Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ateneo- La Salle Goodwill (?!) Games, December 8, 2005

Joseph Yeo should shift career from Basketball to Boxing after PBA Commissioner Noli Eala reacted negatively regarding Yeo's PBA future. Commissioner Eala mentioned that after what happened, it would be more difficult for Yeo to enter into the Pros.

I don't know what's in Yeo's mind for doing such a cheap and ungentlemanly act. His action just added to La Salle's series of embarassment over the past few months since UAAP season. First, Manny Salgado's Cheapshot hit of FEU's Arwind Santos, then the Illegibility issue of Mark Benitez and Tim Gatchalian, now this...

Joseph Yeo should have been the first (if I'm not mistaken) Xavierian varsity player to enter the pros. Now, his chances went bleak because of this. His basketball career could end in shambles. And to think, he was only playing for a goodwill game. Playing in the pros could be worse...

Yeo should remember that in the hard court, especially when playing either in an amateur or professional game, you are not only carrying your surname, but more importantly, the team you are representing. What you show in the court reflects the image of the entire team. And for Yeo's case, it's the school's name that he carries. And he carries not just any other school, but one of the best universities in the country. And not to mention, he is from Xavier... His actions didn't only bring shame and embarassment to his name, but to his teammates, colleagues, professors, and the schools.

Competence and courage in the hard court should always be coupled with patience, humility, responsibility, and sportsmanship. Intensity is really a factor, but it should never ever get into your head. Attitudes like what Yeo has shown in the goodwill games last December 8 was unbecoming of not just a La Sallite, but of a professional basketball player.

I heard Rod Nazareno is currently looking for talents in his boxing stable. What I witnessed in the December 8 games is hope for our Boxing Team in the 2008 Olympic Games...

This is no hate entry... If I were to see an Atenean or a UP player act this way, I would also write about him... Basketball is a contact sport, indeed. But harsh game play and intense physical contact has no place in the hard court.


Jacs said...

Parang isports blog na ito... palitan mo na si Rod!

Jervin! Jervin! Jervin!

Anonymous said...

umm.. hehe... sorry ha pero ano ba ginawa nya? hehe,.. .hindi ko lam eh..

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Jurb said...

Sorry Jacs... hehehe... Hindi ka na ba interesado?

To Anonymous, FYI, Joseph Yeo lunged a forearm to Enrico Villanueva in the Ateneo-La Salle Goodwill games held last December 8, 2005. The game was commissioned by the PBA.