Sunday, May 15, 2005

May Entry

I find it difficult nowadays to write about anything. Maybe it is puwe indolence, but lately I can not find the urge to write. In short, medyo tinatamad ako.

Bakit nga ba nakakatamad nang sumulat sa blog? Bakal nag siguro walang topic ngayon na "worth writing."

When I attempt to make an entry, it always ends up on writing about how difficult these times are. Rising oil prices, energy prices, prices of basic commodities, toll fees, transport fares, even taxes. Kawawa ngayon si Juan de la Cruz. Ang piso, malapit nang mapalitan ng mukha from Rizal to Lapu-Lapu. Nagiging isang kusing na lang ang value ng pera.

Ayan, pessimistic na naman.

Pero sige, I'll blurt it all out (pero tempered pa rin baka mabasa ng kung sino, masira ang career path ko).

Tumataas lahat ng presyo at pamasahe, pero ang sahod ko, huindi tumataas. I am not here to ask for a higher salary or minimum wage or anything because I know it will not help. In the first place, and beneficiaries ng minimum wage increase ay masyadong maliit. In short, practically no one abides by the minimum wage law.

What is the solution to these problems? I really don't know.

But I am not trying to be a doomsayer here. In fact, I can see that there is still hope in our present state. Once our leaders discover the real problem, that is when the solving starts. When, that is a big question.

Pardon my rantings, medyo incoherent. Yan ang epekto ng pagkatamad sumulat. Gusto ko lang magkaroon ng May entry...


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