Tuesday, May 24, 2005

May the Force be with you...

I can’t seem to stop talking about Star Wars Episode III. I watched it at Gateway last Saturday with my fanatic friends who couldn’t seem to talk about something else but the Council, the Force, and of course, the Dark Side.

I am not really a big fan of Star Wars but this episode really struck me. Maybe because this is the only Star Wars episode I watched in big screen. And because it permeated my brain cells too deep, I listed ten realizations after watching episode three:

a. If you believe that doing bad will bring you good, think again, dummy. You might lose your friends, loved one, and limbs and burn in the end. But you’ll live.

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b. It is perfectly okay to be small, green and ugly as long as you’re good in sword fighting and speak inverted sentences. “Failed you, I have.”

c. The theory of transitivity doesn’t apply to light saber (should I say flashlight?) fighting.

d. If you’re a terrible fighter, just wait for the next episode and you’ll be better.

e. You may only choose one between the job and the chick.

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f. It is totally cool to be burned in flames. You get to wear that fashionable helmet.

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g. Never play with electricity. It will make you grow old faster than expected.

h. A hood is an excellent disguise.

i. Robots cough too.

j. If you can't make it to a meeting, send your hologram.

Seriously speaking, what I love about this movie is that it brought closure to the almost 30 years of wait. Not just simply closure like those other clincher movies that let us down (read: Matrix Revolutions), but it gave us a grandiose way of closure. It has successfully shown what viewers needed to see. It did not leave blank anything that needed to be answered. Bravo to George Lucas. Now I need to repeat episodes 4, 5 and 6. I’ve already forgotten those episodes.

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May the force be with us all.


Trivia, trivia: Val Sotto was supposed to be the fourth member of Tito, Vic and Joey. However, he decided to work in another field outside showbiz.

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wickedsis said...

sosyal ka na sana at star wars ang topic mo... kaso talagang mananalo ang jologs in the end... val sotto?!!! si agila?!!! hahahaha :)