Monday, January 10, 2005

Series of unfortunate Events

There is an old saying that goes: “When it rains, it pours.” Too bad it had to rain on the days near my birthday. Actually, it’s not at all that bad compared with unfortunate events of other people. However, personally I consider my birthday as one of the most sacred days of the year. Thus, having three consecutive unfortunate events before and during my birthday is already alarming for me.

Here goes my unfortunate journey towards the 23rd year of existence. On Tuesday, January 4, for reasons even science could not explain, my index toe hurt as I was riding down an FX. The day after, it was swollen as if a stampeding herd of elephants stepped on it. Thus, I went to the office in my trendy, light-weight slippers, limping. Even my lady laughed at the way I walked that day…I was a worse walker than Erap before his knee operation!

On the eve of my birthday, January 5, as I was riding the usual FX ride to my home from my lady’s house, a jeep lost his brake and hit the FX that I was riding. The impact was so hard the tail door couldn’t be opened. I had to jump over the middle seat just to get out. I was doing this while having an already hurt index toe. Tough luck, eh?

Then, comes my birthday, January 6. As I said earlier, I consider this day as one of the most sacred days of the year. However, as I was driving our car on the way to the office, the engine just stopped. I thought I ran out of gasoline, so I went to the nearest gas station to buy some gas. The gas station was three blocks away so I couldn’t consider it to be near, but I still went for it, even if my toe was still hurting and swollen. I had to limp to the gas station to get my gas to get my engine running. I walked back and forth the gas station thrice to adequately fill my tank with gasoline. After that, I started the engine, and voilah! It didn’t start. After an hour of agony, toil and trouble, I realized that the problem was far more complicated that mere gasoline insufficiency. Later on, after some butingting moments with our trusted mechanic, we found out that some wire got disconnected. Some automotive genre that requires a mechanic to explain so I will just go on with my story.

Despite these three consecutive unfortunate events on my birthday, I still feel really blessed because in the evening of my birthday, I had the most fantastic dinner with my lady. That just chased all my troubles away.

Still, Happy Birthday to me…

Trivia, trivia

Did you know: "Sandwich" lead singer and MTV VJ Marc Abaya is now busy with his new band, Kjwan. He is not related to Gen. Narciso Abaya.


Traveller said...

hehehe! happy birthday na lang talaga dre! ganyan talaga buhay!!

SimpleSnob said...

Hey You. Happy Birthday :) BTW, Isn't Marc Abaya AMrilou Diaz's son??

ibYang said...

aaaaaaaww sorry to hear bout your misfortunes jerv.. sorry rin we were not able to go sa party mo last saturday.. hope you're OK na.. :|

cat-chan the karaoke princess said...

syempre kailangan nya banggitin talaga si narciso abaya!! hehe, happy birthday spo12 kelby!