Sunday, November 30, 2014

First snow of the season

We got our first snow of 2014 and it was a quick and relatively warm one. No accumulations, delays, or any snow-related issues on the roads. The best is yet to come...

First of the Season
365-day challenge, Day 80
26 November 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

Autumn at West End

This is the view when you look west from our office window. I just wanted to capture the beautiful blend of the historic architecture of the bricked apartment buildings framed by the different colored trees, from blooming green to dried brown.

Autumn at West End
365-day challenge, Day 79
25 November 2014

Hall of Presidents

Hall of Presidents
365-day challenge, Day 78
24 November 2014

Juan and Ben

Little boy occasionally checks out our "library" to look at pictures of hardbound book covers. Sometimes I would be amazed to see him browse through pages as if he was actually interested in reading the book. One of his favorites is Benjamin Franklin, biography written by Walter Isaacson. 

And just by stroke of concidence, Juancho and Ben share the same birthday, 306 years apart. :)

Past and Future
365-day challenge, Day 77
23 November 2014

Thursday, November 27, 2014

For the love of boxing... and food!

We hosted a fight night party to watch Manny Pacquiao slug it out with the young New Yorker Chris Algieri. What better way to celebrate a fight night than a feast of food and drinks. This time, we decided to give the menu a hint of "traditional" Filipino...

Special thanks to a nearby Filipino store, we were able to snatch a couple of bags of the street favorite Filipino fish ball, locally made by some Filipino folks in New Jersey. I then cooked the traditional sweet sauce from scratch. Just like that, all of us felt a taste of home... :)

And to top the night off, Pacquiao gets to retain his welterweight belt by overpowering Chris Algieri. Mabuhay ka Manny!

365-day challenge, Day 76
22 November 2014

The Fishball Gang

Monday, November 24, 2014

Boys' Night Out

Occasional dinners out with this little fellow is pure bliss. This boy's an early sleeper and for him to be up and out past 9pm without tantrums is just a blessing. But then maybe he's just beginning to grow up.

Don't grow up too fast buddy. :)

Boys' Night Out
365-day challenge, Day 75
21 November 2014


Just passed by Dupont Circle and Decided to take a shot at... Well, Dupont Circle...

Surprising to see the fountain to still be running despite freezing temperatures this week.

365-day Challenge, Day 74
20 November 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Pentagon Row is one of the first places in the DC Metro area to decorate for the Holidays. Thanks to this coupled with the instant cold temperature spell, it really does begin to look and feel a lot like Christmas. I have to begin putting them Christmas songs in my playlist.

Three Stars
365-day challenge, Day 73
19 November 2014

Christmas brings a lot of fond memories. Along with those memories come the ambient music of old time favorite tunes. With that, let me list down my top ten favorite Christmas tunes (in no particular order):

1. Someday at Christmas - Jackson 5 (MJ fan for life)
2. We Wish You a Merry Christmas Medley - Gunter Kallmann Choir (This very much reminds me of the old COD Department store in Cubao and its Christmas Show)
3. Sleigh Ride - Johnny Mathis (Dad and Mom loveeeeee playing this album)
4. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Andy Williams (It's just such a happy Holiday tune)
5. Mary's Boy Child - Bonnie M. (Who does not get drawn with this song's bridge: "Oh my lord, you sent your son to save us, oh my Lord...")
6. I'll be Home for Christmas - Frank Sinatra (Well, it's the OFW song of the century...)
7. Pasko na Naman Medley - Various OPM Artists (You won't miss this in Pinoy Christmas parties... Celeste Legaspi, Apo Hiking Society and Leo Valdez are few of the collaborators to this classic Christmas album)
8. Kumukuti-kutitap - Ryan Cayabyab (Infectious hit from no other than the Maestro himself)
9. Heto Na Naman - Ryan Cayabyab (Exchange gift na diary, chocolate at sabon... :)
10. It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - Alvin and the Chipmunks (This is my childhood favorite Christmas album).

Let me know your favorite tune! List it down in the comments section below! :)

Cold cold night

The cold days are here again... 

Cold Cold Night
365-day challenge, Day 72
18 November 2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ready to bloom

Our Nanay is a very persistent pocket gardener. Despite the non-conducive 4-season year in the District, she still manages to get her plants growing and blooming. Some people are gifted with the green thumb and she is definitely one of them.

One of the plants she's so determined to cultivate are the dollar-worth poinsettias we bought from last year's Black Friday event in Home Depot.

After the holidays last year, those flowers nearly died due to harsh weather and sub-zero temperatures brought by the polar vortex. She managed to help them survive the winter, though the red petals wilted, and were replaced by green leaves. She read about how to make those bloom red and ready for the holidays. And as expected from a certified green thumb, she did make it happen.

Ready to bloom
365-day challenge, Day 71
17 November 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sunday best

Enjoy the veranda while it's not yet too cold, little one. :)

Sunday best
365-day challenge, Day 70
16 November 2014

Bongo Brothers

It's great to be surrounded by kids playing, running and dancing around. Makes you feel a lot younger.

And also it's good that Juancho has a buddy he can get along with. At a very young age, I think they are a good tandem. They seem to compliment each other.

Let's do this again next time, Matt! :)

Bongo Brothers
365-day challenge, Day 69
15 November 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Just learned how to make cool borders in Lightroom. Tried it out for today's POTD. :)

Happy Friday!

Friday at 2121
365-day Challenge, Day 68
14 November 2014

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Back to work...

Workshop runs for a week so it continues. No other picture taken this day but workshop photos. I was designated (self-volunteered) photographer for the event... :)

365-day challenge, Day 67
13 November 2014

Happy Hour

Hump day always calls for some good casual conversation with friends and colleagues, coupled with some drinks and delicious finger food. This time we were lucky to have our colleagues from the field offices to join us for a happy hour (3 hours). 

Happy hour was held at Cities, between 19th and I Streets. 

Happy Hour
365-day challenge, Day 66
12 November 2014

Friday, November 14, 2014

Concert for Valor

Despite several warnings a packed National Mall, we still decided to attend the star-studded Concert for Valor. And I think we made the right choice. All performers were able to satisfy the flurry of people from different musical preferences, and for me the biggest of which was Metallica's 4-song ensemble. It was truly a night to remember.

Photo was taken immediately after the show was over. Final acts were Rihanna, followed by Eminem. Yes, the stage was so far to be seen, but thank God for the nearby jumbotron.

Concert for Valor
365-day challenge, Day 65
11 November 2014

Training Day

Today marks the first day of a 5-day workshop in our unit. :)

Pictures shows our boss doing the introductions.

Training Day
365-day challenge, Day 64
10 November 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014

Ok ka ba t'yan?!

Yakult has finally arrived in the DC Metro area! Hurray!

OK ka ba t'yan?!
365-day challenge, Day 63
9 November 2014

The Road (more on autumn)

We went on our regular grocery shopping over the weekend, but this time, we tried the Annandale branch. The trees surrounding the vicinity is just lovely. Thus, my POTD. :)

The Road
365-day Challenge, Day 62
8 November 2014


Again, the little child in me has prevailed... These cute little Simpsons have invaded my workstation. :)

365-day challenge, Day 61
7 November 2014

Beautiful Mess

The tree in front of the Philippine Embassy that has been displaying a beautiful blazing orange leaves has finally shed its last batch of leaves... Until next year, dear tree. :)

Beautiful Mess
365-day challenge, Day 60
6 November 2014

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Busker and friend

I always pass by this jolly musician-ventriloquist during my afternoon walks. Today he may have decided to wake up a bit earlier and get started with his street performance. On my way to work this morning I passed him by, and this time, I decided to go back and take his photo.

I have quite a collection of photos of street performers. I sort of admire their courage to take on a very tough stage, that is the street, where the audience is not expected to listen, nor appreciate your music. I have seen quite a few good buskers, and I have been blown away with some that really have the talent. In his case, from the looks of his open guitar coffin I could see that he has already captured quite a number of pedestrians.

So right there, I did the deed. I dropped a dollar, then afterwards asked if he doesn't mind me taking his photo. He instantly obliged and quipped with a smile, "No worries kid. Nobody will care anyway." Or something to that effect. I then smiled back, took around three photos, thanked him (and he thanked me back for the dollar), then I left.

I think this was also my first attempt at street photography where I actually asked for permission.

Hope he and his friend (the puppet) had a good audience.

Busker and Friend
365-day challenge, Day 59
5 November 2014

First day of night

It was my first working day of "Fall Back" and I realized I was no longer used to going home with dark skies... Thus, I decided to make this my POTD.

After I shot this, some guy from behind me asked "What are you shooting man?" I said "The moon."
Then he said, "That's not how you shoot the moon man." Then the following five minutes was a free tour of his bag of goodies that is a Canon 60D and some high-end lenses (24-70mm, 150-400mm, primes), plus a free lesson on shooting the moon.

It was a short but sweet conversation with a fellow street photographer. But then afterwards I realized that the conversation was actually about his new camera, pricey lenses and great B&W photos. :)

First day of night
365-day challenge, Day 58
4 November 2014


Days off give me the opportunity to explore a few parks close to where we live. On the way home from DC, I decided to drive by Old Town Alexandria, VA. Instead of taking the usual route in King Street, I decided to take the sides streets. Then I passed by Oronoco Bay Park by Madison Street. It's by the Mt. Vernon trail, where, beside the running trail, runs an old train track.

It's a great park for walking pets, children, or simply for those looking for a relaxing view of the Potomac River. 

I took a photo of the train tracks. I waited for a train to pass by but then after 3 hours of waiting (jk), I figured this is no longer operational. :) 

365-day challenge, Day 57
3 November 2014

"Backyard" View

This view and a warm cup of coffee, with easy Sunday background music made our November 2nd morning extra special. 

POTD brought to you by: Our "backyard" forest. :)

"Backyard" View in Autumn
365-day Challenge, Day 56
2 November 2014

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Halloween costume(s) 2014

You know that your kid is growing up right when you start arguing with him. :) And one of these instances is this Halloween.

Bubbles and I have decided one day to pick Juancho's costume for Halloween at a nearby Target. We initially thought of characters that Juancho is fond of lately, and we instantly remembered Elmo. He's currently into Elmo these days, thanks in particular to his duet with Adam Sandler for a Song About Elmo. That song and many other Elmo duets help us get through the morning rush without him getting in the way of our morning rituals. Elmo has become our morning babysitter.

Ergo, we decided to pick Elmo as Juancho's costume this year. When we got home, we showed him the costume, and he instantly said on the top of his lungs, a big definitive, NO! I thought maybe we could convince him eventually but then after a few tries, we realized that all attempts to turn Juancho into Elmo will be futile.

We eventually gave up with Elmo and decided to just have a costume-free Halloween for Juancho.

Then came October 31. I suddenly decided to take one more trip to the costume store to find Juancho a costume. Then I found what I think would suit him. I instantly bought it, brought it home for Juancho to try.

Juancho did not take it immediately. Thanks to that star, relented to first wear the vest. Then I coerced him to weat the shirt, then the pants. When he looked at himself in the mirror, I said to myself "well, well, I think I found the one costume for this year's Halloween." He was happy. I was happy. :)

Thus, Juancho's costume is my POTD. He used it on Halloween, and again during the Halloween inspired baby shower for a friend.

Woody 2014
365-day challenge, Day 55
1 November 2014

I am also sharing my own Halloween costume.

Breaking Bad

Autumn Impression

Happy Halloween!

I thought of sharing another autumn photo. This time, I wanted to play with my lens a bit, slowing down the shutter and tilting the camera while shutter is open. The result was actually not bad. :)

Autumn Impression
365-day Challenge, Day 54
31 October 2014

But then I also have to share a Halloween photo. Here goes. :)

Halloween in Georgetown 2014

Orange and Green

Another autumn shot. Couldn't stop shooting the beautiful leaves.

This one is from a tree I normally pass by going to and coming from work.

Orange and Green
365-day challenge, Day 53
30 October 2014

Georgetown in Autumn

While waiting for a visiting former classmate from Singapore, I decided to take a quick stroll of Georgetown. Instantly I brought out my camera to take a few shots. The streets were filled with foliage and most trees were burning bright orange.

This time, I'll post not just one but a few more autumn pictures from Georgetown.





Autumn Streets

365-day challenge, Day 52
29 October 2014
All images ©JReyes

Lunch out

It's good to occasionally go out for lunch with colleagues. It boosts camaraderie and teamwork, at the same time it foster a lighter and more fun working environment. This is an opportune time to get to know them more as people. :) states lunching out with colleagues as one of 10 tips for getting your colleagues to work with you better.

This day team has decided to go out for lunch to celebrate October celebrants. Happy Birthday!

Shot was taken of the team on the way back to work.

Lunch out
365-day challenge, Day 51
28 October 2014