Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yes! Magazine November 2008 issue

Finally! After year of seemingly endless dreaming of being in a printed material, I was able to be seen in the country's most widely read magazine! hehehe Thanks to my affiliation with the country's most eligible bachelor and one of the world's sexiest men (along with yours truly! hahaha), Dingdong Dantes, our 1998 Ateneo High School Class Picture was part of Dingdong's clipboard page of past pictures. This just shows that his Ateneo High School education is one of his most cherished memories.

Don't we all agree, AHS people around the world? Nothing beats the fun, laughter and friendship of high school. Majority of my most trusted friends come from my class in high school. And of course, we develop all the initial networks from our high school classmates from way back. In fact, in most organizations and government positions in the country, we can see colleagues who were former high school classmates. Indeed, the bond and the camaraderie of high school is probably the most nostalgic, most remembered, most valued of all levels of school. :)

It's quite difficult to see me in this picture. I was the one seated on the bench, rightmost. Luckily I wasn't cut off. :)

A little backgroudn on the photo: This was our wacky shoot during our 4th year high school class picture. Apprently, our longing for a high school uniform (AHS had no uniform before, only a collared-shirt requirement) made us decide to try out uniforms from our sister schools (or our sisters' schools?!). No offense, discrimination, insult, or pun was intended in this photo. It was simply meant to add a little fun to our usual boring formal class pictures. :) Unfortunately, the picture was pulled out from our order list because some factions of the school found it quite offensive. And as expected, we were heavily scolded by our principal. So this hard print from Dingdong's "baul" of pictures is one of the very few pieces that were printed. Wow! Collector's item!

Here's the latest picture of us now. Still wacky and fun as ever.

To my AHS 4F98 friends who are reading this, buy a copy now! And to my avid fans, buy a copy as well! hehehe.

Thanks to my man Mike for scanning the magazine. http://traveller23.multiply.com/journal/item/10?mark_read=traveller23:journal:10&replies_read=12&goto=12#reply12


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