Sunday, April 03, 2011

Reminiscing the Happy Days

I miss the goofy times with my old friends and family... Sometimes I reminisce those times when we just fool around, crack jokes about each other and about anything under the sun , enjoy good beer and cholesterol-heavy food, just plain and simple fun. When you are about to breach the 20's level, lots of things change around you, including how you handle life and its complexities. This is when maturity grabs you by the balls.

That is why kids of today should cherish the moments when life is much simpler. Take as much photos and savor as much memories so that when the time comes that life gets harder, you can go back to those happy, simple times.

Thanks to the age of online video, we get to store a few goofy moments on cam. Here's one:

We goof around with the incoming bad weather by making a weather report. We almost weren't able to ride our boats because of bad weather and rising tides. Luckily, we got home safe. :)

Here's another one, inspired by the Blair Witch Project:

C'mon, that gave you a smile now didn't you?

Now, on to the happier days of married life. :)


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