Monday, April 18, 2011

The Philippine National Anthem

Why do Filipinos keep on bastardizing the Philippine National Anthem? Some sing like it's R&B, some try to "balladize" it, some forget the lyrics along the way. Noypis, for the love of country, please, STOP revising the national anthem. When you sing the national anthem, always remember that the Philippine National Anthem is a MARCH. It's supposed to be happy. It's neither a Jingle nor a Ballad. It's definitely not a Novelty song. please, sing it right. Also, the title of our national anthem is LUPANG HINIRANG, and not BAYANG MAGILIW. If you guys really love your country, you need to start somewhere. And what better way to start loving your country than to begin loving the right national anthem. Don't try imitating Americans with their renditions of the Star Spangled Banner. We have our law on how the song is sung. And we have a reason why the song needed to be sung that way.

Here are two correct versions of Lupang Hinirang:

Here's a newer video, made by Filipino Channel 7:

How difficult could it be?

I just don't get it. Sorry about the rant.

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