Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Diplomacy 101

May I acknowledge the latest contributor to the Presidency's rising unpopularity... Special thanks to the President's loyal (but improper) aide, Mr. Magdangal, who showed us the example of how it is to be undiplomatic. It is an irony for a person such as MR. Magdangal to be working in an office (the Office ofthe Press Secretary) that requires qualities such as ample amount of patience, and knows his diplomacy 101 subject well. If the Palace wants another people power to flourish, they just continue the things they have been doing. They are in the perfect trajectory to failure.

I strongly believe the Ramosian (FVR, that is) theory on protests and rallies. Just let them be. The more you pounce on them, the more they become violent. Personally, I am neither a supporter, nor a protester of the President. I am one of those people who believe that we are in a political stalemate and the only way out is to wait for all of the sitting trapos, bobos, and "insinceros" to die of natural death. Thus, I speak objectively. The current actions of the administration just makes them look more like they are guilty of something. But are they? If they think they are not, as what they have been repeatedly telling the public, they should act that way. Let these protesters be. After all, no matter what happens, protesters will always be protesters so we shouldn't meet them head on.

I really do not know what is wrong with the President's allies and "henchmen." They are one of the primary causes for the President's declining popularity. Before these men face the media, they should first review their people skills. What Mr. Magdangal could have done yesterday was to simply accept the letter with all respect to the sender, then bring it to the office of whoever Senior Deputy Executive Secretary. After all, important papers sometimes get "lost" in those offices. What more the less important ones?

Well, I think Magdangal just wanted to reenact Bonifacio's "Cedula tearing" scenario to signify his defiance to the "bondage" of opposition's People's Court.

To sum up Mr. Magdangal's action yesterday with one word, I'd say PALPAK... Enough said...

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