Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Party 2009

It's good to see how things have changed with your college buddies. As for me, I was lucky to have seen them last night with the help of Third's (my blockmate and kumpare of 10 years) constant nagging of a get-together. Fortunately, 6 were available that night, so we decided to meet up.

It was good to see that we were able to build our respective careers. Two were into development work, the other media, the other into the legal career, and the other in pharmaceuticals, and with me in financial services. Despite our career differences the common denominator prevailed: We were bred by the best University in the country, bearing the inculcated principles of integrity and excellence.

But of course, another two great values that we also share are the value of good fun and camaraderie. :) And we exhibited those values in our one-night-only KTV Christmas Party. We reminisced the good old times when our tummies were flatter, our problems lighter, and our challenges easier.

See how things have changed among my Devstud brethren:
Before (Circe 2000)

December 29, 2009 (L to R: Me, Third Espero, Brian Novero, LJ Castel, Carrie de Guzman, Alvinne Pamintuan, Nikki

Circa 1998


"Napakahirap malimutan and saya ng dating samahan. Kahit lumipas na ang ilang taon, magkakaibigan pa rin ngayon."--Sa'n Na Nga Bang Barkada, Apo Hiking Society

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