Wednesday, August 20, 2008

PGMA's Anger Strikes Again

I think at a time like this, PGMA's fury is acceptable. I just wished the anger had not collateral damage. Poor Malacañang workers took the brunt of PGMA's hormonal imbalance. What's worse is that this happened on a holiday! As a Malacañang close-in, it's so difficult to think that you would work on a holiday just to get scolded by no other than the President of the Republic. :)

Despite this rather usual phenomenon in Malacañang, we should never take away the main reason why all these happened. We are now in the middle of a situation where we need to defend our people against renegade groups who obviously want to sow fear in order for their demands to be met. Government should be relentless in their efforts to protect the major tenets of our state: our brothers and sisters in Mindanao caught in the crossfire, and our sovereignty being ridiculed and questioned.

We pray that the atrocities will end with a peaceful resolution.

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