Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Birds in Flight

To commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Victory in Europe Day, mechanical birds from the second World War paraded the skies of the Washington DC Metro Area on Friday, May 8th. 

Good thing it was a Friday: I was off from work. I really planned to see the planes on that day. I thought I was able to make it to DC in time, not realizing that this event would turn into a Fourth-of-July-like festivity.

At 11am, an hour before the flyover, I decided to take Juancho to our go-to park in McLean, Clemyjontri Park. At 11:45am, I decided to leave the park to get to DC in time for the flyover. Alas, upon reaching GW Parkway, it was already a slow flow. Cars have already pulled over on the side of the highway. After a few miles of slow movement, I decided to follow the car in front of me and pulled over on the side of the highway and just waited there. I didn't risk going to DC anymore.

And there they came... fleet by fleet, they started to swarm the clear blue sky of the District. We were lucky that GW Parkway was in the birds' flight path. We saw each and every one of them. 

Then I was happy. :) 

Thus, my photo of the day: WWII Birds in Flight

WWII Birds in Flight

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