Thursday, July 27, 2006

Di Lumusot Sa UAAP (board)...

It’s the UAAP (69th) season once again and I can’t seem to feel it in the air. I have to admit, La Salle’s absence in the hard court this year gave the league its expected gloom. And it has certainly crippled the league in terms of ticket sales, promotions and sponsorships.

I have to admit that La Salle provides a gargantuan crowd in a given stadium. Other teams are always overpowered by the heat-thumping drums and overwhelming applause of the La Salle crowd. Scalpers are dying to hoard tickets for a La Salle game, especially if the game is against rival Ateneo. La Salle just gives a new meaning to school spirit. Too bad, the drums aren’t rolling this year.

It was reported that major sponsors have abandoned the league this year because of the absence of the largest crowd-drawer school. Some of the biggest sponsors who are missing in this year’s league are Telecoms giant Globe and Nestle, the number one sponsor of the cheerdance competition. Luckily, the league got sponsorships from the Gokongwei group, led by its Telecoms arm, Sun Cellular. That's why the traditional “MILO Three-point shot” is replaced by “Sun Cellular Three Point shot.”

La Salle is sorely missed this year. But that does not mean that their league suspension was a bad decision. Rules are meant to be observed and obeyed at all times. Plus, the value of academic education at par with sports excellence should always be adhered. Taking from what Samuel Jackson said in the movie “Coach Carter,” in college always comes first when you say college basketball, so education should never be taken for granted. Anyone breaking this discipline should be penalized with the strictest of penalties.

Let’s just hope this incident will never happen again. And as for La Salle, they have all the time to practice for Season 70.

As for the other teams, La Salle’s suspension is greater chance to gain a final four slot.

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