Monday, June 27, 2011

Eat Bulaga's Bayanihan of the People: A Variety Show with Sense

What makes Eat Bulaga the undisputed noontime show in the Philippines? It's the dynamic trio's wits, ways, and their ability to keep on innovating to keep up with the changing times. This time, they changed from the all-fun variety show into a "bayanihan" type of sharing wealth and fun to others.

Bayanihan is an innate Filipino characteristic where a group helps each other to attain a common goal. A perfect example of Bayanihan, or in English helping hand, is the way we do our outreach programs in times of emergency or tragedy. We saw last year how we helped each other after Ondoy struck our neighborhoods. This and a lot more recent experiences have shown that the bayanihan spirit among Filipinos is still alive.

This is Eat Bulaga's latest theme in its segment "All for Juan, Juan for All." This segment not only gives tons of laughter from Tito, Vic and Joey, and their newly-formed trio of Jose, Wally and Paolo. The new trio are embedded into the communities to provide fun, laughter, and prizes and surprises as they walk in the streets of their target barangay/village. Vic Sotto selects from the raffle entries in the home studio on which house the trio will attack and give prizes to, then Jose and the gang will do their thing, giving away cash prizes and gift packs from their major sponsors. This, alongside life's lessons on how to further their lives are what jose, Wally and Paolo offers to the residents.

The segment does not stop there. Other than giving out prizes, Eat Bulaga also asks from their target barangays. They will ask each of the hopeful residents to donate at least three empty plastic bottles, while falling in a line with numbers. When the number that they were stepping on gets picked by Vic, they will instantly win cash prizes. Each of the people who lined up in numbers 1-100 will each get cash prizes. Eat Bulaga will then take the plastic bottles that they brought to the line, and give them to plastic manufacturers. These manufeacturers will then turn these bottles into monoblock armchairs that will then be claimed by Eat Bulaga to give out to schools come school day. Now this is what I call sustainable and meaningful gift-giving.

Now, after Vic Sotto's April birthday, it has since became his year-long wish for people to give him gifts of school supplies so that they could share it with the less-fortunate barangays/schools during schooltime. And since then, the outpouring of love and generosity among our brothers and sisters showered upon what used to be an all-fun variety show. Eat Bulaga instantly became the official bayanihan variety show of the country. From a simple show segment, this has turned into a successful avenue to help our countrymen improve their lives, and our children to continue their education.

May Eat Bulaga and their crusade for better education be an example to each and every variety show in the country. Never has a variety show been this meaningful. This and many other simple yet meaningful actions make me think that there is indeed hope for the Filipino people. Mabuhay ang Eat Bulaga!

As for me, I thank God that I am able to watch Eat Bulaga even when I thousands of miles away from Manila. Yahoo!


Anonymous said...

helo dabarkads specially kay tito bosing vic at joey.everyday nanood me ng eat bulaga.sana po makarating din po kayo dito sa amin dito sa asingan sana matulungan nyo kami n mapalitan ng chairs ang upuan ng mga bata.mas maganda po kc pag yung upuan nila eh plastic yung may armchair kaysa yung ginagamit nila ngayon para sa akin po hindi po comportable sa pag aaral ng bata.maraming salamat po.

Anonymous said...

nice project of eat bulaga!! concerned teacher lang po ako. three years palang po ang school namin.may kalayuan sa syudad. wala pa po natatanggap ang school namin mula sa DEPEd sana po ay maambunan din kami ng biyaya mula sa napakagandang project na ito ng walang kupas na noon time show...sana may segment pa kayo ng bulagaan hehe kapag saturday na lang po ako nakakapanood kasi my pasok..goodluck, god bless and more powers para sa mga bumubuo ng EB =)

Anonymous said...

That is why i love eatbulaga and gma !!!! May sense