Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Fearless Forecast 2005

Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!

Our Chinese brothers and sisters are once again celebrating the new year. This year marks the year of the Rooster. They mentioned that the year of the rooster is a much better year for us than last year, the year of the monkey. Well, all we can do is wait and see… Hoping is also a good action…

I have read several predictions for the coming year, those general predictions to predictions per year of birth. I was born on the year of the dog and based on the predictions I have read, it is not a very good year for us dogs. My lady was also born on the year of the dog and with us together, it is more likely to be a “not-so-good-year” for us.

Well, I have also made my own predictions for the coming year:

Rooster – success, success and more success in the coming year since it’s your year. Try to wake up a little earlier this year to make your boss proud. Join competitions to win big bucks for your boss. Be careful, because I’ve heard, Danding Cojuangco’s breed is the strongest rooster in town.

Dog – Try not to stay up late because it’ll wake the others. Wag your tail if you’re happy and try not to bite if you still haven’t taken necessary medications. It might cost your boss big bucks for medication of your victims. Try to look beautiful. You might want to join fashion shows or beauty contests.

Pig – Stay away from Batangas and La Loma, place where people not only kill you, but cook you. Afterwards, they parade you in the streets, then devour what’s left of you. Also, be careful for your boss might develop high blood pressure over you. Avoid extremely hot areas. You wouldn’t want to call it the year of the pork, do you?

Rat – Stay away from bacon-bit-looking food. They might be poison. Never name your daughter Dora. You are unlucky in the food business. People might perceive your food chains as untidy and Stay in the sewerage and cleaning industry.

Ox – Rich people like you better over the pig because they say, you are leaner and contain lesser cholesterol. You will be lucky if El Matadero won’t kill you after a battle. Try not to climb trees because you can’t.

Tiger – Some might want to try to please you by giving food or taking photographs. Don’t be fooled or you might end up with a circus or zoo job. Some friends like the Lion might get jealous because you are in the Chinese calendar and they are not.

Rabbit – This is a very good year for you. If you run fast, you shall overtake the turtle. But if your get too confident, you might be overrun. Stop the humping and get down to business, you maniac!

Dragon – you are the luckiest this year. In fact, you are lucky every year. However, you are a mythic creature. You are non-existent. Try not to enter into conversations because they might not realize you’re there.

Snake – Since when did the snake become good? They bite, they inflict poison, and they scare. Try entering into onerous transactions. You might get away with it like you got away from persuading Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. Better not mess up this time.

Horse – Agile, and competitive. You are to be loved by thousands of old and middle aged males… That is, if you try to compete and win over Windblown. I almost forgot! Windblown has already retired. Stay away from faraway rural areas. I’ve heard tapang kabayo is starting to become a delicacy in some provinces.

Ram – Try venturing into the textile industry. You’re lucky to have the raw materials for it. Stay away from trees. Some Rams just die of starvation because they get stuck in branches of trees for weeks.

Monkey – Try to outsmart the turtle but you will always emerge the loser. Luckily, the turtle is not part of the Chinese calendar. So you only have to compete with either the rabbit or the dragon. It is good for you to do business, but never engage in monkey business.

These are only my personal predictions for the coming year. So they might not have a direct impact on the person born on that year.

No matter how many forecasts, predictions and analyses we read or hear, all that matters is the way we handle life. In the end, we are the ones who shall decide whether we make the predictions true or not.

Happy Chinese/ Lunar New Year to all my Chinese brethren.


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Did you know: Singers Eric Clapton and Rod Stewart are born in the year of the Rooster.

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cat-chan the karaoke princess said...

salamat! i'm so happy the turtle is not part of the chinese calendar! sobrang insightful nito :P