Monday, July 11, 2005

Lapses, Lapses, and more Lapses

It is funny that we see a lot of lapses in our society these days. Two weeks ago, we see one of the biggest TV spectacles of the decade: President GMA's apology for her "Lapse in Judgement." Then last Monday, Inquirer apologized for its "lapse in grammar" after printing the headline "FYR Factor Makes GMA Hangs Through."

I personally commend the two parties for their admission to their lapses: may it be minor or major (or some should say, ultra major!). However, in our current political situation, we see more than just two lapses... And they are not that minor. Let me enumerate some:

a. Lapse in Moral Ascendancy - This is the main reason why the opposition lacks support from the people, particularly the Church and the middle class. I think they should also undergo introspection and deep discernment, as what the Bishops advised the President. Better yet, admit these major lapse, get out of the streets, and start writing their memoirs before it's too late... hehehe

b. Lapse in Healthy Brain cells - This is also one reason why people express disgust and dismay over the current administration. Some people think that we got leeches and dogs hovering around the Presidency in the guise of Cabinet Members and GOCC and GFI Presidents and General Managers. I should state this in Tagalog... Those who think they are no longer helping the Presidency, "Magpakatotoo kayo." There is nothing wrong with admitting you can't do the job so you just do a graceful exit so that the already hurting Presidency would not suffer any longer. Admit this lapse and we shall all be merry. Plus, do write your memoirs, too...

c. Lapse in involvement - in short, people have grown apathetic after two failed EDSAs. They believe that after this ousting, life just goes on. They will just continue to eat the same lucky me in the morning, the same biscuits in the afternoon, and the same sardines in the evening. Only now, with VAT.

d. Lapse in weather - It's the rainy season! Would you expect people to brave the storm and accept to be drenched while chanting "Gloria Resign" on the streets of Ayala? I don't think so. As Sen. Flavier once said in a TV advertisement, "Sa panahon ngayon, bawal magkasakit." I suggest they offer eggs to the St. Claire sisters.

e. Lapse in political will - This is not to judge the current Presidency, but I think this major lapse needs to be admitted and addressed immediately.

f. Lapse in direction - Both sides think of what to do in the present. Admin boys and girls think about their survival, opposition people want a new President. The question is, where are we heading?

g. Lapse in concern for national interest - Was the voice of the ordinary Filipino heard in this circus? I think too much shouting in Congressional hearings deafened our beloved lawmakers. In the end, Juan de la Cruz is left with nothing but an emptier stomach.

h. Lapse in love for country - if we truly love this country, this series of political unrest would never have happened. Cheating would not have taken place, bickering would not have started. Once we realized that we are all Filipinos and brothers and sisters in one nation, there is no reason for us to implode like this.

There are many more lapses in our current situation. Again, I admire those people who sincerely admit and apologize for their lapses. I hope the others would do the same.

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