Monday, October 19, 2009

Ondoy Hits Brgy. Bagong Silangan

I joined Bubbles' family in their relief operations with the victims of Typhoon Ondoy in Brgy. Bagong Silangan, Quezon City. Brgy. Bagong Silangan is a barangay just behind Filinvest Village, in the border of Quezon City and San Mateo Rizal. It was a downhill drive towards the barangay, obviously a potential flood basin due to its terrain.

As Ondoy poured in rains worth a month's downpour, this barangay was one of the most devastated. The houses, being made of wood, were swept away, leaving lots of people homeless.
We tried to somewhat alleviate their woes by providing for a day's food and some clothing provided by the clothing company "Whoops!" We were able to give out relief goods to at least 100 people. We knew that this was not enough. At least, even for just a day, we were able to bring a few cheers and smiles to those people who needed much help after the wrath of Ondoy.

Art, this Village's coordinator, calls out the people that were heavily affected. They are prioritized in the relief operations.

People fell in line after all the high-priority names were already called

The community volunteers with the donors and volunteers from the Vincetian Seminary, clothing company Whoops!, and the Apostols

Typhoon Ondoy is not all disaster and tragedy. On a positive note, the typhoon has awakened the Filipinos' solidarity, unity, compassion and hospitality as a vast majority has awakened their senses, reached out to their fellow countrymen, helped out even the smallest way they can. With this, we can still see hope that the Filipino is still worth living for.


Davis said...

Whats this all about, Which City is this??


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This matter is truly worrying.
I mean, who gonna help those persons in deep need? What a concerning affair, Then I am sick and tired of war and stuff, because meanwhile, people need resources to survive.

Anonymous said...
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