Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Celebration?! Just Promotion...

Last December 10, I was officially promoted to Presidential Staff Officer II. A lot of my friends asked for a blow-out. Blow-out? Should we celebrate a 1,300-buck salary increase with an additional ton of workload?

Many of us look at promotion as a mere reward for performance. We should not believe so. Promotion is not a reward, but a responsibility. It is transforming potential into kinetic energy in terms of productivity in work. In short, the boss feels that you need more work, thus, he/she promotes you.

Surely, it is not a reward. For us employees, a reward is something like an additional compensation for our valued work (e.g. CNA, Cash gift, PIB) without adding more work to the person. A reward is given WITHOUT anything asked in return. As for promotion, he boss gives you a promotion knowing that you will do your duties and responsibilities more efficiently.

In short, we should not celebrate fully after a promotion. Alongside an increased power and compensation, come greater duties and responsibilities. However, I’m not saying we should not celebrate promotion at all. What I’m saying is that a promotion is not a gift, but a duty.

I may be saying this just to give justification to my refusal for a blow-out. At least, it is a valid excuse… hehehehe…

I hope I’m still making sense… I think the Christmas season is slowing my thinking process. Hehehe

Less than ten days before Christmas. Sana lumabas na ang CNA…

Fernando Poe Jr. shall forever be remembered in the hearts and minds of Filipinos all over as the one and only King of Philippine Cinema. May you rest in peace, FPJ.

Trivia trivia

Did you know: The late Fernando Poe Jr. is not the real Fernando Poe Jr.? His real name is Ronald Allan Kelley Poe and the real FPJ is his brother, the late Andy Poe.

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