Friday, June 03, 2011

American Airlines Stadiums are busy!!!

It's the 2006 NBA Finals all over again! Once again, the two teams whose stadiums are named after one of the US' top airlines, are back to either avange their defeat, or have a second take over the other. Dirk's Dallas are up against Wade's (or Lebron's? or Bosh's? No, not Bosh's) Miami. It's Offense of the West versus the all-out defense of the East in this year's biggest basketball spectacle.

Dwyane wants to repeat a 2006 championship experience, this time with bossom buddies Chris Bosh and LeBron James, all of which were drafted the same year in 2003. With the help of has-been guard Mike Bibby (he chose to be a has-been by joining this team), loyal Power Forward co-captain Udonis Haslem, streak-shooting Mike Miller and Mario Chalmers, and defensive-minded Joel Anthony, this team plans to gain its second championship since being an expansion draft back in the 80's. On the other hand, a roster of shooters and slashers with Dirk at the helm, 38-year old but still very reliable point guard Jason Kidd, Shawn "The Matrix" Marion, "The Jet" Jason Terry, Peja Stojackovic, DeShawn Stevenson, and JJ Barea, try to bring home its first-ever NBA championship crown.

I am supposed to be rooting for the Miami Heat for I am a D-Wade fan, but this time, I'm going to side with Dirk's Mavericks. Jason Kidd is deserving of a championship crown for his exceptional performance all these years. Having survived a career-threatening injury, Jason Kidd proved that he is one of the best point guards the NBA has to offer. He could still match up with any young point guards of today. And did you see his sticky defense against Kevin Durant? Truly an exceptional player. And for that, I am for the Mavericks.

Game one showed that Miam was a dominant force to reckon with. And this game gave Dirk a series-threatening finger injury, causing his shooting to slump to below his normal average. Miami took on game 1.

Yesterday, Dallas showed that they should always be taken seriously, even if they are down 15 points. I was about to sleep because with only 6 minutes to go in the game, Dallas was down 15 points. I thought to myself, with Miami's big three shooting big hoops this game, looks like the Mavs are going to Dallas with a 0-2 win-loss record. But lo and behold, with just 3:00, the Mavs were able to turn the game around and I found myself awestruck with the sight of the Mavs leading by three with only 26.5 seconds remaining in the ball game, after a dazzling rainbow shot by the dangerous Dirk. Miami was able to tie the game after Chalmers' surprise corner three-pointer, but Dirk once again nailed the final basket for Dallas to take home the win. Now, it's down to a best-of-five series, with Dallas hosting the next three games.

The past two games showed that these two teams will give us an exciting best-of-seven series in this year's NBA Finals. Can't wait for game three!

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