Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bonfire Reunion

It was a reunion of sorts for the recently concluded Ateneo Bonfire ceremonies, in celebration of championships of the Senior, Junior and Grade School Basketball, Ladies' and high school swimming. Amidst the drenched Bellarmine field, Ateneans from all over not just celebrated with the teams, but also reunited, reminisced and rekindled with their grade school, high school and college friends, classrooms, and tambayans. I was lucky to be in the company of three of my 4F friends, Odin, Jayvee and Bhonny (in photo).

Being a subtly rabid Blue Eagle fan, I purchased an incredibly expensive championship jersey from Adidas. I just thought, what the heck?! It only comes once every several years. :) But what if we go back to back? Then I'd have to save up for another P895 worth of shirts. Hopefully, inflation won't affect the shirt price that much.

We stayed until Parokya ni Edgar played. As usual, they played their all-time favorite hits Buloy, Halaga and Inuman na. In the middle of their songs they uttered hilariously funny spiels about Ateneo, about Darius' La Salle roots, and about Buwi's apathy towards the UAAP (Galing daw kasi ng OB montessori si Buwi kaya walang pakialam).

After staying there for a few hours standing in the sidelines of the Bell field, I realized that the main reason I went to the bonfire is not just to cheer for the champion teams, but to go back and cherish the good ol' days when all seems so simple and so much fun.

Congratulations to the 2008 UAAP and SBP Champions! Halikinu!

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