Tuesday, June 28, 2005

June Bride

June is indeed the month of weddings. Ladies, at some point in time, dream of getting married, and preferably, in June. Every lady dreams of becoming a June bride. This June, our country is watching another spectacular wedding of the century: The President. This month, the favorite month of brides, the President has been, once again, married with a series of scandals: starting from the juetenggate hearings in the Senate which implicated her husband and son as jueteng lords, up to the highly explosive tape of an alleged conversation between herself and Comelec Commissioner Virgilio Garcilliano. This is indeed her most memorable month in her entire political existence.

I hope we get to survive this crisis. God bless the country...

Personally, I think we are in some sort of a political dead end. The people are now in a dilemma of sorts. A strong evidence has already been exposed regarding an alleged election fraud, however, no movement is being done because first, nobody knows how to act, whether legally, or politically, on the situation at hand. And second, people believe that there is no viable option if a political change pushes through, thus, they will support no one. Also, the opposition can not produce a good replacement. We are, in chess terms, in a stalemate. Poor little country.

Yesterday, the President finally spoke about the allegations. The ceremonial "I do's" have already taken place. I would just have to see what happens next. Until then, let us all watch how this wedding would end...

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