Monday, April 18, 2005

A tribute to heroes...

This is a brief entry that simply aims to honor our brethren in the streets who never cease to lend a helping hand in times of trouble.

I was driving home from my lady’s house when my car fell in a deep pothole on Pedro Gil Avenue. Pedro Gil is really famous for its potholes because engineering people there just don’t stop digging. They must be looking for the Yamashita Treasure or something. Anyway, I got stuck in that pothole for a few minutes. I tried to get out but my tires just screeched and I never succeeded.

Luckily, a driver of an FX taxi stuck in traffic I created approached my car and tried to help. He jokingly uttered, “Swak kayo sa butas Sir ah. Marami talagang nabibiktima diyan eh.” Surprisingly, he stepped out of his FX taxi and tried to help me out by pushing my car backwards. I also tried to accelerate backwards while he pushes the car, but it won’t budge because the hole was deeper than we thought. Then suddenly, more men, around 6 or 7, helped out in the pushing. Thanks to them, I managed to get the car out the pothole. It was totally unexpected, and I really appreciate their help.

Bayanihan is far from dead. This culture stays in the Filipino psyche wherever and whenever they may be. Even the most dreadful catastrophe or the most advanced technology could not take this positive trait out of the Filipinos. The incident that occurred to me last Friday just made me realize that it feels good to be in your native country. Because of guys like them, I never give up hoping for a bright future for the Philippines. It is in guys like them that I am proud of being a Filipino. Mabuhay kayo!

Trivia trivia: The movie “Constantine” was based on the comic book “Hellblazer.” The producers decided to change the tile to Constantine so as not to mix it up with the movie “Hellraiser.”

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