Monday, October 18, 2004


It seems that everyone’s asking the reason behind my entrepreneurial activities which started around two weeks ago. Well, let this blog entry explain everything… Let me jot down point per point:

a. It seems that the measly salary of us government employees will not be augmented in the near future, in view of the President’s “surprising” declaration of a Fiscal crisis.

b. With the constant increase in oil and basic commodities, my purchasing power seems to be declining.

c. Some of you might not know this, but quite unfortunately, I am a breadwinner of the family and government salary is not enough to provide for my brother’s elementary education, electricity, phone and water bills, and many other expenses.

d. I believe in Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” He stressed that anyone can become financially independent. One great start, he says, is to venture into small businesses. He started out with a comic book library, I start out with doughnut and sauteed shrimp paste direct sales. Not very big difference, I believe.

e. I want to get extra income. However, I am quite skeptic about networking after all them scams and spurious transactions.

f. I want to buy a house beside the beach where I can spend quality time with my future family.

g. I want to purchase a yacht and sail across Manila Bay. This was a childhood dream of mine.

h. I want to enhance my sales and marketing skills so I can have a smooth career shift should I get pissed off the policy-making profession.

i. I want to test how many true friends I have by seeing who among them purchases my product.

j. I just want to augment my savings so that when the "actual crisis” comes, I’ll be prepared.

Am I vindicated? I sure hope so. Actually, I was thinking whether to venture into entrepreneurship or enter show business. Looks like my flabby abdomen and lanky structure has already given me the answers on what course to take…

Anyone interested in buying export-quality sautéed shrimp paste from me? You know what to do…

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Do Oda said...

jurb, marketing tip:

mas okey sana talaga kung merong libreng free-taste na giveaway...i.e. i-slice nyo yung donut into little 'bitesize pieces' o kaya naman yung bagoong lagyan nyo ng konting manga...