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Mabuhay ang Bagong Kasal - Disyembre 29, 2010

It's good to be back on track after not having to write for more than a month. I miss typing a few words and converting them into sentences, especially that there is a lot to tell. I was so used to telling about friends getting married but I missed writing about my very own wedding. So here goes. :)

Some couples tend to be over-stressed in arranging their weddings. As for Bubbles and me, we don't see why being stressed was necessary. For us, it was supposed to be a fun and exciting event, and stress should be nowhere in the picture. The wedding turned out as expected: solemn, love-filled (as described by one of our sponsors), happy. Special thanks to Bubbles' sisters, the wedding was, as Borat would regularly utter, "Great Success!" :)

Out motif was Filipiniana. Everything was in Filipino: Save-the-date e-cards, Invitations, Ceremony, Mass Songs, entertainers, even the wine. We had to order Bignay Wine from Alberto Gonora from Federico's Bignay Wine in Bacolod and it was a major hit among the guests. Al, try selling more of it in Manila! Ichi did the Filipino invites and it was so beautiful!

My bride was beautiful. Very beautiful. Stunningly gorgeously adoring. Ok, that's too much. :) The gown was designed by her very talented sister, Ichi. Her sisters were all members of the entourage and they were all very beautiful. The moms look great in their personal choices of designs, while the men wore beautiful pina and jusi barongs. Bubbles' dear taylors, Tina and Elvis Cagungun, did the gowns and barongs.

Denise, Bea and Renan and their team made the girls even more beautiful with their hair and make up services. Although there is very little that needs to be done with our ladies, the hair and makeup surely made them more atuned with the Filipiniana motif. :)

Malate Church was well organized and helpful, while its coordinator, Dhang, was very friendly and accommodating. We had a very solemn mass because of this.

Ilustrado was equally organized, accommodating and helpful. Setup was beautiful, Ohna was friendly and accommodating, and food was GREAT! It was so good that we see people coming back and forth the buffet tables! Thanks Ilustrado! If you need a reception for any life event, don't hesitate to try out Ilustrado! (

Terry Uy shot our wedding stills beautifully, with his thousands of candid and posed shots. We couldn't help repeating the pictures again and again until today. With his co-photog Juan Escudero, they shot the important, memorable scenes and sights.

Gilbert Obispo provided a detailed eyewitness view of the wedding with his video coverage. He also gave us a one-minute complimentary teaser to show us how good he was in editing wedding videos.

Principal sponsors were Tita Leng, Auntie Chit, Ms. Remy, Ms. Berna, Tito Sig, Tito Vio, Atty. Gani and Sir Andy. They were all there to witness the event. Thanks po!

My only dear brother Jaze carried the coins while my best buddy Titan carried the rings. Bubbles' tin sister Petite was the Maid of Honor.

Bubbles' sisters Nina, Concep and Ichi were the Candle, Vail and Cord sponsors, respectively, and their partners were my dearest friends Kit, Mike and RT.

Jonathan Ramos lended his beautiful singing voice during the ceremony. LJ, Val and Mark lended their speaking voice as our readers and commentators.

The pianist Vincent and Aldwin the violinist gave the needed solemnity during the mass, while Leo and his partner gave the needed Filipino flavor in their beautiful strumming during the reception.

Special thanks to sponsors, parents, siblings, relatives and friends, our wedding was precisely what we dreamed to be. Everyday after the wedding, the memory of what transpired on December 29th bring about smiles to mine and Bubbles' faces. Thanks to all who made this beautiful night more memorable.

On with the pictures! (in no particular order)

My Beautiful Bride

Mr. Reyes

The Reyeses

The Apostols

The Twins

The Apostols

The Ladies

The Apostol Clan

The Rulla Clan

The Reyes/ Candelaria Clans

Dear Friends

Philippine Tatler Shot

Secondary Sponsors

My Dear Brother


Principal Sponsors

And Now, the couple shots:

And we'll live happily ever after...

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