Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Bakit ganun? Bakit medyo tinatamad akong magsulat ng entry sa blog ko na ito? Noong una, sinasabi ko sa sarili ko na gagawin ko itong praktisan upang makasulat ako nang maayos eh. Ngayon, wala na. Wala na kaong masulat. Siguro dahil din sa limited access ko ngayon sa internet. O sa dahil masyado na akong napikon sa sistema, ayoko nang magkomento. O dahil din nagtutunog sports nalayst na ako pag nagsusulat. Puro basketbol ang nasa utak. Sige, eto ibang entry... Maninira na lang ako. After all, my site is called slingshot... hihihi Here goes.

Magsusulat na lang ako ng hate entry. Ililsta ko ang mga kinaiinisan ko tungkol sa blog, sa buhay, at sa ibang tao.

On the second thought, I will save it for next time. Holy Week eh. Ayokong magkasala. Pero I will make this entry... Har har har.

I will instead boast (as if there's still somethign to boast) that after months of intermittent reading, I have finally finished the book "Angels and Demons" last month. I have to say that as a non-reader, I have learned to love reading because of fast-paced books such as these. Enough said. Dan Brown is such a genius. i just do not understand why there arose hate mails and reviews about the book. The book was surely a masterpiece. It never did break my perception and faith on the Catholic Church, but instead it gave me a different point of view of how religion and belief could co-exist with the development of science.

I have to stop there because people might kill me if they read to much spoilers in this entry. Oh well. This is such a lazy day...

Trivia, trivia
Did you know: That's Entertainment talent and TV show host Jojo Alejar revived his Philippine movie career by acting in a supporting role to GMA Films' latest movie "Moments of Love."


cat-chan the karaoke princess said...

will look forward to all the hate entries. wahaha! joke!

Kate said...

From Dan Brown to Jojo Alejar.... Panalo ka, Jerv! Jologs ka pa rin! Haha! Apir!