagnot and Anthony Washington have already had their contracts signed, both with 150,000-buck salary, the maximum salary for a PBA rookie.


Monday, August 15, 2005

Colossal Connection...

In their early years, this duo was obviously the best tandem the NBA has ever created. Their jelling was so perfect, they managed to provide the Chicago Bulls six NBA Championships. Of course they wouldn't have done it without the support of their equally-competitive teammates. But this two, they were the most phenomenal of them all. What I am referring to is no other than His Airness, Michael Jordan and his partner, Scottie Pippen.

They were the epitome of a basketbal dynamic duo. Admittedly, Michael Jordan was the best player in basketball history, but he couldn't have done it without the support of this silent assassin, Scottie Pippen. It was true when Scottie, in his retirement speech, mentioned that Michael Jordan couldn't have been the best player if not for the best "role player."

I just wanted to post this photo I got from Sports Illustrated showing these two fine players, however, going against each other in a game at Washington. Fans and basketball enthusiasts might get disoriented by this photo... Well, at least from this photo we are reminded that nothing in this world is permanent. hehehe...

Now that these fine ballers are retired, all we can do is look back on how these two changed the game of basketball from mere fundamentals to funfare and excitement. For me, not a single tandem succeeded these two. None yet, at least.

Special thanks to Sports Illustrated

For me, the best team ever assembled next to the Dream Team is the Chicago Bulls 1996-1998...


I would like to thank My Lady for sharing the most wonderful one and a half years of my existence. Here's to many more... Happy 18th...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I was tagged...

Thanks to Dow, I never had to think of a new blog topic... Okay, here goes.

1. What are the things you enjoy, even when no one around you wants to go out and play?

Actually, being an only child for 12 years, I have learned to love doing things on my own. But also, thanks to my brother Jazer, and my Lady, I also realized that it is more fun doing things with someone... But here are some things I love doing even when I am alone:

  • Shoot some hoops. I simply love the game of basketball. Even when there is no one else to play with, I just practice dribbling and shooting in our village court when there is leisure time.
  • Travel. I sometimes love exploring new places alone. I remember there was one time when I discovered a place where I can get the cheapest cd players in Quiapo just by walking in the place alone.
  • Watch a movie. When my lady is not available and my brother is too young to accompany me, I just watch the movie alone. It's only difficult when I'm watching a comedy. Laughing all by yourself kind of makes me look like someone who lost his nuts.
  • Play computer games. Until now, I still find enjoyment in playing games of my dear old Playstation.
  • Work out. I'm not much of a gym buff, though. But when I have free time, or while waiting for my lady in her Spanish class, I sweat it out in our little gym.
  • Eat. This explains my 200-pound weight... Darn.
  • See the sights. I remember the time when me and my officemates went to Baguio for a teambuilding. I got so bored I left my lazy and sleepy teammates behind and hitched with my aunt to enjoy the sights in Baguio.

2. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?(in no particular order)

  • Quality time with My Lady. I think this is the best stress reliever...
  • Watching a basketball game (esp. an Ateneo Blue Eagles or UP Maroons game)
  • Playing basketball
  • A nice, light movie
  • A Work-out
  • A bottle of cold beer
  • Chocolates
  • The beach. Enough said.
I need to pass on this gift. Ergo, I am tagging Mike, Ivy, and Dindin. Enjoy!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Season 68 at the half: Blue Eagles 5-2

Photo by Ditoy Aguila for

The blue Eagles finished the first round with a 5-2 win-loss record after starting off with two losses in the first three games. I think they’ve found their chemistry and rhythm, as seen in the most recent game against the Adamson soaring Falcons.

They started that game with a commanding 12-0 lead early in the first quarter, and finished off with a 91-75 victory. All players were used during that game, including the 6’7 lanky rookie Radeh Al-Hussaini. Everyone contributed to the team’s success that day.

On thing I think they should look into is their third and fourth option. In the Adamson-Ateneo game last Sunday, the blue Eagles were scoreless for about three minutes because their three best scorers, JC Intal, LA Tenorio, and Doug Kramer were all in the bench. I think they should look for a go-to-guy whom they can depend on in dire times. Magnum Membrere or Mack Escalona are good candidates for the position. Jai Reyes, though still a rookie, also has the potential. Whoever he is, I think Coach Norman should give him enough confidence and playing time.

I hope everything turns out well for the Blue Eagles in the second round. They still have to beat the Tamaraws and the Archers in their rematch in the second to stress their final four certainty.

Until then, Fabilioh!!!

Trivia, trivia

Did you know: Rookie Blue Eagle Radeh Al-Hussaini is a half-brother of former Green Archer and now Shell Turbo-Charger forward Carlo Sharma. Now that the Turbo Chargers are in Leave of Absence, I don't know what is Carlo's next career move.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ateneo Blue Eagles: 3-2

Photo by Ditoy Aguila for

I think a lot of improvement has been made for the Blue Eagles. For one, they have already found their rhythm in the game. They discovered their main men, JC Intal and LA Tenorio. Doug Kramer has improved his perimeter shooting. Macky Escalona has better control of the ball now. Japeth Aguilar, Zion Laterre and Jai Reyes have found their confidence. With these developments, I can say that Norman Black has already got it going.

And this was visible in the recent Ateneo-UP game last Saturday, 30 July 2005. Though I am also a Maroon (that is why I always say that a part of me lost in that game, too), I favored Ateneo’s excellent game that day. Everything went out perfect (except of course for minor “rookie” turnovers in the fourth quarter). Well, they were also a bit lucky that the Maroons weren’t able to shoot their free throws well and their rookie protégé Axel Doruelo is in a slump that day. Nonetheless, we have seen the slight maturity of the Ateneo team as the UAAP Season 68 reaches its mid-point.

Now let us see what happens in the next game versus the second best team thus far, the University of the East Red Warriors. Halikinu!