Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"Lalaban Tayo" no more...

I thought I shall never see a modern-day Filipino statesman. Today, we just witnessed Mar Roxas announcing the "heaviest decision" he has ever made in his entire political career, and that is giving in for fellow Liberal Party member, Sen. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III. Whatever his reasons were for his sudden backing out, what matters is that in the eyes of the Filipino people, he chose the harder side, the more righteous, and that is to give way to a colleague whose popularity has risen after the demise of her of her mother, former President Cory Aquino.

Initially I was a silent, informal supporter of the Mar-Roxas-for-President-moves. He was one of the most ideal Presidentiables, backed with exceptional credentials and political blood. A few wrong moves here and there somewhat tainted my support, one of which was his public cursing at the current administration during a rally in Makati. Another is his public display of affection for TV announcer Korina Sanchez. Okay, they have every right to be happy, but please! You're almost 50 for the love of... Oh well. Love knows no boundaries.

I was about to abhor Mar for his ill-advised "Lalaban Tayo" and "Padyak" commercials over radio and television, but with this most recent development, I am back to admiring this guy. The fact that he is about to give up the power that he has long cherished is simply astounding. Admirable.

I have never seen genuine statesmanship like this in my generation. With this, we can see his true intentions for genuine change, and that it was his primary aim at Presidency. He gave up his ambitions for this objective. He already has a stable and solid political machinery. I hope he lends this to Noynoy, should he decide to run for President. I heard he is backed by very bright, optimistic, service-oriented supporters so probably he could get things done.

Just like in the United States, the Philippines needs change. In order to have this change, we need people who shall initiate change. Today, Mar has started a change. A change in the political landscape. A change in the seemingly rotting political system. A change that no other politician dare touch. I sure hope this change does not end here. I also hope this is no gimmick. Let this change start and spread now. Mar did the right thing and he'll be remembered in history books for all eternity.

Cheers to Sen. Mar Roxas for showing the younger Filipinos how it is to retreat and accept, how it is to be a true gentleman and a true statesman' and for showing the older ones that there is still a light in this very very long tunnel.

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