Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Macho Man" Randy Savage, 58

The Superstar Wrestler of my youth, Macho Man Randy Savage, was killed in a car accident on May 21, 2011. He was 58. He was said to have had a heart attack episode while driving along the highway near his home in Florida. He lost control of the vehicle and it crashed to a tree. 

Randy Savage's superstar days was the time when I still believed that wrestling was true. He, Hulk Hogan, and the Ultimate Warrior were my all-time wrestling idols. It's sad to hear him die a nasty death. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Osama Bin Laden - 2 May 2011

It's hard not to write about one of the most significant events in world history. The person behind the series of terroristic attacks in the US and around the world, the leader of the infamous Al Qaeda, the world's public enemy number 1, Osama Bin Laden, was killed in an operation lead by the US Navy Seals. He was 54.

Osama Bin Laden claimed to be behind one of the most destructive terroristic activities in history, the September 11, 2001 strike at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. He was also behind other bombings and killings in other areas around the world. Now, he was silenced, killed in a way that he has predicted: violently.

Is the world a much safer place now? Definitely not. Are we still under threat? Indeed. So what now? We remain vigilant.

Bin Laden's death brought as much worries as relief in the international community. At one side, we are happy that he can no longer make videos of instructions to his operators of which embassy, country, or building to bomb next. On the other hand, we are also cautious and afraid of further activities from the people he left behind.

Bin Laden's death was a big leap towards quelling terrorism. President Obama scored big on this one. But still have a long way to go to wipe it all out. I wish we could just all wake up one day and forget that we are fighting one another. But of course, we do not live in a dream.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Blessed John Paul II

Today marks the beatification of this generation's most-loved Pope. Karol Wojtyla from his Polish roots, Pope John Paul II was officially proclaimed by Vatican as a blessed one, and now lay people can officially pray to him. It is only just a matter of time that he will be cannonized. 

Pope John Paul II was close to his Asian brethren. He visited the Philippines twice, and one of his two visits was to grace the World Youth Day in 1996, held at the Quirino Grandstand. Too bad I was not there to see him, but those who did felt like they were showered with love, grace, joy, and abundant blessings. Some of the reporters even got teary-eyed when the Pope Mobile passed by their location. This was how strong his presence was felt during his visit in the Philippines, and I'm sure the same feeling was felt by the people he visited. 

Blessed John Paul II, pray for us.