Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Three-game losing streak...

I am on the verge of surrendering to the fact that we are not a competitive team. Last Sunday, we suffered a 19-point loss to Team Ateneo YFC. It was our third straight loss, and at present we have yet to bag a win in the ABL.

Our team has always played well, however, we always tend to lose the touch come the second half. And it has always been our problem. It’s not really the lack of air, but it’s the lack of teammates to substitute our mainstream players. Take, for example, last Sunday’s game. We almost lost by default due to lack of players. Fortunately, ten minutes before the start of the game, our lineup was augmented from two players to exactly five players. So we played forty minutes of basketball without substitutions. At the last minute of play, only four players were standing because our leading scorer and three-point shooter, Jayvee, suffered from cramps and couldn’t continue playing.

We lost the game, 80-61. The only saving grace in that game was that it augmented individual statistical points. All but one scored in double figures. I scored 19 points, 14 rebounds, 3 assists and a steal, with 6-for-7 free throw shooting. MVP stats, eh?

We have to work out on our manpower deficit soon in order to win at least once. I don’t want a winless ABL season 5 record…Medyo nakakahiya… hehehe

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