Sunday, November 09, 2008

Should not be forgotten

During the gala run of the play "Gerilya sa Powell Street," we were able to see some familiar faces like national artists Ben Cabrera and F. Sionil Jose, DND Usec. Ernesto Carolina, and the head of Tanghalang Pilipino, Nanding Josef. Jun Lozada was also present, along with her trusted friends from the religious sector.

Amidst these famous personalities, the real stars of the night were the valiant veteran men and women who fought hard against the Japanese invaders during the Second World War. There were about 20 of them present that night, representing the hundreds of thousands of Guerillas who sacrificed their youth and their private lives to protect our country's sovereignty against foreign oppression.

Although old and seemingly frail, these people managed to grace the event, with an underlying message that Filipinos all over the world should never forget what these people have done almost 70 years ago. Let their heroism and sense of nationhood be not just forever remembered, but be emulated by every single Filipino living today.

The play ran for about three hours, but because of the cast's comic antics led by veteran screen actors Tommy Abuel and Lou Veloso, they managed to keep the audience interested, awake, and satisfied. I had fun watching the play. and I'm sure all others who were with me in the theater felt the same way.

Cheers to all Filipino war veterans!

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