Monday, December 31, 2012

12 Blessings of 2012

The Chinese might have predicted that Dogs have the worst of luck in 2012. I beg to differ. Or probably I accidentally purchased a counter-bad luck charm. In my books, this could probably one of the best years of my existence. This day, I thank the Lord for the year that was, and pray for an equally good or a better one next year. Here's to commemorate the twelve of my most memorable events in 2012:

12. Special visits of our loving family and friends - There are no words to express our appreciation and gratitude for the love that you have given us. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you! :)



11. Starstruck moments - Though DC is a stopover of many famous faces, it is seldom that we see them in our streets. Luckily, we were able to meet a few like Wizards rookie Brad Beal, Rob Schneider and Colin Powell. I was also blessed to be in the presence of our dear Archbishop, Jose Antonio Cardinal Tagle during his visit to DC.

Rob Schneider
Bradley Beal
WB President Jim Kim
Sec. Colin Powell

Cardinal Tagle
Sec. Edwin Lacierda


10. Space Shuttle Discovery lands in DC - space exploration and flight is still a marvel for me. When the recently "retired" Space Shuttle Discovery took took its final flight aboard a gigantic Boeing 747 en route to DC, I made sure I welcomed it on open arms. Barely a week after its arrival, we decided to pay homage to one of the most successful vessels of human flight. Space Shuttle Discovery shall be permanently displayed at the Udvar-Hazy Center of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

9. 90s alternative concerts - We were able to watch Toad the Wet Sprocket and Our Lady Peace live! 90s rock rules!!!
Toad the Wet Sprocket
Our Lady Peace
 8. Cheap seats to the NBA games - Thanks to our home team's dismal 2011-2012 performance, Washington Wizards games a selling for as low as $15 for a ringside ticket. I was able to watch the Magic (still with Dwight Howard), Knicks (with Jeremy Lin), and Heat games for low prices!
Jeremy Lin's Knicks

Blowout Heat Game - No Lebron, DWade...

7. Bono at the World Bank - If I had the same entry in 2011 as this, one of my top blessings in 2011 was to be able to work for the World Bank Group. One of its few small perks is to be able to meet some famous people active in the cause of reducing, and if possible eliminating poverty. U2 frontman Bono came and spoke at the World Bank atrium. I got a good seat (well, standing room only) and was able to take good photos of him.

6. Shaking the hand of President Obama's 2008 head-to-head opponent - Senator John McCain was the keynote speaker to the 2012 Philippine Independence Day reception. It was an honor to shake the hand of the man who could be President.

5. The Dream Team in DC - The new Dream Team played one of its two exhibition games at the Verizon Center. I was fortunate to meet a kababayan who works at the Verizon Center and he mentioned about this basketball spectacle. He offered us tickets to the game. As one basketball fanatic, I instantly said yes to the ticket offer. Seeing Lebron, Kobe, CP3, KD and Melo play together is simply priceless. And as an icing to the cake, I was able to see President Obama for the first time! But wait, there's more! Kisscam featuring Barack and Michelle!

4. Mylo Xyloto - Coldplay released its latest album in 2011 and had a two-night concert at the Verizon Center in July. I purchased the tickets in December 2011, hoping that the concert will push through! And it did and brought down the house in Verizon! Thank you Chris Martin!

3. Meeting my basketball hero face to face - The two-time champ and 2006 NBA Finals MVP Dwyane Wade has been one of my favorite basketball icons. Luckily, he wrote a book and decided to go on a tour around the US for book signings. His last stop was in DC. Of course, being a the fan that I am, I did not hesitate to fall in the long lines to have his autographed signed in my copy of his book. Special thanks to my dear wife, Juancho and I had a couple of shots with him.

2. Destination: Orlando - I always tell Bubbles that I wanted to go for a road trip in the US. You can't do a real road trip in the Philippines considering our archipelagic structure. So this one, I really want to do. And I did one in 2012. After 16 hours on the road (excluding stopovers) and 4 states, we saw Mickey Mouse and the gang! Special thanks to our dear niece Tiffany for making this trip happen.

1. Juancho - One word to cap all the glorious and joyful events of my 2012 (and probably my life) is the arrival of our little superstar: Juan Santiago Apostol Reyes. Juancho. On the evening (11:42pm) of January 17, 2012, Our dear little prince Juancho was born. Everyday, I thank the Lord for this wonderful blessing, and for entrusting me with this great responsibility.





Thank you, Dragon 2012! Welcome the Snake of 2013!

Happy New Year!


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