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Bohol Adventure, April 3-6 2009


Day 1: Bohol Island Tour
Day 2: Dolphin Watching and Balicasag Island Snorkeling
Day 3: Bohol Beach Club

Tourmates: Janice, Paolo, Concep, Bogs, Petite, Doms, Orig, Jamie, Ichi, Bubbles.

Special thanks to Ms. Dory, Rachel, Nicole, Jay, Mike the Butterfly Guide, Jimmy, Richard James, Rhene, Dodong, Bernard, Jude, Pablo (yari ka!) John Verhel and all others who made our trip a really exciting one.
Day 1: Bohol Island Tour

From the airport, we went straight to Coco Grove Tourist Inn ( for check-in. We wasted no time to hang around or rest, so we just took a 5-minute CR break at the resort. At 10:30, island tour has started.

We first headed to the Sanduguan Shrine for a short picture taking/ site-seeing. It was strange that we did not see any description of the shrine, just these bronze boys drinking by the table. If you want to appreciate this first stop more, you should remember your Philippine History.

Based on historical accounts, Miguel Lopez de Legaspi initially anchored in the town of Jagna, just a few towns away from Tagbilaran, but was force to leave beacuse of unfriendly natives. They then tried to anchor in the nearby town of Bool, just a few kilometers from Tagbilaran and met Datu Sikatuna and his tribesmen. With the help of a Muslim interpreter and his own tact and pleasing approach, Sikatuna welcomed the group. And on March 16, 1565, Datu Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legaspi performed the traditional Blood Compact.

Sanduguan Shrine

The monument/sculpture was made by National Artist Napoleon Abueva, also a native of Bohol.

After our short stay at the shrine, we headed for the island's oldest church, the Baclayon Church. Bohol boasts a number of old churches, with its interiors and acritecture filled with history, art and culture.

We toured the church's museum and viewed the alter afterwards. No picture was taken in the museum because it was forbidden. :)

Baclayon Church. One of the country's oldest churches

We proceeded to Loboc River to experience the relaxing tour, added with the sumptuous food of the Loboc River Cruise.

Loboc River

Buffet Table

They served Barbecue, Chicken, Squid, Fish, Pancit, a variety of fruits, and native kakanin. It was a riot when the restaurant staff declared that lunch was served!

El Mariachi

While eating, we were serenaded by a local guitarist, singing famous videoke tunes like hits of John Denver and Elvis Presley. It helped my digestion a lot.

The sisters

After lunch, we headed straight to Carmen, Bohol to view the Chocolate Hills. I've seen this place before, but on the way there still made me feel excited to see the flurry of numerous brown hills that is visible as far as the eyes can see. As what others have written about this, never ever stick to the postcard for memories of the hills. You have to see it for real.

200++ Steps

They're Everywhere!

The Summiteers

It's a bit faster on the way down

We then proceeded to the Butterfly Garden in Bilar, Bohol. Mike the guide gave us a very informative, fun time. He not only taught us some trivia on butterflies, but also on other destinations in other parts of the country!
Mike the Guide as he shows invertebrates other than butterflies. His personal favorite: Salagubang :)
We saw varieties of butterflies, from the fragrant to the cunning to the sensual ones!
12-hour mating for butterflies
We passed by the man-made forest and stopped over for a few pictures.
After the tour of the invertebrates we went to the site of the hanging bridge to experience some adrenaline rush.
From the bridge, we then relaxed to the site of the country's smallest primate, Bohol's famous nocturnal Tarsier. We were prohibited to use flash in taking the pictures so as not to disturb their slumber, or blur their vision. The tarsier's eyes are conducive to minimal lighting so a sudden flash of cameras might damage their eyesight. We were also prohibited to touch those cute and cuddly mammals because it was found through research that they can be potential carriers of communicable diseases. Nevertheless, the sight of them is bliss.
We then headed to the site of the longest captive cold-blooded vertebrate. Prony the python (or phython? says the sign at the entrance) was a site to see with his sparring partner, Pablo the performer. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) we missed Pablo's performance that just finished when we arrived.
We capped the long day tour with cups of Tsokolate-Ah, Tsokolate-eh, coffee and a few paninis at Dauis, Bohol's much talked-about coffee shop, Cafe Lawis.
Cafe Lawis, located beside the majestic Dauis Church

Sunset at Lawis

Day two to follow...

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