Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fancy that!

While rank and file soldiers, non-commissioned and junior officers relentlessly fight in Mindanao with substandard artillery and extreme lack of supplies, another General is once again facing a controversy involving sums of money. P7 million worth of contingency fund money? For what?

If I were caught with lots of money in my hands, I would either keep mum about the reason behind it, or think thoroughly of the most realistic excuse or alibi. I would never ever say that I had a friend who is asking me to buy a watch in Moscow. Watch in Moscow?! Am I not reading the papers anymore? Has Moscow turned into a watch haven now? Or maybe the officers will make a side trip in Switzerland or Japan? Whatever is the reason behind this outrageously hilarious alibi is yet to be seen. The person who asked a favor to buy him/her a watch should come out in the offing and tell the Filipino people how sorry he is for giving big bucks to a general who is NOT on a vacation, but on a "business" trip. It was a 2-day Interpol meeting! How the heck can you have the time to purchase a 7-million buck watch? Oh well. All of our questions are still about to be answered. I'm sure the next scenario would be a Senate investigation and lots and lots of grandstanding.

After all these fiascoes and controversy surrounding Generals, I can never blame groups like Antonio Trillanes and several other junior officers and regular soldiers for staging coups and for breaking the chain of command. In the Military, leadership by example is very very important in getting the respect and trust of your followers. When will they ever learn??!

In the midst of occuring crises in the world economy, a controversy involving large amounts of money adds ire and dismay from the populace. People, especially those holding delicate positions in government, should be extra careful and wary of the repercussions of their actions. times like these, you should "moderate your greed."

So what is the real story behind the money? Is it really a contingency fund, as what the PNP has mentioned in their statement? Or is it a personal request for a watch purchase, as what was previously stated?

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