Thursday, April 09, 2009

Prish of San Isidro Labrador, Lucban, Quezon

I have always been fascinated at old churches and how they stand through the test of time. Just like the institution and the Catholic faith, these churches witnessed disasters, wars, phenomena. Despite these, the structures have remained intact, the culture and spirituality have endured.
At the center of the quaint, busy town of Lucban, Quezon, resides a majestic spectacle that is responsible for the spiritual upbringing of its people. All roads of the town lead to this place, which shows how much infuence this has been to the town. Every year, this building witnesses the bright and colorful display of art and festivities via the Pahiyas Festival, held every 15th of May.
Parish Church of San Isidro Labrador
The Church's Bell Tower

The altar with the traditional roof paintings and pictures of the 4 gospel writers, Mark, Luke, Matthew and John.

I was fortunate to have paid a visit to this Church in January as a side trip to Val and Ken's wedding in Tayabas. Ken and Val, my congratulations.

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