Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Remembering Evelio Javier

After 18 long years of painful litigation and investigation, the murder of Antique Governor Evelio Javier is finally over. I was just saddened by the verdict that the alleged mastermind of Evelio Javier’s murder, Arturo Pacificador, has been acquitted of the charges against him. Well quite fortunately, Atty. Avelino Javellana, Pacificador’s private lawyer, and 6 others were convicted of the murder.

Being an Atenean, I was very well briefed, informed and oriented of the contributions Evelio Javier made not just to our alma mater, but to the whole nation. He is one person, aside from Benigno Aquino, who united the whole nation in toppling down the dictator and restoring freedom and democracy. It was also a fact that Evelio Javier spurred the Catholic Church into holding major protests that eventually lead to the EDSA revolution. This was how much Evelio Javier touched not just the lives of Antiqueños, but the Filipino people as a whole.

Evelio Javier is a real Atenean by heart. He is truly a man of courage, honor, excellence, and above all, a true man for others. A true freedom fighter, he is one of the major protesters against the dictatorship of then President Ferdinand Marcos. He was a close friend and ally of the late Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. Upon knowledge of Ninoy’s murder in 1983, he immediately returned home to continue the fight for freedom and democracy, and eventually ran for Governor in Antique. Based on fraudulent, biased counting of ballots, his opponent, Arturo Pacificador – a known true ally of Ferdinand Marco, reportedly won the elections. Evellio Javier tried to file election protests, but due to his political inclinations, he failed. This spurred various protests in Antique in support for whom they believe won the elections. On February 11, 1986, in one of his campaign sorties, Evelio Javier was brutally murdered. Evelio Javier’s demise was not put into waste. On February 26, 1986, democracy was restored in the whole nation, toppling down the Marcos dictatorship.

Eighteen years after, the case was finally brought to a close, however, acquitting the person everyone believed to be behind the killing. However, the case was partially won by the prosecution by convicting Pacificador’s number one cohort, Atty. Avelino Javellana, and several others. They are to serve 7 to 14 years in prison.

Further, authorities have yet to pursue the case against Rodolfo Pacificador, Arturo’s son, and Eduardo Boy Iran. Both are also allegedly linked to the killings. Rodolfo is currently in exile in Canada and Filipino authorities are working for his extradition, while Boy Iran is still at large.

This entry is dedicated to one true Filipino I really admired. Our nation was honored to have created someone as noble, passionate and courageous as Evelio Javier. Though his case might have already been solved through the conviction of several people, let his spirit remain within each one of us. Let his name be remembered in history, and his memory be alive every time someone will try to take our freedom away from us. Let each one of us become somewhat and Evelio Javier.

Though Arturo is cleared of the killings, I think justice has been partly served with the conviction of 7 men linked to the killings. Though the convicted mastermind is not that convincing, I think this case still proves that even in the littlest way, justice can be served. I just hope and pray that Arturo is, indeed, clear of the murders. If not, then maybe justice will be served to him in some other time.


Do Oda said...

serious a....nice artik...

Anonymous said...

It's always easy to point our hands to other people. It's always easy to judge.

Pacificador and my grandfather are bestfriends since they're young. We don't care if the world will condemn him and accused him of crimes, in our heart he will always be the kind man we admire.

We are not God to know the truth. Pacificador suffered a lot of heartachess, of failures, of lost years. We saw it. We felt it, and we grieve with him. NOw, he's free and it was meant to be. He didn't have money and power anymore to influence decision, but the cout sided with him. It's grace. After those years of darkness, the light came.

J. Tugon

Jake said...

Thanks for this tribute.As an Antiqueno, I still cry when I hear this music. I still remember Manong Evelio after all these years with his charisma and his servant leadership.

Please note though that Ding Pacificador is still in Canada and is hiding like a coward.

As for you J. Tugon, know the facts before you comment. Everyone knows "OJ Simpson" is guilty if you can associate the words, then you know what I mean!


Jake said...

And please note as well that after the end of the Marcos regime, Evelio Javier was proclaimed the real winner (Assemblyman) by the COMELEC.

Antique was a peaceful province, until somebody from Pototan Iloilo invaded Evelio's home town of Hamtic and settled there like a king.

I agree with you. Justice may have been denied this time, but it will be served in some other time or other places.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Jake, kun tags Antique kaw,wara mo gali man-an sin-o si Turing.1984 mo lsng batian si Evelio.Wara kaw kasayasat politika sa Antique