Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Binondo's Ying Ying

Good food with the most influential people of my life? Priceless. :)

Wanton Noodles
Ham Suy Kok and Siopao
Ying Ying

After a tiring journey to Divisoria/Quiapo to look for a decent-looking but cheaply priced barong, we decided to eat at Binondo. Being Chinese food lovers, I told myself that my family should try eating Chinese at Chinatown. After much convincing, they finally relented and off we went to Ying Ying!

Ying Ying is located at Yuchengco St. (formerly Nueva St.), Binondo, Manila. I instantly fell in love with this restaurant after Ms. Isca, our big boss in Marketing, introduced this to me a few weeks ago.

I am a big fan of dimsum and I consider Ying Ying's roster as one of my favorites. I personally like the Hakao, Lo Ma Kai, Ham Suy Kok, Beancurd Roll, and of course, the Sharksfin and Pork Siomai! Not to mention the gargantuanly tasty Siopao! Yahoo!

I'm definitely coming back. You just wait, Ying Ying! I'll try your freash seafood next time! :)


Kuya Bugoy said...

Hanapin mo ang Wai Ying. May favorite place to eat the best Chinese food evahhh!

927 Benavidez Street
Binondo, Philippines
Tel: 245 4603

Can't comment on why I like it better than Ying Ying.
Call me or visit me at treat kita dun.
Robin likes their Chicken feet and siomain.
Ako....Spare ribs with chicken feet and raddish cake.

Their house tea is also great.

Kuya Bugoy... ulit said...

**MY yun hindi "May"

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be not working? Does anybody here at slingshot2004.blogspot.com have a mirror or another source?


Anonymous said...
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