Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ble+ Real Greek Food: An enthusiast's review

I personally consider myself as a lover of food and not really a food critic. I just try out random restaurants based on hearsay, online posts and gut feel.

I am fortunate to be living near what people would call a foodie haven in BF Homes. There are too many restaurants to try out in this area, too many that I sometimes question my decision to buy a stove, grill, and fridge. With all these food places a tricycle away, there seems to be no need to cook at home.

So I decide to try out restaurants arounf the block from time to time. Here is one:

Blé is a Greek restaurant along El Grande Avenue, BF Homes Northwest. I came across this restaurant in Hole in the Wall in Makati, where they had a branch. Then I saw the sign at the counter that says "Visit our branch in BF Homes." I enjoyed their Souvlaki the first time I went so I decided to try out the BF Homes branch.

I suggested Blé as the meetup place with a college friend. Despite being based in the East, she obliged my offer. So she drove an hour and a half and me? I walked for 10 minutes to the restaurant.

Enough about the anecdotes and I will go review the restaurant based only on the food we tried out.

1. Mousaka (no picture) -- Among the dishes we tried out, this was my favorite. You can taste the flavorful eggplant, bechamel and cheese just with one bite. I loved this dish.

2. Spanakopita (Spinach Pie) -- Okay, for this one, I sort of wondered if this was a version of how they do spinach pies in Greece. Of course I cannot judge which version from among the spanakopitas I've tried is the most authentic, but this was the least memorable. The skin tasted a bit like those regular lumpia wrappers you buy in the market. Hey, I have nothing against lumpia wrappers, in fact I still believe that lumpiang shanghai is one of the best culinary contributions of our dear Chinese conquerors. But this is Greek food. I expected more from this dish.

3. Souvlaki -- This one I have already tried in Hole in the Wall in Makati. I loved the flavor of both the meat and the yogurt dressing. The only comment I have here is that this looked more like a kobideh kabab than a souvlaki. Like I said above, I am not here to judge the authenticity of the Greek food, but among all the souvlaki's I've tried, this is the only one that used ground meat. Taste was good though. 

4. Coffee -- Coffee was good. Period. I cannot say how Greek their coffee, but the aroma and flavor made me want a beach getaway. 

Overall, the Blexperience was good. Not to mention that it felt like we reserved the place since there were no one else in the restaurant. We went for lunch on a weekday so I figured that was the reason. 

I'm excited to try out the other restaurants in BF. This is just one of many posts about food in the area.

Here is Zomato's page about Blé. 

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