Friday, March 05, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai in Capones Island, Zambales

February 14. While lovers are getting ready for their much-awaited Valentine's date and Chinese folks feast and welcome the year of the Tiger, we were about to conquer one of the most beautiful islands of Zambales. A 30-45-miunute boat rider from Pundaquit, Capones island boasts its white sand, rocky terrain and its old Spanish lighthouse that has become the main attraction for travelers and photographers alike.

We arrived the island at around 10am. The boat men were not able to take us to the easier trek to the lighthouse because they said the tide was high during that day. So we needed to take a 40-minute walk. The road was rocky and the weather was extremely hot. But that did not stop us from conquering the island. :)

The lighthouse's staircase was a bit shaky so we were advised to take the stairs one at a time. The view from the top was truly breathtaking. Our exhaustion just disappeared. The wind was strong and breezy. The view was terrific. The trip to the top was worth it.

Unfortunately, the lighthouse is not maintained that well and is fast becoming dilapidated. Walls had vandalisms of names and lovers and other nonsense information. Guys, we don't want to now that Ricky is in love with Donna, or if Jojo was there or not. We want the place as is, vandalism-free. Travelers and tourists, please, don't destroy the natural beauty of Capones.

Currently, the lighthouse of Capones is not functional because some people have stolen one of its solar panels. We hope that something gets done to bring it back to life. Calling the attention of the Philippine Coast Guard. We heard that one yacht collided with the island just a day before we got there. Could the absence of the lighthouse be the reason for the mishap?

Pictures in no particular order (Taken using my NSLR Canon Powershot A590IS):

The trek begins...

The Spanish Lighthouse
The Lighthouse
Uphill trek: Cardioooooo (Gasping for air)...

Destination: Lighthouse
The Capones Conquerors: Me, Ian, RN, Emman, Grape, Sheryl, Joan, Maan, Paola, Elsie, Ruel, Sheryll, Manny. Not in picutre: Mike and Joseph

Rock Formations of Capones

Capones Island

We survived the Trek!
Rocks of Capones
The gates of the Lighthouse
The View from the top of the lighthouse
Nice View

This concludes my 2-day Valentine's weekend trip. Ayos!

Capones Island
San Antonio, Zambales

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