Monday, October 25, 2004

Playing God

I just watched (again!) the hilarious and controversial Tom Shadyac film "Bruce Almighty" which starred Jim Carrey. I have seen this movie more than 6 times now, and it still hasn't failed to brighten up my day. With Jim's hilarious antics and Morgan Freeman's witty lines, the movie is really a must-see for all those who want a taste of the lighter side of life.

For those who were not fortunate enough to watch the film, Bruce Almighty is all about a local news reporter named Bruce Nolan, who is trying so hard just to reach the peak of his career -- that is, being an anchorman for the local news. Thus, upon realizing that his efforts to reach the top were futile and that the person whom he least expects to be in the position turned out to be his nemesis in the business, Evan Baxter, Bruce developed a profound anger towards God. But with a certain kind of luck (or probably a test), he got to meet God face to face and was endowed with God's almighty powers. So Bruce Nolan turned Bruce Almighty, utilized his newly-vested powers by getting what he wanted: his ideal car, his ideal job, his ideal dog, his ideal life. But somewhere along the way, he realized that being God is not at all that simple: he needed to answer prayers, help the people, even manage the weather! Thus, in the end, after some bits and pieces of rants and raves from G himself, his girlfriend's abandonment due to his liplocking scene with co-anchor Susan Ortega, and a freak accident with a rushing truck while he was kneeling down on the highway, he realized that he doesn't want a lavish "Godly" lifestyle anymore. He realized that he just wanted a simple life to be with the people he loves the most. And more than that, he further appreciated the presence of a God.

If I was given the chance to play God, I would have done the same things like Bruce Nolan has done. I might have given myself the job I wanted, the car I loved the most, the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of. I might have gained all the material things in the world. Though, in the end I might not be that happy.

Well, the movie just emphasized that it is not that simple to be God. When God (Morgan Freeman) asked Bruce that after 2 days stint as God, was he able to help anyone, Bruce just shyly answered “I had to fix my life first.” Should I take over God’s place today, it will be extremely difficult for me to at least help 84 million people of my breed. What more the other nations? How can i possibly answer all of their needs with very minimal destruction?

Another thing, with the powers of God, you have the omnipotent capability to create new things. However, you can never ever mess up with one trait that makes human beings so unique from all the rest. Free will. As Bruce asked in his last few days being god, “how can somebody love You without messing up with free will?” And God just plainly answered “welcome to my world, son.” Even Bruce couldn't understand why can't God order his creations to love and respect Him. Though this power seems so great, it is somehow limited.

The movie is a very good wake up call for anyone who feels that their life is being played wrongly, for those who think their lives are a total drag, or those who blame God for ignoring their prayers. Sometimes, we see God as a mean kid sitting on an anthill, as a pilot who misses His coordinates, or as an almighty smiter (as Bruce would call Him). And most of the time, we want to be God. We want to obtain almighty powers in order to do what we want to do, and be what we want to be.

But when you think about it, or further, when you get to internalize this movie as I did after watching it 6 times, God just plays the game perfectly. He just creates things as planned, and never incidentally, with considerations to balance and equity in the universe.

I hate to be sounding like a preacher here, but I just want to reach out to all them God-haters. Think about it. Sometimes, we get angry when it rains because we will not be able to do what we want to do. But when you take a better look at it, our dear ol' farmers have prayed hard for rain in order for their crops to grow. And we will be able to get our daily food supply. That's how perfect God works. And for us, we get angry just because it rained.

I am also thankful that there are times that God doesn;t answer our prayers. If he did, someone might have been brought back to life by now, or YOU might already be dead. I am very much thankful that God doesn’t give His powers away to some Bruce Nolan.

To sum it all up, Bruce Almighty is a good movie... Booyah!!!


Trivia trivia… aha! Trivia trivia… Sang by the famous child-star-turned-reatard LA Lopez in the Sunday morning children’s program “Eh Kasi, Bata!”… I would just like to share some trivial facts at every end of my entry… enjoy!!! :D

Did you know: Rico Blanco was studying Management Economics in the Ateneo de Manila when he auditioned as keyboardist for the group Rivermaya.


Bubbles said...

i like this entry =D
using a jim carrey film for introspection? now isn't that interesting..

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