Tuesday, February 19, 2008

GMA resign movement... Again?!

Once again, we are faced with a dilemma of whether we should kick GMA's butt out of Malacañang or not. If we choose to join the rallies and she gets ousted, what's to happen to our nation? We are faced with a problem of seating an equally dangerous Vice-president (due to competence). But of course, that is yet to be seen. If indeed the person to replace GMA lacks the intellectual and political competence, then, we are once again faced with a problem of vulture infestation in Malacañang. Power-hungry oligarchs will once again surround the presidency and will eventually control power, with the sitting-duck VP-turned-President as puppet.
But of course we all want to restore honesty and integrity in the highest seat fo power. But for now, I think we are in political deadlock. My suggestion here is that we remain vigilant and responsive, but just wait for the next elections to come. I hope we already learned tons of lessons with these latest controversies and scandals. All we have to do now is put these learnings into new actions and new decisions on how to select the next leaders of the country. We just do it the Senate way: In aid of our personal legislations in terms of selecting the next leaders of our country.

Also, if we could put to good use our colonial mentality, we can make do of imitating the US population. We all know that George W. Bush is probably one of the most hated Presidents in the US. But the people remained resilient and moved on with their lives with the hope that the next President would not be as trigger-happy and squandering as him. Let's just do that.
I am pro-truth and pro-honesty. But in this case, I am thinking twice about supporting an oust-GMA movement. ;)

I am also hands-down to Mr. Jun Lozada for his latest exposes on the ZTE broadband deal. He had a choice to remain silent and continue to live his usual lifestyle. But for the sake of truth and honesty, he chose to expose everything and live the dangerous but honest (and patriotic) path. As he have said, he does not want a GMA ouster. He just wants corruption to lessen, if not quelled totally.

God bless the Philippines.

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