Monday, June 28, 2010

FIFA 2010

Ten reasons why the Philippines should start building its Football program:

10. Football does not need too much height. We won't be noticed for our "shortcomings." :)

9. It doesn't need a P20 million budget for a covered court with a ring. All it needs are two pairs of MMDA cones.

8. Filipinos are used to soaking up the sun even in the hottest of seasons.

7. We will put to good use the rice fields during the El NiƱo season.

6. Those other countries that were former Portuguese and Spanish colonies are good at it!

5. Snatchers and pickpockets will have other venues for maximizing their talent.

4. We'll value further the thought that it takes real hard work to reach you "GOAL."

3. We'll put to good use those knee high socks.

2. We'll get to know David Beckham not only as Posh spice's husband.

1. Let's face it. Unless we import Shaq DNA, we won't get far in basketball!

The World Cup 2010 season is almost over! It was full of surprises and twists, but overall, it once again showed that Football is indeed the world's national sport. I always pray that we finally see the light in the sport and start developing young football players. We definitely have the edge on this one!


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